Congratulations to the Perfect Wedding Pitch Winners! Part 1

Wednesday, March 15th

We had the great pleasure of getting to surprise the winners of our Lake Lanier Wedding giveaway, and it went SO WELL. Congratulations!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. We are continuing. Perfect wedding page our requests. For the winning a couple and as you know we have narrowed it down to see you. And they have all been an isolation. Separately we now welcome into the studio Taylor and Taylor how are you kimono and hasn't gone. Are you ready eases say 20000. Dollar wedding of trauma Lanier islands. And I like that your kids and your entry was so any thank you so. Eggs everybody listening about you writing into us and your 94 words are. Last slowly for even go down that road I do actually where Elissa is addictive because we add as if if you've been listening to this all play out this morning. You know that we have. An area down to two couples you know that might try to get KUN Alyssa are two of Eminem we're talking to. Every party separately. Ands. It's been. Taylor and Ellison's case. It's no. Really separately. Because she's in Florida for work yet yet she's Endesa right now we're conference unfortunately OK so this one is gonna go a little bit different than the last wounded in that. She'll be on the phone with a sniff him a okay and got it so I say that is that that's why this is is is going to be a little bit of a different presentations and now guy Jenin. In explain. So in the year perfect wedding dance video Alyssa explained it to a the rest of us and everybody went online to vote at Santorum won Atlanta dot com that. You really surprised her by entering this contest. Yeah yeah you know I heard about the contest. And it sounded perfect for us. You know I'm I wanted to write in and deceased when our stories is it's a fun and interesting story. You know about utilizing my Cheesecake Factory gift card as a site should. I love Lou another women love chocolate meant she was way out of my league and I was like you know this is the best way that I can I can program. Here's I'm gonna get her cheesecake. I think it worked I think you're Italian and you. Sir how long now I'll be six series in April. Okay now talk time I six years in April dating and how long engaged we're actually not engaged. So this is your way entering this contest is familiar way of telling her hey I think Michigan married yeah. I had about two towns has since said you know hard you know you're engaged they're planning on getting engaged and I was like that's us I'm none I wanted to marry her since I met her I saw her own. So there pool party and I was like wow she's beautiful I needed I media as an owner I. Is cheesecake gift card worthy. I've actually had a plan those engaging aired you know asking her to marry me for a while now and in this contest came on after I had that plans. There's something in the words she doesn't notice but I still. It's very soon so have you guys had to calm the catlett when you told her the UN earned. The two viewing this was she totally surprised that you would take that step Purdue's. Did she know how you feel about marriage she knows how I feel that I think this was something that she saw me. You know bring out to her and she was like while this is this is really he's really serious because I am so. And hang. Well I before we bring other Alyssa I'm we just want to either take care a couple pieces of business we're gonna play. Your entry audio here in just a second triple war remind everybody what you win it's a 20000. Dollar wedding on the water so it's. He's 20000 dollar wedding at Lanier islands. That includes. Food. It includes a. Okay what are born main menu for a 150 of your gas. At the top shelf open by hand shovel everybody would chino as a wedding guests I'm sure over the years import it's very important very important. All the stuff that his guys we would never think of like the centerpieces in the table win games in the yet they never I never let them come I don't remember sandy Kelly what we're planning a wedding like we have direct all works. Medieval times seems tough her wedding or do burnish up and meet their route to them and why. How are right boards also I champagne toast doubtful where you know you end. Is your guess is for you and your bride. A stay overnight ice in this starting with 2000 people we narrowed it down to sixty UN to JP's party out there and now we aired yet islands that's when you submitted this video. I am. And I'm Taylor. And you're. Why we're here but don't know why for. At the last six years so you might think when they've handled it ended up in the start you weren't. Why didn't give away. That's suicide. I am. How do you believe we had to think right now so this side of our web enabling it would do I really didn't and does dream. When he's crazy yeah. This could be such a huge black until I'm. You know waiting list on sesame in the world's us. No no no matter who you issues I'm still the lucky winner. Your explain the visual events. Do things and create begins and ends I'll I'll ask Ellis this and that many of them. Pretty sad I think you pretty good swing of only got on defense and offense don't allow. Could I be because the list say is that here we have to do this a little a little bit differently sir so I'm they're. The original plan was to talk to than to be separately but because she isn't Florida. You're gonna have to help us with the second plan because teller you guys won the 20000 dollar wedding. They did it you're the winner then but there's another couple right there's now another note we want you line. You know listen linemen they're 20000 dollar later on and see this hundred presents on. And execute and now everyone listening knows. Except for you are not fiance chance. And that's exactly what we're gonna do next to be OK okay yeah. Yeah how my Todd thank you thank you don't Ryan the radio now I'm just. There's no other trouble here you guys are the winners on Mike how did you meet. So he doesn't know the news yet so. You've got some decisions to make here and the next couple of minutes on how exactly you wanna teller do you want us until there do you wanna sound. Yeah I definitely GSA had physics. I don't know visit Ryan which made you smash me. Not because I have a plan and how many do. My time but when. I was so welcome back here and just making graduation is huge thank you you guys you definitely the U I we're gonna come back here in just a second and then we're gonna call Alyssa. Who is sitting with one of our producers. In her hotel room and that's in full. What's just gone down. So we are going to I read gentler turn. And get her on the phone and you'll be going to tell her that you guys have your wedding covered Adler and assays K let's do it. Nothing you can jump star ready for a one.