Congratulations to the Perfect Wedding Pitch Winners!

Thursday, March 15th

Leanna and Steven's story will warm your heart, we're so happy they won the wedding of their dreams!

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shelf full now. Thousands of hope clothes and now it's narrowed all the way down to two. Let's introduce you to. Lee and from coming who is one of the finalists. For the 20000 dollar wedding at Lake Lanier islands in jet engines perfect wedding had taped Vienna. I hate I don't assignment I'm get it other than tighten traffic to get good Jeff contentious studios are hitting eight and half didn't. I now Leon is here all by herself we're gonna play you her entry so you understand why but every every other entry is a couple. With the exception of Julianna and Steven. My knee husband has name is Stephen Smith as you can see he's not here because he's currently deployed to Afghanistan. We went ahead and tied the knot at a warehouse flooding and unfortunately. We're unable to how'd they get wedding with all of her friends and vehemently. So I would really really loves it when nest as a surprise for ham when he gets back so what branch of the service is CNN. Is in the name OK and he's been through several deployments right. I assume are we bend 33 together I believe is first Lange play is when we got together in the house to Belgium. And a white guy what branch of the service agencies and again. And Amy. And god before one of his deployment you guys just went in front of a justice of the peace or judge. Got married but you've never had a wedding. Which is why you and turned. Jeff and Jens perfect wedding pitch. Yes so you okay to celebrate when your friends your family and of course. Your husband their Butte piceance it would have your yes Steven and do it properly. The proper way you want the wedding experience. And because I'm guessing this is going to be a surprise. For him you want him to have that experience as well yes perfect that's awesome. And even dreaming about pretty wedding day and some than where you can do the traditional where where the white dress and he can Wear his. Military uniform I'm guessing. Locked in not be having him and the military you know farm. That actually hot and and a blue tux. But he's gonna want coming out this. Yeah. And she doesn't know that you entered this competition now he has no idea why did you keep it secret from them. Might SN MI video wanted to surprise and means and so much or mean. I including knitting and money to help me now. And it just and a went from land. The U haul pull up. Well Leann and we have to admit something. We've been online Tia. There aren't two finalists. There's only one let's and it's you. Might guide. You won the Tony thousand dollar dream wedding at Lake Lanier islands. Oral or all low. And congratulations. On my guide Biggio and. You hair going to. Have the wedding that you have always dreamed of what we demand a hoot you say deserves a more than anyone else you and Stephen are having a wedding. Oh my god. Oh Kerry now. And so excited to be able to tell you oh and share the news with DL but there's somebody else who needs to know this news. I had just telling. If we call Steven rate now will he answer. He got an answer. Are you prepared to tell him. I and pretty Szczerbiak. That because he has no idea you even manner. Yeah I and I'm prepared design today that. Awesome okay well I give us three minutes where away underline how else OK let's do it let's you. I when he enters a tipping dancers is you have to pay again. They're off. He's in the media I can't even balance improper. And is running time. Well hey aids. In finance and a and San. I got this and trade eBay news and that he is surprised Korea. America if he's a concert and knocked it tell ya Cecily don't tell us when I tell you this. I'm home okay see me so will. I answered yes and to just engines perfect wedding pets and we are going to be having a 20000 dollar wedding at Linear Allen's. For free drink on the free card. So road Sefton Jen it's perfect letting pets. We're going to be having a letting at Lake Lanier islands. Old old you are. What are. By year's videos. You can buy the latest jabs and Jan in Sierra pays fearing congratulations. Thinks they'll let us wake up with this surprise this morning. Yeah. Yeah they're saying is why you are off serving the country all over the world. Leann has been back here in Cumming Georgia be and so shady going around behind your back into a entering these contests and telling us these stories about. You'll learn. Love for her and her love for you. Thousands of people Leonard we narrowed it down to 94. Finalists then down to five and our judges panel selected view and Rihanna. To win a 20000. Dollar dream wedding plus sweating muscle wedding bands from asked cut diamonds and alana. And is going to cost you. Nothing you are going to get to have the wedding of Rihanna streams. Well hope. Do you god get your choice of location Villa near islands a wedding ceremony and reception and the reception food and beverage from their wedding menu. Full service bar with premium liquor so your navy buddies got to come. OK okay I centerpieces I was paired up and then a nice today for the bride and Graham. Thought our hand the food. There's not a problem. So actually just sitting down yesterday do and from budgeting to try and figure out how ours cannot pay for the wedding you know regardless. And I felt bad. Haven't believed and everything you need not be liberal you know. It being over so long to anyone not give her the letting me I feel like she deserves them. This heat source mr. Nathan. Look at YouTube. I'm the only thing I've ever won before the bite each other kill me every time I get on. Hey Stephen tell us a little bit about Utley and a why did she deserve that wedding. That you're trying to budget war. I'll I mean two issues there so much we met about three years ago and the other does. She put up at me for three years basically through. To deployment I mean she does. Hey for the person when she wasn't even my girlfriend I was. I was mean. I was like Alan uninterested in everything she stepped up there you know by my side and you know through to deployment already and then you know I just. Realized right now she's not going anywhere and you you can help find people now Naples that. It with you after being married for five years searching deployments machinery that is just go for and so now it was I just. If she's just amazing and she's just there for an immediate and it straight. Don't you be African military guy cry and I. Col bottom our listeners didn't wait a minute this JP turnout. Race and a dear. Flashing now that you're getting married isn't this where we're gonna play. Okay yeah. We'll see what. I'll hand. Congratulation. Steven you gotta you gotta give good woman here who who loves you very much and made sure that that we pulled off this surprised me today. And now I know rally here a lot of thank you so much for your service and your sacrifice for this country with Al. Brave men and women like you we would not be where we are so thank you so much on thank you Rihanna for the sacrifices that you made. As a spouse of a military member I know that you all go through so much as well and we're just so excited that you all were selected. As the winners well 128 seen Jeff intends perfect wedding pitch. Good reasons. Thank you very much as he does look really great. Acts you keep paying dearly and I Purdue and that's wow. You hit. I let's you and let's call Lake Lanier and schedule up before they realize it's going to be a much of military dudes come in today. I'm glad and it's rush in here. And it congratulations. Yeah it's you and thanks for making this wedge in the chest congestion. One start now before want to.