Congrats Harrison High School!

Thursday, November 17th


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Blair doesn't feel like you're going to have a currency. Her son when you get to work and details consider role for lower on starting a week or blind. We have effectively you called where is this relationship going and this week's episode. Is special. Because. The woman who's been out and predates with a guy. She thinks that constitutes enough from a relationship. To participate in this thing. We'll hear her out coming out and about twenty minutes a ten minutes from right now the first. We got to congratulate one Atlanta area high school. You have at high school marching bands definitely hold a special place in my heart because it's how I met my confidence when we were at the other radio station there is a marching bands south I am a school. Who got invited to perform in Washington DC at the inaugural parade yet for Obama's first term. Right and they were the only high school marching in in Georgia to do so in our fundraising. And so. We picked up that story started fundraising for them and they've brought. Kids and their high school principal and this out and now. He's my he's gonna yeah. And he seemed to be superintendent of Marietta school Mary that you that I sell any racism that's why Jen has a special place in our heart for marching band. And that's why we called up that broadening and sixties with Harrison high school. Because Harrison is one of only ten school band in the entire country. Marching in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day great like Belle want want everybody watches on TVV. Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Yes. How they inform the school and then how did you guys then inform. Kids that they are going to be gone the parade. Actually art directors. And the meet these coordinator. Kept that surprised and they're the great big announcement the he moved down from New York. Had a great high. Guys are reliant but they shot can I see in and just completely blew that he inclined to Haiti when they announced that it was it was totally Nolan had any idea about it so that. That's very exciting. That is so cool so it's going to be the anchors from The Today Show. Talking about you while in the entire country watching you on things I mean yeah. Pretty good credible spy. Comedy kids are in the band's. I'll we have a 194. Marking student. Yeah it's just incredible it's you know it's going to be an amazing experience. Well we she got an email from you guys and you're doing and bagels and I'm Sunday afternoon. So it's okay review we'd like to come by I have the star before one crew place of music and saying you guys off. Animate a party. That would be a key tool we have. At that super exciting and we thank you for that at. And it's if you often style. Lender and then in addition that we we asked you you know what what you needed her or war weekend due to helping you indicated. The only thing that you could possibly need is if it rains. You need those clear conscious ago over the uniforms if that yes. If it rains hopefully not going to give the tests on me saying that we lack. You know we have everything else prepared that that's one thing that. You know that kind of honor wishlists. Well that's easy enough Jenna and I are gonna cover that we've from the jet engine ships and those will be arriving at the school. To me. Welcome oh that's a credit I think they'll love you back and he biamby is it's not gonna rain and the trip for now. Exactly we're praying for beautiful leather and you know sunshine and I think it's going to be done and not sending beautiful day. And do you know where in the parade lineup you're gonna be yeah. We had heard already that there at the end. Marching band OK we're gonna be watching for that that is so it's hiding what a great honor and I had a chance to hear that Harrison high school marching band perform at the teacher of the year event and they really far. On believable. Yet if we value you know yeah yeah. I would put you guys epic and any college or university marching band in the country I mean there are. So so talented and just amazed. You think you they worked very hard I really do you have to say act you can't really I mean they put up and over 400 hours of practice. Just every marching season and that doesn't even include the times that. You know they're playing at the end every Friday night had to travel to and from and it's just such an honor you know to be admitted he doesn't. We really appreciate you doing everything you are warranted if the stock. While we are happy to do it the Harrison high school marching band. Marching in the ninetieth annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade Thanksgiving morning one of only and high school bands in the country congratulations you guys and we'll see you Sunday afternoon for the send out and Harrison high school. I don't think thank so much and you don't you think you've heard all of their son. They regulate CO. We'll see you Sunday afternoon. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook search saw in 941 Atlanta.