Confess Your Crush Update: Rob And Carla

Monday, February 26th

UPDATE: Rob and Carla were already going out when he confessed his love for Carla...but she guessed someone else. Now they are both back to let us know how their date worked out after the awkward revelation.

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And she I'll star. Confessed peer pressure on the jet engine and show his love. Always I accord and that was the case on and on Friday mini tried to be so so sweet. Rob came on. And confesses crushed a car a lot of thinking that this could be a way to take their relationship to a whole new level make them excludes end. When the wind's highways he gets Carla. Guess that the crash was coming from Jeremy herb best friends old little sister and brother. Oh yeah sorry Brad. And what you say Janet when Cheryl little brother your little brother for life he's. I ever learned and and and that romance. For me right Ares I say you are trying to tell Robby has nothing to worry about their rounds and man is able. Cause them to get into an argument is I'm really only because this is supposed to be sweet but it sort of screwing up this relationship so we thought. That's security and third name me. Yeah so we offer to buy them dinner over the weekend if they went we've got robbed. And car alone both on hold let's talk to rob first rabbit Telus. In your opinion how did it go this weekend. If it was it was and it was dirty. How does this sound very again. Let happen. Z you know it was fine look at me I I think. Perhaps all of this like stirred up south side I don't know exactly I'm still chapter out I just think they're. It's clear that I primary give you know he's beaten relieve excruciating that I did did not getting that credential problem. So you are not dating any right now spec car lag it has not committed to not dating anyone else Jeremy. Let's turn. Early on it did so Jeremy kid's name come up in conversation. Is that a kid any margin he's a man his kid brother and it's a good. I've I feel like guy Jeremy is. Symbolic of other options in general I don't think Alicia they are registered in general yeah. Are you guys are you and Carlos still beating. Yes so we didn't say I'm never rest Ugandan which are saying but I do you know she's kind of job. Take take it slow chopper feel bet on mom and dad I want to distraught Kia has not translate. Iowa thank you firm inferred. Confessing your trash when that's I'm sorry I didn't win on the way you plan is I can see it in your mind can you see it in his mind how it's gonna work he's like common on the radio public investment pressed shirt. She's gonna think it's this huge romantic Tess Cher we're going to be. And. A book on political her. The question I have for Carla. Who joins us now and robs son. Is okay have you talked to Jeremy and all over the weekends. I. Actually did only because my at my best friend heard the channel and actually looked at the ready out I. Short and she kind of told them right back I think he likes me and it it. And a little bit awkward but he had apparently did I was eight I was right I've known them for years and I and I could tell it edgy different and saddle. You know I did let him know that I am seeing someone. And you know that he's a great birthday and then you know rammed a strategist and but I did speak on the he's very very interesting conversations. Cars that are used to sit and rob. There Coca a cornered event bingaman told her I am I'm definitely still interested in rob absolutely. Time. Well thank you refer for participating in this Carolina. But I think clearly and please and please thank your friends are listening to our show all the time I Wear those see you let their radios you listen to this I definitely a stone best. Anything that's coming out. He then you had hoped firm. For robbing Carla Carla is 100%. Indigent. Yes she she wasn't and she didn't she brought him up an awful lot easier now. And today a lot of energy headed in that direction and if you wanna be apart of professor craft reload here premier. You start and start and 41 Atlanta dot com and just tell us the at a risque. To get the basket and then you intend to be on the radio thank rob yeah. And young star ready for a one.