Confess Your Crush UPDATE

Wednesday, September 20th

first hugely successful Confess Your Crush requires a proper follow up. How'd the meet up go!?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Nobody is happier then Jenn hobby that last week's confession or crash and it. We're happiness investor crashes where some becomes on the radio tells us the first thing in the crush on him we'd call crash she and take some. No it is and then we make them confess that live on the radio it's so mind to listen to. Can you can tell bubbling excitement. Tell love really evil dreamy feeling inside right. Yes it's palpable and then if it works how I get some have because I feel like we've made a lot happen. And it doesn't work out I get so mad because it's uncomfortably awkward and that is great to listen tea. Hans for the first time in the history of compassion trash I believe. I'm the man correctly guessed that a woman who is looking for him. We don't know who did you it is actually. Is this person by any chance. Amanda. Some kind of. Rich before we put the pressure on the throne is Amanda a good thing late would you be into that. Amanda. Would be good grief and cops. Rob very excited yeah. And then we put the two of them together course is a little bit of awkwardness when this happens but the two of them get together and that chemistry. And then yes I love hearing them giggle like middle schoolers. Twenty years yeah. You act per day. I meant to call home yeah. And you don't make sure that you're the only thing you know where you came into account that we all. Know I. I. I actually area that's that's really. Contacts and solar electric circuit I wasn't sure what was. Going on some luck ward what's going on drew and they're like oh you're so charming and nice and sweet talk oh. The summer and I regulation. Yeah it is like almost not fair that this is just like you well. He liked Terry and you elected you look at the tech stock crowd loved that and then also you're so I'm. So obviously called a radio show. So fun. We all. Did you remember rich why is this your last year for a work conference. Right but was married at that time but there's definite election is being chemistry and Amanda hit her that he was saying well. As you just heard them play out he is indeed single. And they were very say they see chest of today marks the midway point of that work conference. So give us about three minutes to get her on hold and mandate is about to join us and tell us. How those meetings. And finger quotes. He would confess your crash. Success update coming up next. Star in 941. That. Can affect your cries finally. It was with Amanda and ridge she promised to confess your crash on a coworker. And he exorcism process and was coming to Atlanta this week to visit since she wanted to tell him before he got here I think he's in town my little tiny fear is I cannot wait to catch up with her Amanda. Welcome back this out. Eight yeah how is having going with rates this week. It really is a program like my car electric Blake and eating you relentlessly Barack. And that didn't really get it. The sound they heard it on the radio or are. Or could they just ask MLB electricity between you and I. Well and I am Iranian it won't and big day. It's okay I really love the heat on Sunday. OK to tell you own and he came into town did you pick him up at the airport or third or. Sharing playing the race them eat and completely at we had been the only put out. And could OK. I am. So you guys just had dinner together into her talent and yahweh your central ways Herm. And and it home girl that's the last. On how now there's no way I have that have electricity meters left home to see this one. That left to be desired so did you go homered and you an idea I am. Mean yeah. Obviously there's a physical connection do you feel like there's more than. On the plane that we haven't had a lot of green and didn't have liked working. Olney and then and because of that and drink afterwards everything that. It's like they're great comfort to. So I would like we were working explainer on what really you're about how that can make room. And name that is my outfit now. And that is like kind of do you need to know what other people who. Likes to each other to lean time. I'll email and I'll his office. And other options and and the it's quite late so the question is going in his words dinner and do you sit right next to emulate yep enzyme or do you say it's far. Away from him as you possibly can and try to ignore and the whole mail. Why can't I am not sure what you. How would you guys like I just keep it cool yeah. Sea grass as it's more fun Alley one and then now I'm not everybody's in their resident's right yeah let's say the dinners at like 7:30 PM I would get there and two in the afternoon and get my sea and then make everybody. Force everybody else to make their decisions. I mean maybe it'll yet. Have you guys had any discussion about interaction beyond this work week adventure. Well and then later in the evening because you have hack action Alcatel are out there until and where you're going there and he's backing kayak. And like you'd like Gary Condit combo where exactly and my kids are alone and you can do it here. I'll come back in the EU and. Patricia at each site under today. That's cool and then and then you can see NI a your car. Will meet me. Yeah. Think we any means in the iMac giggle. That was yes so we're. Didn't shock this out as a successful confess your crash yeah and we never wanna hear from you are rich again. OK that's it that's the way confession. We get to the point where there's a relationship of any sort yeah and then bam we're gone out of it he claiming that the and let's get married I definitely would like to hear back to. Okay sure I would guess you can bet. First I can't but I can't. Johnson thank you anchorman Dan. Hey Jen how do you feel about a successful compassionate summarize I had a whether she's just an Intel or not I think there's some of them there for making this alleged. It's just congestion. One star not before one.