Confess Your Crush: Rob and Carla

Friday, February 23rd

They're already dating but he wanted to do this because it's a "fun" way to tell her that he is REALLY into her...unless she guesses it's someone else.

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Star in 941. That are right so every Friday we look forward to confess your crash Sammy comes on the radio. Grown adults. Pinch says I. Just see they can make it happen it's sometimes love and always talk. Court the beautiful thing about this week's edition with Robby is that he is already in a relationship with a woman you are secure passes cry Sharon. Which means this can be so those suites. Copy but we always make the person gas. Who they think is calling the confessed that crash and if she doesn't gas rob. It's gonna get ugly. Professor crush cap and trade now is we welcome robbed of the Jeff and Jan show tell us food. You confessing your crush on today. I'm going to be. And dressing like crush you are well. We're actually already. Dating. Agents Neil expression like Arab but I can do this kid and taken a well. Not. Romantically. And so cute. And it's not so yeah I'm so. Doesn't sharing ago. You have a crush on her if you're dating. Yeah. Yes. I would I would think so but I yeah I'd use college to do jumped in that and not a romantic gestures sale. Yeah this is. I'm serious type video you know. So is this a new relationship and your try and they'll like lock it and as just one on one commitment exclusive situation. Yeah but that's exactly what I'm trying to do I was. OK so he's trying to become the front runner and it affects OK I. Right now I need I generally am I troubleshooter. So have we thought through this. All the way leg the possibility. And on and on math as SEC is cute dramatize my question none of us has not. It's going to be so Q. All right well and Medicaid case. Jane will. Or we will call I Carla Hobbs and warm. How do we do them part. We'll call Carla and teller somebody's got a big crash on anti wanna give me some things you love about her so I can butter her up a little bit we skip the person questions. Now being asked motion and we just we just had a plan out my weight on. Just he'd keep his mouth. I'm just ram running through it all in my head OK I didn't mean to cut you off when you're troubleshooting here really wanna troubleshoot Elway threw none and how we can just let it run play out as we have a radio shy now okay. Love you to hop into the area go ahead rob Intel. Jen what's so awesome about this woman Carla. Are well. On the outside or smile and that her smiled at eight ever done I'm. The military and relaxes its its letter I got Larry in new. Story or yeah or rule where. Any Gingrich on what you can use these fresh take it one night your talk about it passionately I am. Just extraordinarily. Yeah I didn't think of it that way but that's gas okay right on. And I am. Sure that's that's good that's a big thing for me I'd remember it like settle for. Says here's a nice smile and I she's Smart and obviously has great taste in men. Oh darn right. OK I SM well. We're gonna have to jump holds animal called Carla and tell there's some he's gonna crash and are all like it's apple butter her up and when she wants to find out its EU on the radio confessing your crush on her. KO our and then I take it one step further rob and you tell her you wanna be exclusive. That's typical right is right I mean to take its. That next level are you guys it would you consider yourself already exclusive or. Is that what this. Yeah until it's time implied that we have not had become a permit and I think Janice great plan I have we're gonna put general Eric and great thank you Iraq. Are we doing this and just as we normally do. I think we should yeah I feel like your great plan come out of the state. Well. Because he wanted to be Q. Is he Merrill with the very first question baskets. And then do it as normal Oscars she's open to hearing somebody who have a crush on him personally. Wordsmith. Do you as a normal run the so we do for a living. Where it's at that. Hi is this Carla. It is a Carly it's Geoff from the Jeff's engine share thanks for agreeing to come out with us today how you doing. And grade are you a couple weird questions here to start things off are you currently in our relationship are you dating summon right now. Yeah and combined it he's for sure added that when painting them what we're working towards something. Okay that's cool. Ari here's Jenn hobby. Carla. RA high so would you be willing to hear. Some lie and explain why they have a crush on you. To be opened to just. Hearing from early. Yeah yeah I mean. Mac and this person thinks that you just got a smile that lights up the room that your intellect blows them away yet. And he's just crushes on you big time. So he wanted to be able land come on the radio and tell you about it. Okay. Yeah I definitely want it now wow. Did you think. A kind. Carl and as the price for this. Is. Answering a question in the Philly cheese asks. Of everyone of our participants in the segment. Sure okay. Our issued again as soon might have a on you as you know let us now we think it is that beacon passing hour crash on the radio two year. Not only person that I can think news. My best friend and brother. I see his name is Jeremy okay news yet just you know we look I've been best friends with my you know heart three years. And you all grown our eyes on the track has on yeah. Now right yeah I think it can mean a bad none of years it was kind of like eBay can. I veterans like a sister he's like a brother but lately he's just been let let me get spread and it hit me like he's big. So I don't know I just think by and I'd been feeling like you know he likes me and it's a really great like I think yeah. We appreciate your honesty and what happens here next is you're gonna hang on and in three minutes. Will come back and the person who has a crush on you will confess they're crushed. I may well be back in. Three yeah. Sometimes I've always awkward can answer try to shut the jet engine. Star in 941 that in your eyes is off. Dress hot or did you have used instead this morning. I recently we heard from rob. Who said hey Kevin Davis Cup crown but island confessed I crashed you're on the radio and take it to the next lap all becoming exclusive with Eric. And then we talked to Carla who pool where it hurt us before we can ever heard even Astrid says take a couple of men attending about it. Either she had doubt about it wouldn't change. Yes she thinks so stop re why she shouldn't have even found out who has a crush on her because she's in a relationship. Currently with. Rob this is that they're working towards a relationship lord something's there then she was open to hearing. Who had a crush on her thinking that it might have been somebody other than rob who exactly is she said it. Jeremy so we're about to pick her back up again and then you'll pick up rob yep again. Right Carla. It is time are you ready to find out who has a big old trash and you. I and I'll rat here we ago when ladies and gentlemen and they aren't connected. This time you can bet is your trash pick Carla. Go ahead. Hey. I just wondered can burn slower in my in my whole lot of brush and how. I just try to be just try to do. Do kick this news the next level I mean obviously we're dating and any other night guys subs usually get a vote of unleaded today. I'm a minute to let us. Yeah. It'll. What are anything like Amanda what do you mean you're here this is so weird. Here yeah definite question kind of like somebody you don't know like. We're already seeing what another. Oh yeah. Goodness so poor little ice there's Seattle's. I mean obviously. Look you know that I have a crush on yeah I decide on the other side because it's just fun because you yeah. So close in addition when it's not a pain that's gonna crash like that market and it's like you know christianity like you don't really. You don't have a connection with the urging addition volley near an extra week he's been a lot of time to get this earlier grabs. Well so you tell us. I mean. I was a bit like you everywhere you have a crush on until like the end times I'd yeah yeah. That and then you do that it's your bags and it would never guess it would yield ads and that definitely didn't get right. Are you guess Jeremy who is your best friend's brother India act I thought it was scare me per share. I think you know. When we were young very dipping like we were all kind of one big family you brother Brad and though lately it's been. He'd been behaving differently inside there's a clue right off the bat at him but I mean it to eight field which of where are you saying but that's neither here nor there but I yes that it was Jeremy. There may. I don't care. Really even knows he's forever that. You know only just ate it too weird because we probably just been all right definitely right when I go over to how to hang out waste Shelley. Billions. You know he want to talk to me more these days every time I leave these are they I'd get it. Delhi trying to figure out when the next time I'm coming over or I just bought at the end. Oh hello my NGOs say let's go to Germany. Persons. And you I don't know I mean it doesn't matter we are aware are you saying is like. It really doesn't matter I guess Rong had no idea reviewer Alan thinks some idea Marty saying that crashed. It's not a big deal don't get worked up about Jeremy. Lin. I have a question Karla. If this situation are reversed and we ask robbed a gas somebody you as a crash and ham. And he didn't gas year would you be upset. Investigative questions. In my knee and Jerry and get it that they know. Baghdad honestly I don't I really think about it I'm really honest with myself are probably. Would wanna know Blake who had the better woman and why should they get Karen where do you know are proud I'd probably get the third degree he gets my. I give them some reassuring words about a ton. Age and hello me and your. No rod your grade I mean. We've even been together for the time Abbott Abbott are strictly that the next level that the in the hole. Goal for me this entire time I mean definitely should Schiller sword that I am with you I'm not I'm not what Jeremy and I educate anybody else I eat sleep here. I just thought that the crash was Jeremy. I don't like him now oakcrest doesn't necessarily mean it's it's you know it's it's a crash can be one sided sometimes someone just like some of the completely not Richard itself. You know Jeremy is into me I really I don't care if you let you know magically Mike's family but I just thought it was him. It's it's all good and you know it. Should pick up their dinner. Like tonight. When you guys who cherish and Carla. I and a paper there next dinner I think appreciated every blog in radio we should pay for a dinner between Robin how are. As a doubt that tape form. I I mean thank you guys hey we will pick up your dinner this weekend if you wanna go I'd just call us back on Monday at this time. And NTELOS you guys went to dinner and how Wayne and and then it will and we'll take care. I don't know what we we will look good you're right yeah. Thanks to yes for sure thank you. I. You're welcome thank you know sometimes love and it's always awkward. Train got a good smell good and all. It did get a even an alternative. Hey. Is clearly under Clinton and download let I wouldn't talk to alienate its cake eating in this figure Tyler good ratings Perez didn't camp doesn't know I don't. But again you hey I. Long Island eat yeah. Be quiet. Yeah. And bank bad I mean yeah yeah Mac. And admire him entirely. Ready get ready right it's a bit fat but I didn't break a bit her on. I am still ain't ain't it means we are not getting. Trey then tell us if it is at Brigham dinner then do we take I did averaging Carlin are a girlfriend. Rather let. No indicators. And download it yet you know yeah I don't thank you know. Sam in Atlanta veggie tray chain Douglas really love her. Hi Sam clearly and a. Did you have so weird and don't do it would yield Amanda pleaded romantic view of her. Disneyland is saying like. Amy did not get worked out by this they should really want to alert you up more than when somebody says. Worked up and I saw her I. Remember her name would Zagreb coming up two seconds and they hammered. OK he had this girl I mean here's sleep you murdering me entire chain saw a guy like. All that pick especially thank you really like you. And I want to get to the next level. Like competing in the third degree already about how it wrong like you've been very very. We about it though and I really like you know. You now like eight cents a guy. I'm getting the vibe Carly did not sell any fan club memberships. No I didn't give our warm enough so her family's dead in Alpharetta. Yeah I don't racecar or thinking or ungrateful. There are supposed to local law enforcement and now most of these little did he grow up at Sony. I'm. Star in 941.