Confess Your Crush Matt and Christine

Wednesday, May 3rd

She was once his manager while he waited tables, and now he's hoping they can be more.


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James shell hole now. Jane say hello Tim Matt who's going to be our next contestant. On to confess your crash came adds. There or should I say hey bravest guy and girl. Yeah yeah well I'd only. Yeah I hope this works out. What Jana has a lot of confidence in this segment. I just get excited I did feel like excited little butterflies just like you do when you're around someone your should not so. Meyer I wanna find out who you've got to crush on and why you haven't had the guts to say anything directly yet. I'm very well. Name is Christine. And she used to work at the restaurant that our area I did. I Lulu. Leader and she was he assistant manager. In the end I don't whom. She's just really. She's a truly beautiful. In March and you know was great customer nerves. And at a concern to humor in place. Just everything just everything I ever looked for didn't didn't someone special. Did you. Did you not make a move when you work together because she receive your superior and that would have been scandal less. Yeah guitar he should eat you know I mean if she didn't like me go to plunged so weird I mean she. To recruit beyond fewer ships are you don't know fire mirror or. You know cooking in the slow sections are right. I don't know what Matt did but he did side work from the moment he gets here at that moment you leave yeah that would be okay. You guys obviously interaction with each other in some way right. Yeah both you know of course you know we need to. I'm getting to know we've talked about. Whatever DelHomme and the rest are actually later or whenever prepped it it never. You know it really got any more personal power static. Sig you say you don't work they're now. I don't. You know I just went right and left it can't get too and so after awhile ago. Between UN. Yeah I mean I don't change here in new when he saying that street you know I just. I've started due to. Start to find myself like more entirely independent but don't. You know just nervous around her I I dropped his tray one night because. You know she was on the other southern restaurant I'm sure she was Y actually and I like Brandon disarmed them. I haul my health yeah. It does Obama. Well. Yeah I I kind of had to cope with that. In the way that makes it better because if she's. Navy likes me to know we're not conclusive the same place so there's a possibility. Okay did either of you have significant others when you works together. Are they did not. I don't think she did it. But like I said we didn't talk a whole lot about it and saying. You know. We'll keep a personal budget didn't you know there was no I never saw ring on her finger. Then you know definitely never saw. Another Charlie coming in. And Lucy you're initially liked our hard earned and what kind of triggered she is she's single. What else so was it about her that made you have a crush on her energy say Smart and you degrees since the humor was great with or customers not like what else did you. Find attractive. You get. And create. Brown hair like part way down her back and aren't there like. They're here to open it also on the certainly the they're kind of like goal and I have never seen. How is like that who looked like that before. And own. I I think firsthand that I probably news that I like turtle was way and I heard her laugh about something and I'm collapses just real. Yeah I it it just it just made some inside of me go a little sideways for us. They made him move a little bit yeah yeah yeah. Yeah so since so. Anyway I yeah have a story we're. Aware dirt about her body how would you describe yeah. Well he's. Then there's it's a backlash. On big debate Matt thanks sensual. And. She used to be you know shoot of Putin extremely English you extremely attract fish very very do you. New ball. Just got all right herbs and home write plays as a fast so am I ask you this if she ever herb kind of come off like she likes you too did you ever make any type of are anything suggest that maybe she had a crush on YouTube. Where are you little we know. Specifically. But he. You know it's tough to help because you have later said she's very nice with the wait staff. And current star who is that Linksys during the anxiously for the customers and stuff like Jaret and so she's also very laced all of us so it's. You know sometimes it's hard to tell like if she just being nice. Word is she may be below our current friendly you know does that mean something that she. You know pushed her hair back are under years that order does not meet you know I know that dumb bird. What little stingy and just start going like I don't know does that mean something or doesn't mean something in. You know. So her body language is friendly but it could be friendly to everybody her sensual but yeah last day I'm Zain as I gave me Sydney as Porter I'll her eyes are like the coins and Super Mario Brothers had that we can't encourage people. To do dads aren't meant that way or worse is this we will call her out. Now and find out older than three minutes but we'll find out if she wants to know who her crush is. It should I say is yes. You. Join her on the radio and you confess your crash few. They she's sorry if she says no doubles is flat cargo will come back TO and talked TO today there's a trap door under your chair and you disappear forever. If she says now. Well I'm glad I don't work area or those. I will I've collar up in three minutes and ask her if she wants to know who has a crush manner. We OK Jenn hobby is new favorite radio segments send us your eyes on the jet engines have parity world. Star in 941. That I a couple of minutes ago we match. Man who used to work at a restaurant and you're the server arrest at. And his boss. He has a crush on her name is. Are seen yet she's the assistant manager and he never wanted to ask her out her approach her teller about his crash when they work together to see that it would just make a weird environment putt. Now it is of course there anymore. And he wants us to call Christine. And tell her that somebody got a crush on her. I met your ready did this. Do I am I gonna put you on hold and you'll be able to listen and as we call Christine and trying to out of she wants to now if she says yes she guys. Then at the spotlight on you your attic. And I am I'm putting Matt on hold and willing. Pop. Up. Since as a girl you wanna tell and chart and can't mean. And they're literal. Hi Christine how are you. I'm sorry you know Ed it's Jeff from the Japanese and show start nanny for wine. RA thank you for a coming out with us this morning. And losing. Work were calling women with some very specific. Information for you. Cynthia through it. Takers and this instead and Kelly she's easy hey hey is. Banks are coming on of those we're excited to share with you some really cool yeah it is somebody and it. Editor Gerri this is somebody. McCain has a crush on me. I really yet ad and this somebody is said that you are Smart you have a great sense of humor. That you're really attracted. And you're everything he's ever looks for and anger. Yes and then you have these days with gold. Like he's never seen before he said they were Gregg the gold coins in Super Mario Brothers. I think he did not I don't quite think they think Jeff said. He's say did you have a sensual body heated to either through things countless times I. And he did say they you have a really distinctive glass that says site. Lit him up inside in some ways and your breath is like a must give me you know I want to talk. I'm just getting you know don't really paid out. Just kidding I'm. So yes oh he said listen all these great things about you. Five. Because of the way this radio segment works all the power is. Yours yes you get to decide. Because we don't know anything about your situation so maybe you're dating somebody. Many meet married human might not even be in the dudes who knows which then might not want anything to do with this guy in which case you can just say I don't wanna now. And we let you go and that's the end. But if you don't wanna know he is prepared to come on the phone with you and tell you who he has. OK. Do you have any idea who might peak. I. I I don't wanna be needing you and her. Don't know girl that's an Atlanta and out yes he got it is just one time that they'll find that. Well it he'd wander and so we don't know about he's in times we are really talking about you oh yeah and we never even we never seen him we've never in Iraq it's just a found thing. Do you have a high and so. But I I I don't need like just like Enron and wanted to be really awkward and you know a little. I'm let me just ask you this do you have somebody you hoped that this. You. Okay all right. I'm a person that you hope it is you wanna tell us are you know them. Tie and mutual friend basically. Org but this. Getting. Will come back in three minutes hands. Will let this mystery in my mirror can fast he Yahoo!. That he has a crushing him. I have a bad back in three minutes before. The final segment and this week's episode a professor craft. And she I'll still are. OK we are back to wrap up can. That's your crush out it is about what Jerry is high even OJ and I'm feeling very so I didn't fat fingers crossed that this is gonna. Workout with less controversy it. Yes whereas before you. You're completely single right Christine. I am completely listening to all kind of pet if you are just now tuning in. Then I use miss somebody coming on and saying so many wonderful things. That is seen I'll kind of gains of about how Smart she is how beautiful she is she's a people person and she's got beautiful hazel eyes that are sometimes gold on the light hits and just right. You've got the best laugh I mean this person is pretty smitten with Kia. And Christine is excited to find out who this person is. So without further ado. We will take out the gentleman and holds he crash earned world confessed to the crash G. I crush her a flurry as you learn is to seize confess your crash. To. Hi Christine. And I. This news this is be met from there restaurant. And Matt Matt who met a we're. On. You know. Usually in a hugely and section section or. Firm you had. Been here I am not insured that it. So aren't that yeah. This ain't here and I just am sorry. I don't I don't look at it and monitored. That but cougar occurred. You know the Mac. Is right I mean. I I don't believe it he blew. I swear I thought it was going to be somebody else and I'm really excited and I happen right diet but like I wrote a time when you're hitting the brakes are probably highly so. I just got a little brother I have. Is there any hope at all for anything with a Yoon man ever. Not a lot I look at like really dominate how it all and might. I never even tried it that way you can really am not. I'm not looking to see him I don't know I just. Even nice but I could not act now all. But making it is now home. No problem I worries I'll thank you so much trick on on eyes thanks to seeing. Don't have a good one. I came and well balanced economic and yeah I hope. They've shown about your signature on all our. Ellis. Brutal hole. I don't know as. I'm dot com automatic senators are quickly going home when mental. Again it'll at least be a little more poll I eat the least they do you. Your critics say think I'm alone. I Matt. Hey Matt but. Hello. Sorry man. Now. Come home telephone. And now we check comeback Irish reason now Harold I I think we just let him. When B ray. You know now call Mac and I come back until you wanna comment. I animation he's okay ha ha well. I love let's column back off the air again and then we'll see if she. Well it will give him that well that accidental phone drop or intentional bright I could come back off the and then. Right acupressure crash in love but sometimes. You know how to get out of it. I'm good at her Xena. Take Arenas. Star in 941. Did you hang up on us. Don't know I blue folder to cut out. Half our yield eight. Yeah yeah I mean. At least settled out of fear anymore. You now GAAP. Well I am proud of you for being so bold and brave to have putted well out there because you never know what's sickening give back that. They've been doing it's simply good that yeah. All right thanks match. Learn it takes her for doing most of the really cola beer a bit you know Alicia worked out. Did you sorry Matt. I hope we have a good day. Thank you chief I love your show. I didn't I thank you there's Morrison managers in the see. How Alec and present his wife yeah. Yeah I'm just trying to save some nine. Zone. Kathy in Marietta looking at this whole thing from a business perspective. I hope you get match dot com to sponsored I like when. I work out it right well that's okay because you have a month supplies. I had the sense through landmark. I'm sure you. Can format it will mean do you wanna come here and sales come on we can lead to heavy giant today he says. I. We salon should go find me for Matt to pay for him to have a good shot everything plenty of fish. Jewish wind that everybody like it doesn't matter no change of religion farmers only our armor OK I've only going to be a sugar daddy all of them. Com. Is this Santa Maria that you name. An area an area Hariri and stock Maria drug and you know. I burger there's a little bit of time. Send us in the air. Oh man I love that everybody is laughing. All I think he would know whole. New rules of light and they tell him he could he ended an eight children let. It's not I'm not inches is saying oh he did kind of Monty meaning that convenient they pay you. I did not heed the whole world because no liking it out her blessing. Brown eat little probably a good gotten. Kind of not keep meaning you mentioning it. Now it not like she's about it but again and can I please I would like today I don't want anybody hate me but I elected to train car. OK on everybody in the senior just looked up mammy like really go. Listen here's the thing is that she didn't know who otherwise she had somebody in mind in her gut reaction was just I got our own now because. Lake. So she might have to be a mean person. This is pretty quick reply it was quake she could've at least said thanks twice yes at that I. Larry. And I grabbed the dude yeah. A cliche in a Monroe welcome to this year. Yeah thanks I can't stand I I don't like it or where all our constraint that. She would thunderbird oh. And and I don't I don't think Obama that he phone call got off. I think that's the art nobody should be protected like that are called airwaves as thousand of people hundreds. Kept stability here that I did make it demeaning to the person on the other end of the iron. Well two things only share. I don't like that I don't like that that there aren't we due out all of the all time. I just don't like that segment at all if you're clear to me to people. Well here's the thing that he incubators on escalation we didn't call him enforcement do it ends. We got a tweet from. Kendra who makes it a really really good point. The U gotta risk it to get the biscuit. Likely our do you look anybody in any way you have. Think he knew he was signing a gamble or an even better than he loved the segment and there was some. An option and a winning look like there's that chance and I'm gonna go well no more of a man. I had just proposed that woman that rejected him at the Red Sox game earlier this week right yeah. I am ES I shine. For turning down his proposals for a thousands of people he got Iraq. It's against the best scatter out after. Yeah it did you listen I'm and Arafat on its sincerity I pulled my right now. On the right now things have been no Alan we've always says she was wrong and it's you front Hawaiian Mike Reid and put him evidently got. To their not thousands of people listening to the radio. About two dozen and that includes the people in this room. And a fellow leadership and we really need to macaroni and yeah clearly this is MS has the reason I'm having a really really really need via this song instead of kind of like Hank. All I did not talk about. Star in 941. Jamie that was. Check out savage your rude bing. And planetary. You're acting like a girl under a Marta bus or something. We just did a confession or crash with Matt and Christine. Cristina Cristina Cristina. Whatever it doesn't matter she's emphasizing that he that he had it down you resolve car in Uganda is here. In his voice just. Mom swamp in and we go away and get to this low is. Love rip your heart out love's I'm currently. Larry can you please take a minute and find us on that we can dedicate to Manning okay. I April antennas are either me the last column on this as we it is as JP find some place. Welcome this area. Good faith. I'm today that I was pregnant and I think and it gives people the cart to get out there actually confront the art and yet you have else they would never know it I didn't now. Tell me how I feel I am glad he can actually made Armani and contradict contention again. It's like Wii's sure Lou it's like we've said firm for years and by years I mean about fifteen minutes. He didn't grow up and dig out or risk it to get anything. So he's got all the top ten that they. I think that people have Tibetan belt out there that it might it be okay and. Is he right about him and not spending any more energy on her yanking close by chapter and move on an excellent. The only bad thing. I think they've. Our wedding thank you. And I would like you to play some thing. Just firm asks this is for nobody else saffron Davis in the room. And nobody else OK it's just for Matt trusting your in this JP look at. Listen ma'am I'm sorry. That we played a slow sad song after. You got rejected on the radio I think do you have big big kahane's street even mustering up the courage to do something like that just did just brisket that you get the biscuits nothing that a couple of Beers can't hear. Going to be signed. Her head up just like any Grammer song about me do that now here senator Harlem. Thanks for making this wedge. Today Jeff congestion. One start now before one and it.