Confess Your Crush: Laura and Brandon

Thursday, September 28th

This guy sounds amazing! But will he remember his former coworker Laura?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. I promise you the next fifteen minutes will be the most beautifully awkward fifteen minutes of radio. Anywhere in a land test this week and channel 1610 fact that your crash it is sometimes love. And always offer. Let's say hello to brave soul lower it wants to come on. I age. I sorry and I hope I analysts. That's funny so low or as an inning okay on the home front. And here ad put out your own. And is your two year old aware of how brave his mom is her her mama's. I mean I don't know what I am really. I bring out. It's just one of those things once you become apparent telephone conversations are never ever the same hall and. I woke up I don't hate it a bit of time won't give up one day this quickly for you Lauren tell us who you wanna confess your crash on. Oh my gosh okay. During and then I mean spell work together such. And I doubt about it but now. And I'm. Egypt he's great Welker poppy Harlow. Army pants on many of Celine and strategic. Planning you know like the play volleyball. And ski. Like to be like and entered an intruder and and then Asian nations play. Hunter I mean and totally under even eat. About five years but hey how many are excellent content regulation cannot let Ing and and I did and I don't really can not I'm not working very mart announced. All right so he is an athletic. Funny it all Latin dancer. He's not real. She might hit it real well but he's not my eight. OK so homeland is name's Brandon and he's a Chinese and he's a tall Chinese volleyball player that is really good Atlanta dance. And C span. And speak Spanish and since then is wow he is getting ready to call him Brandon unicorn EFSF. Bag saying awesome so what do you know whether or not brain in a single. Rude. Why did he might actually I don't know you're really in any kind of clear relationship or anything like that now I mean he's reminded. And they can't then I mean I really cashed out. I don't know could go either way. She's I'm not able to enter a period or so you can. Amber you said that when you guys were together you all were flirting with the each other. Yeah very pretty okay Larry Wright and there any contact between you and ham. Since leaving the job. Click here and there but nothing serious. Okay what about on social media ADR follow each other on social media and Seth. Actually no I keep my impression they're really trying to get away from Iowa quite so we're not even talk to. 10 o'clock PM. And on American church name. Yeah I. Well we will odd made the phone calls to hand. Will do did detective work and find out if he's available today and then why ask him if he wants to know who has a crush on him. And if he says he does then it's all you learn you have to confess your crush on him Intel on who you are live on the radio. I. Will make the phone other hit any hurricane that three minutes stay brave leader exactly yes Baghdad. Hey if that's your crash continues. Next and the jet engines show Steinhafel. And young star already forewarned. Investor pressure on the jet's engine show we just until Laura who's got a big impression on my brain and then they can. Or about to Lisa called him to find out if he wants to know who's got a crush on him are you still feeling yeah. Not a you know took the ten K we'll save grave we're gonna make it can't sue them. I'll put some old and if he says yes he wants to know they'll take you back up and you tell me you are okay. Okay. As a quick refresher Brandon is a NS speaking Chinese man who's really good at volleyball and Latin dance and talk. And talk. Oh that Brennan hey Brandon it's just from the jet's engine Sharia law. And hey how did a good very good. Good hey quick question before we get into the real reason we're calling a no this is going to be weird. But. Are you dating anyone. No mum of six you're now. I'm pumped super saying well that's yeah that's ahead. It while Britain were calling was some great news this morning. Okay somebody has a major crash on him. Hillary lane yet this person thinks that you are super Hansa and Tom athletic and funny. And loves that it's you decent Spanish stances and they are fluent Spanish and this person who thinks that you are fantastic. But that you've got to like that. Celebrate and you wanna know who has this crash Tony. Yeah yeah of course and it it it's like. Of course I love it here I'm part of a radius and called confess your crash so what's going to campaign is three minutes from right now. The person who said all those wonderful things about you is gonna come on the radio. And tell you Lucius. OK I. You sound and zest as attractive as she made you sound under saying you gotta legalistic system. Brandon this is Kelly Kelly Brenda I ran an I have occasionally that this person had a crush on you who do you think that is if you had to guess and you got a gimme two names. And. And you can gain some acceding. The rules. One popped out to operate right away this girl named Lex geeks who are friendly and we're like thirteen and lately she's been yeah we've been hanging out a whole bunch that that listeners yes. Second yes. This girl named 2000 that I met a couple weeks ago to Texas their back and or maybe her dating her and found that the bill to my guess is there now. Emails. The moon. Now. Not a dominant now. Any effect won't you'll find out if your guesses are right. And you'll find out exactly who's got a crush on you. Only pick her up here. It's okay when you come through in the run at Phillip I'm OK okay you may yeah. Like CNN Al's okay we'll find out if you'd like see Allison powers some. Buddy Al. When they confessed their precious USX. On Jeff's engine jet. Starring ID 41. Joanna Stevens not consume every encounter him somebody's got a big old crush on him see this person think then he is tall and handsome. And super awesome and flirtatious. And and just had this single pane for friend and Fannie dishonesty definitely wants to find out. Who's got the crash. I'd brand in the longest three minutes of your life are now up what are you ready to find out through this first and it's. Oh yeah yeah I definitely am. Right he made a few guesses of who he thought it might be he thought might be Alexi who he's been hanging out let flailing all our house and okay I. We will now turn the floor over to do that crush her. And allow her to reveal herself to all of Atlanta and most importantly to brand and pressure the radio station is yours. Pre and then it. I'm. From mark. Tim Duncan had more. Are. You don't read. Same Brandon. What are you expecting reorient. Let you know that they you know let them go aren't that night you. That are part of my out of a month only Florida would not expect you at all. Groups. And I am bad. Chemicals fresh onion so. How. Man's blues radio and I mean yes we dubbed it was totally go get one sometime I guess I'm. Yeah I mean it can't cure it and don't like half an hour and. Yeah I expect it means a couple a couple other an open mind and I am and then and then to come to include your you know corporate and you know I think so really economic outlook and and I always enjoy it. Which you and I am but you know talking on it earlier and I really you're not scoring. And now that that's so sweet and there really. Yeah no I really appreciated that that's really connected to say oh let's suck com yeah dog definitely copy there's something like that absolutely. I mean. Not this works I don't know they are you my number or something like that amount. I mean I don't have an American working now I mean internship at the two. OK okay yeah cool cool. Call 800. I certainly can't speculate here you're trying to yeah of course. Said hey do you just do you just want to attack Sam. Yeah I mean. That work on so I got a good and click to clarity around how. The embarrassed about isn't this a fun way sick investor crash on somebody. It's a great topic commerce is a great story. Yeah I'm doing a pretty right now. Hi I'm gonna let you guys broke out. And hey Brandon thanks for coming and it's nice to meet its board. Yeah they doesn't appreciate it. Okay and out Lawrence thank you for being so racist. Yeah I recommend everyone should you know I'm so now I know we always say yes he's got to raise kids against the best. Sometimes you say we're more enthusiasm and artists. Okay they appreciate your time I. Hate. It's. That went from lunch. It is never a good time right. I'm fit coffee. Not a Clinton imported fast. It's good if you've never met the person and ask you for coffee and you met him and you know them and you go from one see copy it's just in I was it's not. Fitness or at least I know where you're going to. You know I don't gives thanks to. Sheen you know for sure. Because we've done this before earth where it is on learned. And name the person in the united girl who has the crash is completely. Oblivious. We get out there trying things ran an and the girls night. Should go to lunch I'll be all right guys did you know pull our love lives and copy. Having lunch or come peach apricot you don't plunge router it's all great I love golf she knew. Shape. And still love their radios and have kind of Robert thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion out on star now before one.