Confess Your Crush: Kori and Donny

Friday, July 27th


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Always off court. We give a number of dollars find out if there's things are getting off our show you can publicly. Here are how. Dozens and show our. Hey Rory welcome of the jet engine show are you ready sickened as your crash. And who you gonna be confessed to today when Lehman dining eat okay and here's Johnny Heidi you know him. Okay back strain is starting. I mean what an empty when he beat me at. My red ink a year down. You and you are no longer married. No one of the hearing even might have been and I got the board took a quick. That it can approximate and ready and let us do to take. I led. Looking market sentiment I think. And I don't know the thing how absolutely delighted. Yeah. Now. And now oh you are ready to do the wobble with someone else. And explore I don't hello have you and Donna had any interaction since that day. We have not so the light on. And now it's fine is great. And what is it about Donny that meet you ready to put your whole body and says. And do Idaho you can think. And should get out and I. I. The biggest thing from him someone to demean them and obviously. But I think they continued negative media can play my present and but I thought that you really great and then let them directly with the my tank but I Cano can't. Bring that Karen. Looked like sort cabinet she lacks. Am I different things that have been trying to even though you didn't know anyone out in Europe there's an acute. Did you notice at the time how cute he was or just looking back on it. And and it came out at the time. It was a little reoccupy it. Outlook you know not my son absolutely being missed an opportunity that I. Know what would have been worse that. The that you me there are happening and my intention. Is you are X in the picture and all I. And help it did not end well it could imagine a game who hired DJ you warrior acts. I think that farmers are among only letting the issue wedding planner by trade. So did a lot of HA. So this but there's a good chances to get back to year acts and that they dug honestly I don't care. At rate that carries an electric slide re enters the ams. OK so. Here's how it works Korea I mean you obviously know this could you listen to show we're gonna called on AC if he is open to finding out who has a crush on him. And if he does then you have to confess that on the radio. But when I column I like to. Showered with compliments is so far you said he is tall handsome good taste in music anything else. You know hey man I imagined okay well I analyze and while we called Donnie okay. Is it just me years Downey such. Weddings easy name there really hands. Donnie is just Wahlberg to. Not think anybody else. These in a heated. On the one that came. We don't know he. Hey Donnie it's (%expletive) from the Japanese and show thanks for taking her caught you doing. Toledo area and big banks this and are really quick question to guide to kick things off get started. Are are you. Single and if you are single are you open zig dating people. I'm saying oh yeah and a high BMI deal inundating us about it. Today Asia are located at 88 diet. And how we can't to tell you this is a crush on you. This is somebody said that you are tall and hand them and see protests super dig in your taste in music. I. At Atlantic do you wanna find out who it is a little bit. All right well there is a bit of an exchange rates on the jet engine and so far confess your Chris. In exchange for us talent alone has a crush on you you need to provide us with its new names. Of. Her name is the person that you thought of right away engines says somebody's gotta crash on you said he thinks it is right away. And then then the second name is do you hope it is. Okay. I'm reading get a couple minutes and think about it Baghdad obviously the one of operating your head Alexander change is the first time. But the one you're hoping it is you need to answer that carefully yes good. So we're willing to give you a couple minutes if you relate to take those and think about who that person. Yeah let me sit in there and about it. All right while hang on here just a couple of minutes did you thoughts together and Donnie will be back as confessing crash continues next stunt Evans and show and three minutes okay. Turn it up. And Justin Jan shell hole. A love and always awkward confessing your crash on the jet engine and show what you need to know right now is that Corey called us and says she discretion on this guy named Johnny. Actually DJ to her wedding about a year ago. And I received said it was a bad decision wedding and she's divorced and she's looking back at those pictures and was like that DJ with. Find it on the progress on the hammock so we. Told Dyson he's gonna crash and I'm only pick him up we're gonna get his guesses for the Naimi you're listening for is Cory I Donnie welcome back to the shell and. We have giving you a couple minutes to answer Kelly cheese is awkward questions question number one. Who do you think has a crash on you. I don't think it has gotten even lower. Are a world that is somebody who works at the GMs you were shut a desk. We're gonna talk. She's the name that first pop into your eye and yes question amber to prove it you hope is combating their press. I mean I have noticed world diet. Have also been checked in a little bit. It wouldn't stand in need to look I know true. Some work. That patient there. So either one would be good news yeah. Half I we have going here are you in any if you're ready wool can add to the purse and it. Who called us to say that they have a crush and you know you'll get to hearing from their arm my houses that are. All right don't wish it was shot. All right pressure at the floor is yours to confess your crash. It's. Good. I have been I don't need this this. Corey. I'm not sure they remembered me. I'm certainly Cory. And so. I don't honey sorry how we know it we not about a year ago he aware that each day. At my wedding reception and. Oh. I. They. What went through this. And it was last year. Memorial Day weekend. That Saturday and include outdoor reading. If you remember. I do. Let's do it a lot of learning is. Also okay so are you married notre. I am now a well hold them. The that the boards really quickly it was. And what committee issued an update on. The front and together in the first place but I've been on together even in the picture. But to overturn a very long time and I'm going to man I think I don't and I inside you know a dictionary and I was like well right. Can't miss an opportunity so you know I'm maybe. We anticipate helping patients to better. Okay. I'm saying I don't really. No you're. Sorry. And I. If you just got divorced. I don't. But I doubt that this can we oops sorry. It's probably some sort of wedding DJ board of athletes from kindness. All right. Makes in business or pleasure. World. You know pampered her whole body and shake it all about. Humanity office write the name. Well yeah. I just change the hot about it. But this is like that really you know I down. Yeah. I mean even measures he did got MET achieved coroner's thank you led great abs are asked. Yeah it's much. Yet I'm gonna have to. So not left handed out. And can't move you don't need the other ways that. Sorry Corey. So Larry says seriously no interest dining at all without a gimmick known anything about her leg is no. I didn't seem to really weird like out of their wedding DJ. And then and cheap just got a divorce and Blaine Taylor did he get to. Know. And to get points AirTran out of there. I doubt very things are really good for that yet not at C. Getting up at all and Korea hey sorry that that didn't work out there Corey. OK I'm being kind as. Back to the studio weirdest transaction itself. Thank you can happen and I did not pay that other. He gave out there. Again. As you're saying. Yeah I mean maybe making a difference. And. They have groupies here you have a giant announced it doesn't act yeah I'd say Brian I think. Thanks for making this the way it's in the chest congestion. On star not before one.