Confess Your Crush: Kevin and Ashley

Wednesday, May 24th

Kevin met Ashley at a wedding, but will she remember the night as fondly as he did?

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Okay Terna Nande. Yeah shell hole. Hi Kevin is at home. He gets locked and loaded it yet the bravest man LA and staff wants to can fans he's crushed to a woman and we'll do that lives on the radio did she wants to know Jens favorite radio segment of all time is her brain child. Confess your crush because Jan is the love cheerleader I like to be most of the time. James say hello. Ted Kennedy and hi Kevin. Pay early don't they can't welcome to the jet engine show as a guy and. Don't care where I if you are now familiar way that confession trash and you are listening to this segment for the very first time. This is what you're going to hear. Kevin is about to describe. A woman that he goes to ask if he has a crush out. We then call that woman. And tell her that she has in my mirror and ask her if she wants to know who that in my error it. It's if she says yes we ask it's against who seek the admired by Pete which is so uncomfortable there's not a lot that makes me uncomfortable and that always means he's been. And then after she gases and that awkward happens cab and then you'll come on and confess your crush too far. We do it I commend you for being so brave this morning Kevin I'm excited. OK so tell us who you have a crush on. You know related Ashley. And as he's just. She's made no I haven't been able to actually get better since we learned how. We've got a little while back and friend of mine and I'd go to the end. Doug militias wedding isn't she is Elissa is sister the Nippon and that's and yeah. She had a while to duplicate the room I I don't want to know. Anything about. Alicia thought I think actually chemical or machine like hugest. The most beautiful woman in the room couldn't outlook and it'd only take so. I. You can see is that the royal said that's okay. The totally totally got it so. Yes she's just she's just scored just lady you know we we spent some time together. Pageantry to poke so our country Georgia a little bit bunch. You know by that point there by each region. We're getting a little loose. I really enjoyed a time when they're immune. But no immediate knowledge attitude that he tries to get called a way you know be India and they have honored so. I would love to yeah to get to know a little better spent more time littered. Ticker on holiday. She does and knowing maid of honor obligations like. Yeah I hold my dress up all IP confessed in an and other things as glamorous duties. Yeah yeah so Kevin why haven't you reached out through Doug. To get information like why me. Why hold back the crash. So far. Well I mean I'm a little intimidating you know actually look alike complain about leaks beyond that. She's back gorgeous. So I don't know I guess like you'd look how it's done this. Sir OK so when we call actually and tell her semi has a crush on her. We usually try to play to the ego a little bit and trap some complimentary and there are so obviously you think that she's incredibly beautiful. And yes you thought she had a great personality and what other things could we say to your crash or thinks this about you. Oh man I'm almost like cheap light mister speaker worked well when she smiled and really don't like light a good group I think. She's got these amazing I just popped it like oracle and accomplished what he's. On chic and you got an amazing body of course she's she's a bit and very strict she compared herself. I think she like London marathon again she's really good shape I. Yeah I'm prepared like he delegates to golden. Read you know try she'd like that we call Auburn hair with political streets I don't know. I don't know pitch you know you go to I would say is that just natural gut. You don't know don't you it worries you. Noticed more about this woman I have about my own wife kiss. So it. OK so I got a physical description what about you Lara interaction with her personality wise would you say. OK look she's definitely very you know there's fun loving she's you don't cheat sheet jokes around really well actually go to approach. You know we we played back in court really well she's very I don't know quite like yeah. She's very birdie very fun very very very particular quit so. And candidates aren't you know actually is single. Yes definitely she she a roster that you don't like it should at yes some Berkeley single. You know series is clear to supporters sister. She loves very you know she's Q there unattached. And save safe to assume you're at the wedding without a date as well right yeah okay. And is that that would amount or. A little bit. All right so if you give us say 34 minutes Sierra will call her wall caught Ashley. And without telling Barry who you are will just explained that she has secret admirer and Walt wool. I'll give her all excited using the complements. You you shared without a battle term and then wal last trick question do you wanna know your secret admirers. Mean she says yes OK and you've got to confess. To her in that its year year the one nude as the confessing. Yeah I images as a warning him before we see him she says yes but before it for you on with terror. We're going to ask her who she thinks it is you might hear other people's names but that doesn't mean I. It's just the cruel plot twist that Gemma Simpson on the middle so far. There is certain of I think all I can majesty was like three minutes do I get hurt willing to come out with us and we'll come right back and completes this week's episode of compassion craft. The star in 941. Are excited. Or tenancy confessing his press this morning he's just explain to us all the wonderful things about this beautiful made him. Honor he met him actually. And Kevin as long as you are so good to get notes we are getting calls actually. So it's okay. So ravens are excited. I'm gonna put you on hold and you'll detail listening to this whole conversation and Ashley and hold on the. I. You see her first trip to. Hi Ashley aria and I'm getting carried on dead this is Jeff's engine is here also ask me. That doesn't gentry of course sanity for one. Think I. I'll always excited it's not see this morning and we come bearing good news San that's going to be nervous about. Okay. Says the people who talk on the radio for five hours every day to the person who just got a phone calls saying what and the radio. It's different. Is it is good news because actually somebody has a crush on him. Oh OK okay. And this person and thinks you're beautiful. And you have an incredible smile home. Is that your eyes sparkle. That you are playful and fun loving and you tell some good jokes. And he says has got a bad for you have. Yeah. But hey. So I was few pieces of business before we we talk about that more a wine. Do you consider yourself a single woman. All right so you are not dating anybody either seriously or even casually. Now my mom and Arie but I you open sit dating lists. Okay and I. While this guy when we were just speaking with him. Threw down. Such an amazing. List of compliments. That I was blushing on your behalf consensus I think I mean can't does this guy is describing your. Auburn hair having ribbons and gold since he says he was questioning who you guys in charge of your dental care because your smile was so beautiful. Faces lit a program. So essentially. Eight. Tracks so our next question for you is do you want to know who it is who has this big crash on. Yeah. I'd do you have I'd do you have any guesses on who it might be. It may be. Say so long we started saying if somebody had a crash and he did have picture popped in your minds. Seeing people on. Maybe. I don't know I don't know I guess and we are on now yeah. When you disagreed I am aware that they're barely make slurred but concluded he had entered conversion site. Since they don't work Friday nights than not I didn't think experience. Got to realize flirting is San. It's going to bore the words replay. So. I'm okay thoroughbred saying. A much. I don't really know actually economic and it is that guy with. Ansari is it is that I would that be a good thing. I mean. I don't I don't know him and not. Oppose attempts I wouldn't you know I hate to act. Guy said Iowa actually let me know what question are you loving being single right now are you interested end. It's starting a really Chile where you vineyard dating life right now just in general. Brady had so rampant on college and I guess you air it killed. I do not being an on main opponent that day. And I am getting ready to have Ahmard situations that can't. Understand keeping my options open that haven't really met anyone. No one. Yeah. Sade and heartless she does want to find out just. I then we will. And gladly. Introduce you tear secretive manner and right after the break to Francisco play hide and three minutes of we will come back and you'll get to meet the guy who's got a crush on him. 88 confession. Of the crush happens. Next and the jet engine champ. Earnings for a. James Young still are waiting for word here is the moment of glory and I. Oh we are about to attend. Yours crest here where it's actually. Who just says she's single. Really opens of finding out who hasn't crashed on her. So actually here's how it's gonna ward Jeff and I are gonna step aside and each person. Who has aggression and you is going to. Confess his name to you know and Woolsey what happened there could. Say. I if you're not listening just a few minutes ago Ashley. Was thinking that the only person the top and in my mind. Where is this coworker her Asher saying that maybe eight. Co worker. That she considered just a work flirts relationship. My idea when to step up and do this now I see that guy I. I Ashley are you ready to find out your secret marriages. Yeah. Thank you for doing this. I don't see an admirer of the floor is your nervous introduce yourself. And he actually. I don't remember me but I from. Malicious and does letting. We it is we had some very. Under crush. You hear me. Why it's. I just to be clear you guys do not work together. I. Know. That's a good thing. And let me. I'm from Canada and Oprah and Richard good period. And it didn't hear from him. And create a puke too little weird bird. It's because. Yeah and I just and the controller you and I don't really want Chris irritant. If they would go on you know real proper date competitive pain that they'll come to our ability. And then slide oops so yeah yeah yeah. So. So what are you vishay had an outlook to take out some time you know. I am. Well intentioned can. Meet and talk to see them. My sister amber and I am not. It had made it. And I asked me not to do it in some lagging. So who's. Yeah. Oh yeah yeah me and yeah. Why yeah it. Why would they ask you did that day you're from the wedding. I don't know I get it right. Want to make it clear or adventure center until I need to talk to them again and just let it lean like a slower. For the actual letting happen and then. I didn't seem like we did tonight. I screwed terrorists. And so it's. Fact is they give permission Europe for. Yeah. Okay. We'll bring it to crocodile girls. I am. They do not apply to them. Okay. I don't think so. Largely. Because you back here to a reliable. There should be expecting all of age very little. Durham got a little bit. Shy and a half I'll call them and then Ayatollah Ali. OK okay because we're not I just and we did actually hear I'm a firm so neutral which is so hopefully hopefully they say yes go ahead. It. Yeah I'm excited to show like any. Some talks and then can they can and can't we had a blank foundation banging. Yeah nobody. That that it's kind of weird that there would say that you're. Well I think that'll I think that means they knew some of the single guys at the wedding were creeps so why you have to. Well US opens you're not one of them. OK so got to pass a background check our Internet media I could put. Together in relation to go now tank. Okay all right Jeanne thanks Kevin. I Kevin. Ashley. Yeah are you just lucky blown him off right now. No I'm not I'm just really kind of guy. Totally get it on and I was wondering have you ever dated one of your sister's friends in the past and it went weird or Eric there's there's some history isn't. And her sister's friend who else. Categorized brother and my friends and and the greens friend and I don't I don't know this and we were like so they're trying to eclipse seen Sasha junk and I don't own. I have read my. I know I really don't know him you know. The wedding scene like you're just in Spain you're not talking about my aunts and you just like. I think I'm glad I am a little apprehensive about. I am my sister has warned me about it. I'm. Her hasn't fans. So I just. I put their lives trying to defuse a situation just because I need I need to talk to her friends because comfortable saying yeah. You just need to find out what category of friends. Dug. So where Doug classify his caddie and before you decide how you're gonna pursue. Proceed with Kevin. Yeah and that means Q do you really nice and I'm I'd like my first impression that I am. So I'm not like instantly wary and swearing from other. Stories. It's. I don't know I said I did try to they won the sprint actually iPod then and I remembering. They did it did go very probate issues and there were weird. So that I would make a pregnant tip. So I kind of feel like this it was not a win but it was also not gonna fail right. Now it's just having not a fan I just I mean send some back and the determination. Quick little credit Checketts and fingerprints and we are good gas tax this. And tell him late in my name. Grandma doesn't have a good reputation for having gotten trapped inside and okay. I'd probably say that privacy Santonio now I. Prices have. Actually think he's demonstrated and as a eurozone banks there in such a good sport. You don't sound united TCU. So yeah. I Amanda and blue ridge. I I'm gonna Colin backed peace. I get a hat and let me pick Edmund pat back on information Mike so later you talk a and it made it hurt. Brother and live the elaborate lies friend played it very bad about it is cheap I. So. And as he's got scared. Yeah after I banks and I am on big banks it was possibly up to listen to that went into. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.