Confess Your Crush: KellyAnne and Christian

Friday, June 29th

He takes care of her lawn, but she wants to take care of him! 

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In case you haven't heard it today we look down. And no one noticed colonies are and hands and we'll cover you. The championship show star and 841. May Kellyanne and who is it that you're confessing your crashing today. Actually need an employee of mine and I mean is I hold my friends and back in the neighborhood and iShares slipped. As shallow though is that it's all there are horribly and I I am sure he won't. How many okay. No. I know I think so I am truly is Schuyler was static pressure on him. And accretion and and I'm. So just the and all of the human I ever met. I'm not just the past have been hit hard looking. At Belmont I had to my card and it might not but the people underneath urban youth and I recommend it and they went to pull back. Job like he is an art when he content till late. Gardening and I'll. Now she's in much music as he ends. You. Sea legs how you handle that how do. Great night and talk about like you the full package. I do you know for a fact that he's single energy use have your fingers crossed I'm out all my fingers crossed I have no idea. Well he is. Not your employee in the typical sense. I am. And I went at quite an Arab an emergency when a arch reads like Alan the art like you know her charity and help. OK guys OK because I was I was nervous at first but now I'm feeling good about the long guy. You like talent and an emergency situation handled that way and now. Vulnerable. When he gets. Entry why it's OK so he's a great guy. Doesn't look like I. One of the desperate outside you know that old show wears a big LB appliance you'll obviously worked out he's a runner then and I just I don't know how good friend and I worked out I imagine that might end earned eight. Without all cramped and 38. Thank you collect and he knows. CIT and hammonds and get some air condition man. I'm only after the water. Is. How how bad it. That anything like maybe where I am I'm terrible I'm reading the same. So Whitney he comes severed two Molly Line what. What actions you guys. Just for the record when James say to mow your line shiatsu I'd raise their eyebrows and winked at the rim might. At at at my dad yeah I'm sort of code are sounding a. Say slam her blush. So he's really friendly he's super hot and easy and is a really great. Her own right you're also convinced that if you confess this to ham and he's mad indirect. What's gonna make him bounce. This. Three irradiate our product at all that why are concerned about regulation and yes I do so a lot and I well. I don't. Hang on and we're gonna call. Am Christian. And we'll find out if he's interested to know who's got a crush on and its key is single and says yes then you have to confess that live on the radio okay. There. And it goes sideways you'll never be able innocently saying like hey ya mean don't hold your tool for a sack and without it being a super awkward and weird. You can Iran not a bad word on an overhead I'm now. I expect we'll hang on Torres and we're gonna call Christians. And. It. Hey Chris in this is Jeff from the jet engines show thank you for green and answer our call today and a really quick question just to start things off super awkward. Are you currently dating anyone. I'm single and so. I mean dating. To have a hard time getting I don't know what it is. Well are you interested have you found they did great Mormon would you. Yeah yeah or a Christian and work on with really great is some body out there has a big crush on him. A guerrilla yen is that he thinks you are a really great guys super friendly super hot and scientists have really loves being able to spend some time with you look and just a yeah it's. Is discuss this cheek blushing crush on me and so yeah. That might be the first our offense they can do responded that it is like high yeah yeah. I don't know would you want to find out and do this isn't as aggression. Yeah yeah oh let's see what's going on here. Am so we're gonna provide you this information. You've got to provide Kelly cheese with a little bit of information okay. Yeah actually had to give me two things because when Jen in the said that someone had a crush on you know. I know you thought of one name and soundly so one and no one at that who that is and then I wanna know who you hope it is that has a crush on you. Term. And. We chance to think about it here and take it complements to make sure your confidant and what's your answers are well we're looking forward to sorry go to. According to. As your press is in progress on the Jeff and and show it is some love and always awkward while Kelly and called us earlier and says she's going to be eagle crash on Christian who runs slowly escaping company who takes care of her yard says she's ready confessed her crashed him. We've already sold and so he's got to crash and were about to get his guesses on who he. It might be and who he hopes it is said the name you're listening for is Kelly tan. So let's pick up Christian here and Kelly you can ask him your question. I know engines and size in a crush on you somebody pops in your head of youth think it might be silent and though but he ain't had a crush on you. Okay here it has Britney. We need used to be in school together and we. Cut off but then see we shall we on bass boats. Yeah its probably her. OK I at the first name. And now I wanna know you hope it is. Well but I hope his nickname because we hang on a regular basis and and we just have a lot of live work. You know we just. Were not afraid of the ourselves around each other and she's is honesty just adventurous man it's coal. Are you kind of dating this. Tiffany girl. Now we not know I've. Our values and those aren't good she's she's equal meant ten. You're waiting for her to cross over from the friends down. You're not going to be then you're not gonna make them and it's yeah media area we will see anything is now actually. Okay Christian if you are ready we can find out it's. Who's got impression you ready to get. But let's bring in on. I'm rite aid's rusher is now back on with us and pressure the floor is yours to confess your crash. I wish I had this Kellyanne. And Aaron. I don't want them back my crash on I believe. Love getting care and no you attack that night and yeah I guess. Get a bit of pressure on the unemployment front. So I've heard them. Uttered every time. Okay. Chilly air Israeli I'd say your laundry if you don't. Consider Tom. Well there has. The wells I know. I appreciate it I kissed. We showed it I can't afford the types of. Eight C on like the way tuition and we'll call it a guy like me what was your reason why Christian. Or I mean. I'd addition I'd actually that aren't going to enlighten me. Like women like that they they think that I might get toy and then. You know there employment on this we date for a minute and then it's is right on the biggest difference of employment and they didn't run out. I'm not too crazy about that. I'm sorry if other women have done that but not blame the person and I actually. In tread a bit. Are executed his sister are on and on top of the kids here I doubt that. I've tried it once or not there's an Internet computer work related like I'm I'm down to just keep doing you are Rackers. I think we should keep a work related. Pain it's. On I selling barrel during I un really dirty and now what. Can you. Well Kelly. I mean I appreciate that you put yourself out there about you can imagine if he has cited data client golf or and it didn't go well he's kind cheated on dating clients. And I get it down by name and now I do doctorate in gear and night. I would not know I'm on anymore if I were him I'd hate banging. App. I think you should give up so quickly like what do you think makes you different. And other clients he's had. Sounds like in time and that and in doing it actually like a person her purse and diet. I've I've done this once important and it is somewhat well at. Learned to speak not to get at it's not so an arm down the rookie but I. The service he provides a client and he's gonna provided see an extra neighbor and your next door neighbor of its neighbor after that all the women in a certain line. Not a diagnostic audition and I heard that you're able bonus after the lands him in his and I think it. I don't know talking about. Yeah. I'm now. That that that thousand as far as just filled the bags and amenities and so yeah. Or it would get out. Burn any sign it well well well let's go Ed Kelly and sorry about that. Bank. I would if I were you Christian I would invest McCain team because I don't and I don't he's going to be bringing you nearly as much modern. Are okay. I'll do what I do about that. Now I carry and saying hey Christian before we let you go out is there's something else there. The issue not attractive or earned. I don't doubt he's cool he's cute attractive about it she tied it I just don't want ads that have already been no one spoke sport I I'm trying to learn from election and then there's not repeat the same mistake but. If we do is keep it fit to work I don't know may be out in a mine but for now this one has. Seeing how better to seek angrily you never know that Tiffany she might come out with friends around than he's definitely not in any clients here that that's really bad happens and I think we're good. Blair doesn't feel like you're when you have a great soundtrack turn his son when you get to work and attend so consider row. On starting now before blind.