Confess Your Crush: Jeremy and Cassie

Thursday, July 27th

This kid's got confidence! And whether or not it works for him, it's hilarious for us. 

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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And yes again shell ol' ball Jeremy buck to investor price on the jet engines jets. It is cheers I'm so glad you're such a brave man to confess your crash to somebody with us today. Well Atlanta brave and good you know it or not. To assist DO. So tell us soup you've got a crush on to solve. I am. I eight guy like intern ship. At this. Sugar coat this number this company unit numbers are so certainly there's a Kermit and cashing. And it. It's needed basically. I'm attracted more than Tom boys girls were in Beijing. Look like super out of the club and the political baseball bat. End. This girl possesses all of each galaxy college football and he. She let there's it would obviously like. Wording going aren't in like we would I don't know. It just grew into life. Our friendship. But can break. More like wow. This girl is the bomb but I can't change and you're. Because it's we worked together in this it is a pretty professional company and you know and can't. It's it will look good. It's garlic. Actually providers creator and you know actual. You know we met there are people in in that department. Sit Jeremy let me ask you this you are the intern. I want you learn the intern and CIA is their main concern or the boss or she's not very interns know. No no not I mean I don't. Now she looked like a boxer thinks it was weird I got there so I mean an apology or to or need but she she was she'd been there. Longer when I got there so Amtrak. And I think when I read and I got transferred to a different department. Which will be different buildings. So. Now I'm just thinking yeah this doesn't it doesn't really matter could learn machine bears being now. Yeah transfer means green light for you Amanda. Sensor controller. And a transfer of departments is a green light says oh yeah. Yeah Russian lukoil rigor a year older. Think he'll get a little bit so I don't. You said today she's like Tom always likes footballers and flirting going on anything else about her that makes CN. And all the butterflies. Are more. United and David just got to log in C. Super super super duper cut. And most importantly is there any thing else not related to your physical appearance that you love. Well yeah lamented the fact that region you know. Again till Monday Asia and we talk about. The football games we talked about you know go in the based on things like. And company created soon see rig outcome. Could be organize unite polish porcelain and and I'm glad late she moves forward Rick. I. I don't know I didn't like the woman who couldn't. Like I ask you guys. It's not like oh he had made got to be a very well maybe he went to market maker on shoes cosmopolitan cover. Hot hot hot and he is such a broad being basic yet she's hot and she likes sports. Fans act. It got it did and. Well we do now is we reach out to her entire data sheet is in a relationship number one and number do if she wants to know who you are. Any shoe guys that is you're job to confess your crush to honor. Or I'd sell him radio on hold and will combat deer and a couple minutes and lets you know when she says Hank. Erik Kramer's casting. And I awesome calling Cassie in three minutes to find out if you asked to be a part. Confess your crash and the jet's engines sorry for a lot. Star in 941. Jeremy is authentic confessed his career. Radios to Kathy the first we've got to get this is her find out a little bit. Her and then see if she even wants to know this confession there. You talking trashed I don't know we learned. I always ask me that and NIC once. And since then you take over and even some medical. Hey Cassie is Jeff from the jet engine Sharia. I'm doing well thanks Harry excellence. August. Volleying with Jan and Kelly sees JPG I mean everybody in this thing which is a very exciting bit of news. Okay and. And in the NBA who is kind of crude. I then you may have heard a segment that we do called. Confess your crash. Oh I. It's obviously you haven't time. I'll confess your crush is where we allow people to tell. Others that they hammerhead and across MM and you. Have someone on this planet. Who thinks that you are the bee's knees. So we yeah yeah that's it. And so we have a couple very important questions for. The first question that we have is are you currently in a relationship. Or calm. A situation that would prevent you from being available to add dates. This person shouldn't do you have enough. Well definitely manner relationship trying to. Santiago bunt single and I went there to the way her yes Cassie our next question for you is do you even want to know. Who this person is and has a crush on him. Oh yeah. Well boom box and no way he sees makes our work. Do you have any idea who might have a crush on you any guesses. Into yeah. I had no idea and hey we can't take no for an answer you've got to ask you know I guess like one name like some and in many them flirting Lance sir summarize that comes to mind that maybe you even have a crush on. Well. I think I blew an early one person. And I could even think about it Josh. It could mean we play shop altogether and likely hurt. At times. I mean I didn't get that literally the only person I can think. Well here's what happens three minutes from right now somebody pops on the radio and they tell you. Who they are and that they have a crush on you it might be Josh you just have to hang on to find out. Oh god and I can treasure crash they can fashion happens in three minutes. And Cassie finds out who loves earned this. And the German ten champ. It is now time for the big reveal a enlisting sedition. Have to confess it to your crash we I'd just a couple of minutes substitute for Cassie she confirmed press that she is single. She does want to know who has a crush on her. And Kelly she gave you a guess on who she thought it might be yes you got a righty Josh. From her softball team. So we'll see Kathy. He personally I'm who is going to reveal them. Ozzy Randy. I'm ready okay all right to crush her right yeah desert Iraq at secrecy are a crush her. It is now time for you to reveal your identity. Take Kasi who is on the phone right now. I don't know who. Did guarantee. Yeah me. Dear me. Think some firmware to. Put on alert. Amber did it out of church. Yeah. Leading. Up in a way to win it lends his dad Z car. I didn't do well geared to older then than glowing it's my view. Warmer. So. That's OL. I have 3040 years alone. Generally not well. Guess I'm commitment. Your block. A lot of tools and no. Don't know your body. How. Then you're blonde. Because you never acted like it you acted. Like cooler gonna Bartlett match. I don't understand. What I had. Independently in November it. All right now cap I don't here's the thing Jeremy. Things that because he's. What did you god transferred there from building or some thin air right now that you guys aren't under the same roof. He thinks it's appropriate and his defense. Teen. Did not back down there is when you guys worked in the same building can you got to be inappropriate at. Very quick here thing to do bad. I. Mary and Mary thanks Larry you can't read now and very respect. Peaceful but I would think mature Arabic now he's in a different building what do you think Cassie. And no definite. You are here you are. And opponents. Has written to get things you can teach them to us. There are no longer and catch to teach him and asked Kessler let me ask you sir that NASA is tasked with. School or were you earlier yeah you're my age you know. You know. There. A big eagle twelve years ago she was 22 and you're saying that's where I learned a guy. My agent and I don't. Can't think Jeremy this won't ever happen how could you know in the sense that I would we want to play. Or error I don't know we can go to law. On the lead lap and error here pretty good you have no wrinkles. Yeah. Yeah. RAI because it really way well. I'd Cassie and I don't. I guess he won't let you go okay thank you for coming on that. EOK okay he's flattered. Error shall learn soon. And I tell human resources we sent tanks and like yeah. To me. I'm really didn't think she refused and she graduate already changed at nose is all because. So even that old you know I mean Al Williams are ranked until 35. Right well here yeah what ever I I really appreciate Israel. Hey les admire your tenacity I know he's on the back. As analysts thought you gotta risk get so you know days and it. Okay good provisions shall earn 841. People need to Don Jan. Race. Hey good morning can. President Clinton say Valentin. Most awesome he millennial operates. That I heard it until it. Easy not even know that that would do it bumped into your life. Yeah where you are so hurt. And he's like our. And then some sort of live Robinson. And I beard and UC. LU. And. I'd favor is and she's like you're a little boy he thinks if she was what are the horror and he's funny to him yeah site. I'll thank you Valerie. Carrying man listen there's an Akron and hey Ali is because Americans mr. trash. I eyelids. Just how areas there. And great great and I'm not only had actually heard what I. Know. And by point. And yeah. You're right back compliment. And I want to avoid now. Then here and he did it. And I what is your friends say it's without the words I Yemen any John Xenia message and said it's a loud Jesus and the. Bleeding awkwardness I love it is staring at. Thanks envoy under par was your 34. At all. I read your dad do a lot of things well here on this radio show but we have mastered awkward. So we've got back on Flores. All like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.