Confess Your Crush: Jake and Maritsa

Thursday, August 10th

Jake's got a crush on his old roommate! But why did he wait this long to tell her?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the now. JK is ready and he wants to confess his. Yes to a former roommate. All right well some people say this is a cowardly way to tell someone you love them but we think it's very brave it's brave it's fun it's different. Original. And usually very awkward which is why we. I. So would wake up reads. All the political together. Former college. And then we got a good look at Kodachrome. And then we actually lead to double last year she was a little bit. And this got a little war only. Through war on what are options crushing the will grow. When you lived with very you're living just is his friend slash remains there is no. Coconut gone. No no. Nothing like that look it gets tons this you know we kind of had a wonderful run on but he threw columnists it's kinda. Well I didn't really want to pursue anything can. Sure we have the power located at Columbia. I. Did anything ever come close to happening between the two of the. Whom. Not lose. More than we did. Well not do relative or friend but the thing. We need be kind of conclude that. Oh look delayed one day or. I would have been critical about football but nothing like. Suction and didn't want. No no late night losing heads together. Those stumble in an all I know this is why am I. I tell us what's awesome about Marie so why do you why he had crush honor. Well she is beautiful warm and she's so calm and didn't always had a good on the other he wouldn't. Super. On Sunday morning. So didn't want to be eagle on the par achieved at a we applaud him. And yeah I can I can challenge or problem there and Schuettler hit. Our. Now there will be able bottle it and I didn't. If you're describing her physically what's most striking feature. Are. I would say work upper lip as she wouldn't have played a hundred year old upper lip. I think yeah motive but I'm just bluntly can look it did make clear yet. How how is sellers and it likes analyst. And when's the last time you guys have talked to each other. All look. Until a blue truck that I he's still does France want but it. I went well I give us that it's just three minutes and worry wool call Marines say MC show come on the radio when that's. And if she agrees to do that then you're that much closer to confessing. Your crash to your former roommate Marie sat. It's all. OK the this'll be fun tonight. And find Jake and we'll be right back and three minutes to continue confession crash and the jet's engine check. Star in 941. And that's your crash on the jet engines show where abouts to have fun here and call. Marines and let her know that somebody's got a crush on her if you're just joining us we just talked to Jake who says that marine son. There's been a friend who is all through high school all through college. They were so close eventually leads to together last year but he's never made a move. And now it's totally infatuated. And his decided to do that live on the radio. Today some recent knows her colleagues she just doesn't know why we're caught up. James you ready to do this. I done I'll put you on hold right now and call Marie sent. Fingers are crossed Freeman's friends. Thank you boo. It. Oh. Hi Larry and how you this is yeah and sat and Kelly from the jet engine show how real. Yeah. We are fantastic this morning we're really excited it's not CU. Yeah we are OK. Okay. Hud thanks sir greens to come on that's the reason we're calling is because someone an eye on this planet. Has a big old crush on you. Ruled. A well it's not that easy so furnace. The first thing we need now is if you are single and available ten dates. I and learn after you know. I definitely try and. Yeah AM let changes things a little that theory is a boyfriend turned. A little boy and how long have you and your boyfriend in other. An editor. At one win. All. What do we do next Kenseth and forty's so one day. You are and who has depression yeah. No doubt. About it now. Is that permissible. At which time. I don't you at all. So. Yeah it. I don't think the rules necessarily change shrank. I thought we ask that question is do you wanna be homer hackers to. Are you gonna if we when we say who has a question Erie and dump your boyfriend by the end of this phone call on right under their arms. Since the. Well Miami manly leader and then we try. So. Yeah me oh yeah. Okay. Okay well the person in the crash any thinks you're really telling us some time malaria sweet cool and beautiful lips. So although it your boyfriend's really gonna stick and that last one when he hears hey. Love getting your lips Marie it's. Now what you already answered two questions you are not available but he's still out and out so we can match. I'm three. I don't even get there you can't do your dumb question and. Can't go away you're trying to go without letting me ask my. That hair is standing voice for you can't ask you gradually she has a boyfriend and I can't. JC still want to know she's a class next. Do you have any idea who remembers them as MI Democrats on yeah. Now I am only cash and so bad. And knowing. That even remember it right and not hurt you USE. Split I had. But you had to pass. I'm gonna guess one name. I really don't know like eight total and so bad at picking up on the guy. Actually I don't look particularly to clutch in very little eight year old man's. Immune. I how about this question man. If there is somebody you wanted it to be who would you fat foods you wanted to your boyfriend is gonna. All that. Bad a fast here. And me and G stuff. Yeah yeah I. I had an era where there anyone know. If you're just you're telling him intently any name to satisfy air. Jim I'm OK I do you know my guess. Seriously are minimal. Okay awkward. Let's imagine that this okay. Is it fun. I agree sing on this again and Dell come back here and just double lives. Ended the crush her Lowell revealed themselves DM your boyfriend's that we view right now is in. Now. Oh OK okay. Hanging out and open its. NHL all star. OK it is time for our fresh tires you. 10% this crash here in just the second time if you are just joining us we has to Marie sat. Who told us she has a boyfriend but she still wants Simoneau. As a crush on. She really wants to make any guesses as she says she's bad at figuring out if anybody really likes her not by Kelly forced her into an answer and she said Jim Jim Jim Jim which we think might be just tomatoes now. Her real name contract. Whose names jam. All right let's pick up the crush her. And catch I've Marie Marines sound that I said that right are you ready to do this. There right you act. I mean I can crusher. Earned the airwaves and started before Y and. We really pulled. Hello. What day. Almighty and I wish. The war. Why. Oh. Yeah and then you have grown. And I am very good try and we all. Don't you. Think you Rhode. Earlier radio group won't blow her. How my old life. Out I'd I'd play I don't know why are you kidding is now all. I don't know yeah but you're right eight I had no idea that I get through this part about it so long. I don't know it would hurt so. I had this. This. Not only seeing what I hear you. Yeah yeah. I don't know. He commuted it to work to try. And. Please you know what are called the gateway paying. Did you are you saying you knew about her boyfriend's. Even though we asked you if you badgers angle. Yeah yeah I mean there weren't sure but I can't do that they did I did OK I didn't know. Because then we will be able to be good and I departed without. All right I finally kicked it out here making it clear right now to steam. That we didn't. Do anything wrong then you set us up huh. I didn't I didn't I. I thought you know asking I think. I mean yeah it out of every. Eric continued their bash here in the trauma. How can I didn't kill the playback we think why do you think it again why did you think it more like. Well although we didn't do it. On wall on crude make it looting consider. Awkward and weird won't be. Dirty to. On the radio right here Eric and Eric that our players. So Marines say that question that everybody is wondering is. Jake. Worth dumping Steve for. You know when we're attempting to far more than happy. I'm just curious if I just felt propriety that it would get a quick thing. At all. At an opportunity and he had. Very cute and paying your gray mare. Like you should. If he'd tell dad since last year what he had had a shot. It's. An immediate I. Am on I don't know. I mean there will learn OPEC. Do you see agencies know each other. Yeah. They did not bought or. They're they're not friends. Themselves now that they know. And it. I hate well I think we are led by the guys go in and obviously at each other's numbers so. You continued as awkward conversation. Whenever it's comedic or whether you. I think I think you know don't thank you think zero hole. I didn't see a black and pink. Out on the senior La. And Brian. I. For making this way it's indigestion yes one start now before one and.