Confess Your Crush: Drew and Madison

Friday, May 12th


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Where he doesn't feel like you're we have hundreds. Turn his son when you get to work and get ten songs in a row every hour on starting now before blind. I confess your crush Jenna hobbies favorite segments. On the show and we are about to say hello to a gentleman named drew. Who would like to confess his crashed to someone who's now on or about 24 months drew. Welcome to the shallow. How are you. And are you ready to confess your crotch. Yeah so subtle a little bit nervous. That I had had a stretch like two years now. And I just. And I just it just never felt right at teller's I've opened yet and he's gonna help me out. That's who we are here for new years. And it's yeah. Still going strong hot and heavy I'm. Oh yeah I have a very nice here it's like butterfly. I like it did so I didn't exist and I just turned up boggled where it's. Hello hi adorable. So why why have you taken no action scene 24 months. So. I so it's it's a lot of but also assure you are right so the girl they've adapted red corner you know great name. Can you patent. And she's got she cut my hair. I'm. So like the only time I ever see where it went onto my haircut so you all here on every three or four weeks ever get my hair done and like. She'll be there and then I don't feel. That's not true that terribly conflicted and learn when those like stupid black box thing. Hey I have. Come well not a lot. You know I don't look good dad I don't feel like super cop they went in there and and also like. The pastor well you know pledge to cut my hair and a small pocket we're surrounded by other hairdressers. And tonight we welcome to the tried to say goodbye didn't like I don't ask reverend McCants a year early on dislike. I don't know what makes you like. Nervous and the I relate going to get my share calculated like she doesn't know and everything go back yet another I I don't and others like. Shopping good. Do. You don't wanna have to find a new salon. Yeah that's yeah yeah I know he doesn't quite get that until I get back. I'm a particular target my hair cut and she doesn't just perfect. And so I don't wanna like. Don't ruin that they're the same time I can't keep going there and like not not doing something. So you don't win a week color and tell her someone has a crush on her and explain. What that crash is all about ten year. Tell us what it's like what is it about her that you really like. And so they're they're like there's a couple things right so. When I first started going there I was seeing somebody. And then you know that that and it ended with ten. A couple of months. After seeing their millions and relationships and allowed me to do it there but that project that would there was. Was that kind of need it but it got reinforcements he was by talking you through it to shoot a dog you're such good looking guy you should allow more should you did then every time I usually don't like it even more. You know are you are you changing her dress like she looked like compliment. That saw them and then. I don't. I know it sound. I'll say are now the doubt that they really really nice hate. You know -- I didn't like I know that it what you just cut my hair tied to particular period MI out officially receiving like a doubt aside you know like with the jets who never going to be an that are they. Here in June I did not anybody laugh at the value of against government that it's. Right if it does you sit on the hands. Yeah like really long fingers like this I don't know and I've never been attracted to him before I like that guy who I am. Either late on the play. And I mean as. Hands. Tom what can we say about her when we're talking to your. It sounds less creepy and he has noticed yearlong strong fingers. I mean I mean you got back just wouldn't say they Tuesday and I'm. You know like where I try to rally they really creation maybe you would legalize okay. And on thing you do that. Personality wise what is it about her personality. We need so we both laughed at iTunes. And pray. So like if they should make a joke about like you know comb our hair our light remember like I don't know maybe like a year ago on. There is legacy of the pet body and other we didn't have a bad hair days and fight. As a dad like guy. I I it's so funny etiquette like I opponent as she wrote on and so like I did you know that that's enough to start. There's so there are so funny. But I credit that case I'm gonna go with that check the oh my god that your wedding hash tag. There are so well here you can't do it I'm hearing yet he hasn't eaten well and have a classic honoraria. WWR. And. OK so we've got a huge compliment the zone where anything else that. You want us to say beat you as you know that she singled that we asked that he has yet to Miguel if you single order in a relationship. I'm Mike I'm pretty sure. She's single because we talked about matchups I like in is sometimes a bit like auto on this bad day idiocy really have much yes it was a bad day on which she never she never led goes on if there's a good days. In the dead shear and letting it come on I don't even have any game and that is a wide open goal. I want had a bad day. Well when your ready to upgrade your dating game calm me bull you've got my number in the way about. I never ever bad hair day. I'm manager I never really got us. I'm illness and ha ha yeah. Not only does it plays through all she's into had a bad day. And all right so drew. Wolf I'd take a couple minutes here and see if she is available to come on. Their radio witness. And Ed that point. Well tell her all the nice things you said about her without telling her WR. And then she gets this side to decide whether or not. You were allowed to confess your crushed car. Could go to our idols. Three minutes to get her permission to order on the radio. And look number eight Aqua the okay Jerome. I bases. Confess your crimes the brainchild of the Japanese engines love cheerleader. Jenn hobby. I'm feeling good and others uneasy feeling good about Madison meet him and he science anti. Unionism fretting about continues in three minutes on stunning 41. She is Sydney. You've earned a little gas and your share of Justin yen to 100000. Dollar birthday mosque. Steady toll on storing 941 and soon. Through its ready for us to possess is a rash. And I'm so does it I have a good feeling about it. Kelly and Jen are both feeling strongly that this is gonna go swimmingly for you'd. OK let if love was a democracy. To vote for you and and I I'm gonna put you on hold now and you'll be able to hear our conversation. Between Madison and you don't come back I'm see you. Talk to us or her until she says whether or not she went and we won and I don't throw you on hold and call Madison and. I'll. May not assume it's Jen and Jack and Kelly from the jet contention are yet. Only are so excited does not see this morning. Yeah. You know like this. Hot. So Mattison here. Somebody. Has Shania yeah. A pretty big crash this somebody. Thinks that your super kind of yours mine and all. Inks that that you have beautiful eyes and fabulous sense of humor. Think things that your hair smells like the main of freshly washed unicorn. Happy. I yellow exaggeration. It. Didn't fit better now I don't know. Morgan on slowdown in and I think he minus and that are maybe one into. It is precious and happening for a little while here so we just say some pressure on him. We wanted to find out if you are. Into any crashes. Of you are in your relationship status right now. I can't eat it every single great students and yeah I think there may. Sorry are you open up finding out near crash ninety. Absolutely yeah. First the attic death and then my name's. Lee I you have to do that. The only hole that they in Madison before you answer that. Is this the only reason the you can in studio for the segment that you act and. And again like to know if they know who I mean we are a ton of detail and does this crash and now that we know you won this crashes had a crush on you. For our. Two years yeah a couple of years now you'll see each other and like every month or two yeah well. Yeah yeah you guys laugh at some of the things things of your sense of humor. So for OK. Is there anything else shortly now a reason you really can't hate him he really likes and he. An OJ. And he signed you say afar once in a rainbow came. Back. ORA okay and it. No. I mean we have. And I error only in very good friend of the. Rome. And so do you like arron. Lou I mean it's you know I wouldn't be mad if you did it. If you don't let anybody else on your radar and all in your world. Home. It is good to me I home. Me neither he had been kind my age who are different as night has ridden. It. And anybody else on time you got. It's torture and felony level. I have no idea. Two years is a black hole how. Raven yeah. Yeah. I'd say your vote your first thought is faring in. Who's a friend of a friend in your second time is my eight who knows when it your cousins. Yeah it's a tank and even. Well you're gonna find out BK is yes you do wanna know right. Yeah. All right we'll fight over gonna throw you on hold. We're gonna confirm a couple things we've you're crushed and then it will come back here in three minutes. And he will tell you yeah he has. Ali I. I. I am I came Madison. I become re back and our secret admirer week on the crush crush her crush her confesses to the crush. Live on the radio. And after that start at 41. Yeah. Right and it's certainly a lot less congested a sixty minute. Just the engine solid sixty right now own stellar in net lethal one. All right if you are just joining us this morning we are about to reveal Tim Madison and who has had a crush on her for the past two years. Medicine. Just told us that she thinks it might be a guy named Erin. Boone is a friend of our friends or it would be a gentleman named Mike who is a friend of one of her. Cousins. Madison confirmed fresh she's single and now we want to know who's gonna crash so we are going to connect. Are secret admirer. We are at this time in and it's all on him to reveal. Who. As a crush on her case she is great sense if you learn beautiful blue eyes. And strong hands. And for two years. He is in hiding after her. Madison are you ready to meet you or crush. Let's take a lot. Secret admirer. The floor is yours it is time for you. You can't fast you are. Our yeah I met him. How do you. They so. So that is true. Among their favorite cut reality there are you Bradley you've got an and it's good to meet shooter. I I guess I had a crush and you serve ever since he started my hair a few years ago it's just been. Here and it's not just in China like. Worked at the courage Pataki it never seems to have the right time so I figured why not dispute that go big right. Yeah so I oh yeah. But it drew good. Laugh only alliance. So Madison knew you that how it's in your boy is and I and that's a bit being at me. Well I didn't know how do you. It. I and yeah early I didn't I didn't include not even that. I I know we don't pick Aaron. Rule and but it drew. Outlets that it should what's your loved and yeah. Lol like I de LA you know I you know right it's like now that semi charming very muted you know maybe it's slipped outside the building and I didn't. Yelled askew out in person a very good drinker doctor. Yeah you reluctant at him and then. After I got a lead it would now this is you know it's not. I don't know about permitted in the. Loney on the loading dock and a hair salon is much more romantic. Ruled. Late winner you only. I think they're very Caribbean next week some time. Okay yeah look actually. I'm not next Thursday and Friday. And so you guys set up a day right now. Yeah I don't want. How the problem is I just leave neglect and leaving no good with reverend Jerry please America there is and maybe like or I can get back to you. Or you can go in on Wednesday or Saturday yeah. Yeah I mean I expected it to be right up without the I'll look. He did my haircut than you would like to talk about it. Yeah you know I'll look Lyon and wanted to I need to be honest he's being. Yeah I haven't given my car like the human. Pro and I'll tell you that in unanimity of thought and then you know getting out of I'm like yeah and it did out there and that it didn't just see what happens. Me. I'm. That they I'm so glad I did that without great. Lady okay. Think through and thanks Madison you guys are brave. The combined radio. Thank you guys running galleries I'm looking forward. A lot. Does does this dinner next week and literally my haircut on out Matt and I'll I'll. I'll see you next week. It. With the added pressure true now that she has that you endurance. Are you gonna get a haircut before you going to Tutsi manhunt. I mean I can't I can't go behind her back now. I feel no marks. Alternatives like gay candidate Dennis would you be freedom for teeth cleaning. Units into class. I've I drew and Madison job. And go at night. Technical questions we have to help Madison trying to needs not the. I can't I'm not I don't think he's into. Alive and well I doubt about that and here and. Big race and they know I'll never say at least nice to. Me. Well I almost wonder if we can remakes I commanders on the but it yen beat on any of them. But I feel that he isolates hopeless romantic you late yes totally I'm hitting and he is a wise. Her. I'll make an appointment with a receptionist. Into the salon and then we'll step outside. Mean hopefully nobody smoking and the loading dock yeah I've been out there now gram a day yeah Orlando game sounds like not packed. Jennifer and Atlanta welcome to the show. Forgery and he had no idea you get burnout. Was about right and only she went and they even in the Dayton. Allowing normal that they. Think they are happening. And he was in she was trying to compensate phase. On the radio today she was being with a broad she was a cool chick like yeah right I'm gonna protect okay yeah. Tray. And. And it led. He lived and only good and I'd do it again they aren't because it made everything remains. Natalie permitting only meet again that. Yeah. Wink and hey TJ when all week problem in knee bend that I could look at UB day. I. I. Know all these literally did not paint it and he did not get a little. I. All our way or did it and he was just like because we were definitely hate him I'm like a winner ever. He's a leader on our ally Britain aside and in my lap and then the yeah maybe we weren't doing that lasts that that segment that last minute few minutes radio for drew. Or her we were doing it purely for. Yeah I want you enough and basically my I hate to admit I had a week. And all breathing. And he did all the right. On my radio. Yeah yeah and and I you that. Trade that the next question that we have freeways are who'd you have a crush on you ready to be next meet this event. I'd like it and why do you say an eight speed metal ball art in. Maybe some guy will maybe you've been nice to a guy you sent to him like. How are you in the eye and not nominee I like it might be by the way. I'm making an academic that they do today but you say it confess your crash. Like mine and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta.