The "Confess Your Crush" Controversy

Friday, April 28th

Some people said Darius was a bad guy! But we all thought he was sweeter than sugar, how could this happen?


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. Yeah yeah shell ol' ball we got to move into the controversy that you started Jan. Third controversy I was just trying to leave a lot of cheerleader because I've just audience somebody. To use our show to confess they're crushed. Think cute. And fun to listen to do clients yeah. And so what the controversy. Hey big controversy. Is. You needs to look at ads they arrests staffer situation. From the point of view. Darius is new girlfriend. So if you're listening yesterday you heard that it's. Mali and had a crush and Darius told us about it we got a hold of Darius. And told him that somebody had a crush on him in his response was that's cool. Well writes. I just managed to lose over the document viewed is yes so. Did you think cool to hear if you're Darius is golf react like he was like flattered by it. Molly was totally innocent he's not married doesn't Wear arranged to meet him in the elevator out. But. She made then rays starters from pain. Light area incident Mulally. Drowned. So we're building Bentley bumps I. I write their talent and you don't know or. You know yeah. How sorry. I saw Mariana. You you do what you can tell you noticed that a dictate our head of relationship Joseph meta level. It's very. Well I let my hearing it hearing that your relationship I completely respect all of that how that man. Thank you thank you would you tell your indicated that the man would you be trying to look good like she and I'm not gonna be. We're argument on the east Coast Guard and it's a couple caught in a morning like a copy on. Yeah. Yeah Agee and dance winner of the controversy comes from. Cost me eighty days thing about coffee. Yeah it's charming he was being shining on the radio bright and here's what I invasion Darius his girlfriend be enlightened she's sitting at home. Listening to this all play out. God please no yeah open. Yeah. So yeah social media starts every night. As an area that's my god and of Mali is cuter than she is she's. Just like that if you or girlfriend you could be like hey look at some of my guy is he came on the radio he said where exclusive. So whenever he was charming he's on mine I Janet and depends how you winds approaching it it depends on loan. You're alone confidence thing if she is. Enough to lock down a guy as Chiming in Darien. I think she's the kind of woman that holds her shoulders back and hold her head high and is like it's okay that's fun and look at Q he has. You don't think Dave Darius his new girlfriend that just girlfriend doesn't think there's a shark at his workplace with Molly. Went around. And that was it a hair different I'll still approach and not all women are super jealous over other women. And you narrows it Mali today is where in the most push up push you have things. Last button on the in order to yeah. Serafina. Listening in Dallas Georgia welcome to the channel. Need to look. I intend shy because I think that's exactly what you like about it and you could pick currently pitch that announcement that he stand back and. Even our screens and your girlfriend up didn't you go out and confident he really that's what you are. Seat I says yeah. And so Smart how old are you serafina. A little I injured so let's pretend your boyfriend's. What is that which in my eighth grade ninth grade how would Grady N eight it's great to hear the eighth grade boyfriend is flirting with what are your friends at school. You're not gonna be mad. Well I really like he was swearing in had to argue that kind of just trying to beat Eric. Not letting her down it hard yes I know what I have to crash and then I wouldn't argue that it straight to Eric. See. Sarah pain at the wisdom and a fourteen year old lesson of that template since. Hello I am I arguing on behalf of the people the message to us I know I'd take off I just appreciate the great raging at. I LEN backwards went south. I'm do you have like a little conflict on your belt but not the day and you or talk about it cheating you hurt. Looking at somebody yelled at but pay well. I was saying your. Very difference. Doesn't like to thank you literally get a pretty. Totally. Totally different category and Iran and the lower pre ride the elevator last thank you rally. That's not. An experiment both are even like it would be the same day. And me it's not may be made right here is they're done that with an X may be real comfortable bank's value menu alleys thinking about as a lawyer talk not cushioning. Because you do happier person that your wind and now we just made Molly discuss anything good that created a coast. That's accompanying commission my hair I think he should sit on the. Rihanna and Dallas are gonna Visio. Sorry when Sam. I'm McCain on to explain I'm just what I'm Kerry even if that would let had been. I don't really learned what her I think you lag. So I'm trying to be polite not H in Greek church and you got her come across one end and each man can't I don't know that. Right. So if a woman walks up to their man and says I gotta pressure and you and I think you Q would you go out of me and he's like now I got a girlfriend but let's go get a cup of coffee. He and cut across he can bring America a copy. And then on. This time I imagine your part about this is how this all started out like this. I meant instant and this. Ask me this time did you Kerry and welcome to Michelle. Yeah Maureen don't you lack adequate body. I like Denzel Washington which are 100 sexiest men anyway yeah. So we were on the other caller. And I so not quite an awkward and television or are. I'm. I'm dead end. That's right eight. I got squat on my side today. Since I knew. DNA and manner. I and conflicting it. I. Agree with Eric in the back and trying to hurt him at night. Normal kid and are sort of how ever you are she added that my colleague Christiane. He. I'm afraid it's you know Italian town can I eat eat we dip our toe and that. Yeah are Christians yeah I was too. Nice to LA and Dallas. All you're you're gonna be engine squad did this on ha. So. IR squat it's just tension shine down. I know I'm just have different corners of the school hot content and they haven't a boxing ring yeah. In fifty. This tell why he had no idea where way engine inside and that's. Well I'm still right. That Iranian green beret captain explained. How I like investor class and talent especially how he reacts to actually. Yeah you. I said he would play and apparently anxious and I get it bad girlfriend Kabila on the green jackets but I didn't match play England I saw him definitely did yeah. Because. If I told my crash I hated crush on him I would definitely. Not want kids it's flu without it. Stella how old you. I pulled out hey there's way too much wisdom from people here who don't have drivers let us. Jim thank you stuff. Yeah well thank you guys are now. Build on this quiet. More good today even deeper into this with Amanda. Who has a theory that the girlfriend has even exists. And she'll explain next blue. So are in 941. Who we are trying to sort through. What was a great great great thirty minutes of radio yesterday and this is that. Outstanding idea that you thought we're definitely got to do it again but of course with every opt there's got to be a dad. There's controversy with confess your aircraft rushed. This is this segment we came up with where if you're the secret crush on someone he can tell us about it and we saw the person tell them. Somebody has a crush on them and how why you have a crash and then find out if they wanna know who it is that we did this yesterday with Molly and do areas. Open now there's controversy. He had the controversy is that the two of them once they actually talked to each other. We're a little too flirty especially Darius. Does he's the one with a girlfriend. Yeah. Fight areas that does my colleague. Drowned. At work building Bentley bumps and this is. Molly. Yeah out there right there elevator and you know learning English pop up. Yeah. Yeah. How sorry. I 860. Yeah are you don't want my old. You you do you can eat I eat your Hispanic district are elevator relationships are a whole another level. They're getting gray area they live a mile. I had my hearing it hearing that your relationship I completely respect all of that I don't have an. Thank you thank you but you you know your Hispanic Cheney met the man would you be friends that would go they'd like. And I'm not going to be clear argument on the road notably bigger and it's a couple caught in a more electric company. I. You couldn't. Yeah. Don't know. Is beautiful life. He's trying to make her feel comfortable. Destiny and noon in a welcomed addition. Are you. And that this guy aid. Love. Or UN the side of scandal. Doesn't. I would say it again no. And how I got married at you like and act or they eat that he didn't think they'd been a couple of days it got an out and had to be called. An error and the. Maybe eight with a bit dead and it girlfriend. I don't know how I would build up. I aides think about this is being polite about it as part of his politeness but maybe things be different I really wouldn't be different he's just saying in 1990 season as a and a awkward situation Jan York man. Yeah. They're very dashing doctor grant Rivera. Is extraordinarily. Handsome. Texture averted. Poe lite. Kind would hold the door for awhile man yeah probably stands when a woman walks into the room all that old school he is so beautiful. How high. I mean I. Friends and a Disney movie. Right okay so. So if a warm and came up to grants and let's say for whatever let's save for whatever reason he wasn't wearing it is is wedding band so she did now okay NASA TV enjoyable to your husband. He loses things right so yeah so whatever serves so she comes out and he goes I'm sorry I'm married. Right so that's covered that he has but also have a cup of coffee with. I don't think I'd be upset. I really well I'm gonna buy Grande coffee. Amanda thinks there's a bigger scandal that we're totally messing him and then. Eight and I wanna know if the girlfriend is 30 I think the collar on his part. I don't need to think Miley Italian and they can ill about it. That's great because it by him saying that he just went excludes sort of few days ago. He's got a parachute. Hung. He said that before he found that they'll let I think that and it's going to be interested said. That's not all and. Not so sure it was a good theory Amanda Kristy did come out right away and say that right look and be happy a girlfriend at all being here you can just test the waters with Molly test the coffee is that he can test the waters that obviously here is in a Maliki is he's all about right the elevator getting coffee and stuff. But of course I am in a totally different that he was like. All the hot. Oh yeah please no don't. It was bad person in any candidates they threw him a little action thank you that you are Smart guy. Usually are neat and thank you how high school. Yeah. We get the phone calls on this somewhat everybody's candidate at a theory am I team controversy your team love. I would I heard they come on your client that went a whole thing that shark in order played. Even you know let a driver and I can't ignore Blatche. Are copied or lying. Maybe he's being right back by bringing you unpaid debt. And the next thing you know I don't know and once together and then next thing you know the girlfriends out of town and they're just did not quote unquote quick during GAAP. Where are we find out what happens you should look like and is dynamic. Can you combat. How do I get women to bring me baked goods. I. Nate. I don't and I'm not out yet rally's gonna say nurse shark he's. It comes down on national. I know. This thanks Emma yeah. Yeah yeah. About relic brownies. That's that's got to know on us in just let me get your cup of coffee. It's. Hey Bridget and no wind dialogue and it is now. Carl IA and they give me the last con as let's average it. I am on his I'd completely. Is my day is how it always thought I signed a law and and it gets heater and then you can eat it aren't. I think that I was gonna go mentality telling him dictate that they. And Sam. Ladies and beautiful while I. And there is an exclamation point in time our love. Dumpster fire. Sure NATO. 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