Confess Your Crush: Conner and Robin

Friday, March 2nd

Connor has a crush that might be risky to confess...because it's his landlord!


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Star in 941. That's your crash it is sometimes low low always heard and always our favorite part of a Friday just intend shall we say the you've got to raise kids to get the biscuit and that's exactly what happened yeah come on the radian can invest your crash is somebody ran the risk you sometimes greater light today yes. That definitely greater today I Connors crash happens to be his landlord is fairly new landlord of his release is on the line and his heart. Governor welcome into the Japanese and Cheryl are you ready to confess your trash. Are you ready to concession. Odds Yahoo! he confessing your press seats today. Okay. It's and it kind of weird but recently moved to Atlanta a couple of months ago and that. She's like get into any place to get many keys. I see. Why is just goes to be normal landlord who register that might be term. You know middle aged old lady turns out to be. But I cannot doubt it and it just it just amazing in and sexy and all these things that might. I had accused. You know. Kind of a double edged sword because it's like oh great I have a crush on my landlord now. Yeah added there's a phrase. Some I don't know the county you live in or some might just yeah. I do mean I see when you have a person somebody who do you wanna tell arms so that this might make it a little bit easier. Connor is this house that she own or is she the low light leasing agent about complex. It's one of those deals are issues they're all so as Lambert leash. If this goes sideways. Are here in May turn. It's about how we you'll learn a person you can faster crashed he doesn't like you did. I mean. It's like we're two different play Kiki Serbia bar in New York crush on you you need to tell our you don't you know and if you don't tell me just thinking about all our. At the bar when they reject you you go home to Wear it or not is this. Better. As chairman of the week are meant to not to do that as chair okay I'm Connor and so you have not noticed any wedding rings or anything like that you think she's single. Now yes she'll lure him pretty pretty certain. That when we get on with your landlord and try to convince her to want to find out who's got a crush on her. I need to know things why don't let surname. Creator Robin and at what are the things about Robin that are making you crash a car you should see your work plunger. I don't know I think it just sort of like that bad a book called vita people have Sheikh McKinney but he bill echoed that I really. They have useful haired people would have red meat and Kirstie notice how and I would. Church is sort of light. Mesmerized executes that. Still a smile. I don't look at it by teller and that person is passionate exhibit beautiful mouth that might be a little way I could look at how many just smile. Not just when she's smiling no that's it that's why now more than smiled appears now is great but it's. You know it is like about hey you know. She can keep surmount the. When Lou you know I. Irons in that's followed Jan sleet and it's okay less is more. OK so about her personality. If you like on the search she's not you know she's sort of she's kind of break stay clear word I really like are already. Because there's a lot of you know a lot of people were kind of shielded from. Another dispute thank you better be nice to see you know be nicely and I think she's just kind of break. She incurred by the books but also liked access kinda competence very attractive. Did she get also pray for because she's doing her job. VF baby don't pay the rent by the fifth it's an engine fifty Boggs and Michael Lewis is Leon and I got back hello and all. Iran and they're going air mouse moves and she tells me in the ranks yeah. It and say first of the month again I sent a tsunami where the mailboxes are. It I want slinky and last week he again. Honor well here's Howard sickening and I know we will call Robin right now and tellers amazed at a time. And Aaron if she agrees to find out who it is only come back CU you've got to teller who you are on the radio you down. Oh I guess got to be a sudden I could hear him who cook and a day. Ago. Excellent. I have this is getting a terrible and it's great everything out. Today money these giant hairball and great and jammed in here if you heard this arm I only got to. Nancy is so it's convenient Intel it doesn't aren't using our you know. She can change a six month police don't work out right exactly how inconvenient. We know this guy is. These eighteen here. And I can attack deriving. Speaking paper it's just from the jacksons and show. They even taken her car over a quick questions your sense super weird hearing it from the get go back are you single. I am single and I'm I'm open to dating somewhat although in reality. I I age. And I'm not I don't really have a lot of time or I'm not making a lot of time to bed and breakfast and there theoretically yes I'm open yet. Oh like a convenience. Relationship. Would be good. So yeah I mean something that. Something we can edit it in between everything else that San Diego. It doesn't work load you know now. Also Robin well we've got fantastic news then okay somebody's got a big crush on you. Really. It really is somebody says that you have a beautiful smile all out. That your honest and straightforward. And he was just struck by your confidence. And I mean he's his. He can't something about you girls. Well. Didn't end up slightly and I guess. OK I didn't would you want to find out who this. I know I've been to absorb. And. While there is a small price that you need to pay for this information. Is there any need a couple minutes they about a though only come back Leno who using might have a crush on you. Okay now aren't all out. I looked in my neighborhood next week. Star in 941 that. Confess your pressure is in front. Yeah I'm feeling good about this on today. How are you feeling good isn't going to be ending nightmare all sides got. That one bit of I am so excited OK before we picked back up Robin what you need to know averages jumping into the Jeff indenture this morning is that we got a call from Conor. Who's got a big goal crashed on his landlord. Robinson she is at leasing office he just moved till in a couple months ago and easing pressure on her at percent. It's she's more than in the leasing obvious she lives in the building writes that she's neighbors slash landmarks. And he was confesses crushed she's no intuit and she even said said. It would have to fit into her busy special. It's kind of where I'm in general work yeah she's she did you have a tight schedule he sounds like he's eighteen she sounds like she's like. Like hundred chief executive of something in the yeah cougar effect on my dad I want breaks have never been so yeah. Only it's so her name is Robin what's his name again my name is Connor so all we ask Robin for guesses that the name that you're listening park manor. I area to pick Iraq now yes OK and then she dances and then Connor. On our campus. Yeah welcome back to the show Robin. Hello I. They've had a cup and it tears should think about it. And hootie is saying K is convincing their crash. Like Bert yes it is huge day. Sorry the rest our aura Bradley Abbott as a Democrat but. Thought that the Pentagon and it died. I while at this point it's time for us to you connect you with the person who has a crush on him. Oil oil that you'll you're well I. Crush her you are I know we've you're crush the floor is yours yeah. You can press your crashed boom boom. But I did my voice sounds familiar. I mean to. No I didn't. It's. Good that this is Connor. The. Carner. I lived in a couple of months ago. You're and I don't think oh well wow it actually I assure you thousands. Yes like I'm part I'm running hard and actually putting it. These years we may receive you're living in my building okay and it landed a couple of go. Get. Okay. You made quite an impression honor the. I mean I hate you know I don't a guy is how. I mean what does. Yes well and her daughter last time I saw you is skating you know my own dad get my mail and I was like what's up that you'll like it works out there. Aha I got away I mean I did sign. You know you're there were nice and we can reconnect and were. Yeah how to restore a couple of times in this email site is secure you would not remember me not that I'm not saying you passed senate it's. You know I reciprocate that. Yeah whenever I usually go to I you know who I am I yeah I NEQ I do I do remember you I do you know I. I need I need so many people in the very building today you know yeah. And I were quick and I and god and I I apologize that I did didn't sort of content right you may can come right here maybe it's not a good. How well old yeah I know. When you're an inability oh. Yeah I I probably wouldn't you know and they did not hurt the opening O'Connor but I probably wouldn't. Go out with a new light pen like that I don't really you know I need somebody he thought I didn't it would be really I don't I don't have. And it worked in the Blackberry and if you well know. Lou but it had moved out. Value tampering or be. On the ballot third coming out of the people don't think it actually pay. To be repeated its laboratories to Bermuda but it. Break my heart that not ghost coming out. Look at all. I've been very. I I mean I'd I know I'm not breaking any web harsh. But I think you're. Not how old are you. I'm 27 and I did. It's safe in honor you I do you remember you know you're adorable I appreciate. Your courage I treat her. I don't know that I could ever get on a radio stations did to him about the crowd and I think you're Puerto queue it in a land deal and all the lady it's not gonna probably be neat but I could land you don't limit you know. The gonna go really well 30. Oh yeah her missing Kevin problems or maybe you. It's fast it's. I think America did she ever produced only like you know I hope you're liking the building and I and I are getting a bargain clean your route by the word we knew around and. Well we're gonna let it let it should go before you make it really uncomfortable Connor. You. Yeah. It has gained take good care of us I'm so strong why am I. So yeah. I don't think he's gonna give up either I he's going to be an at least enough fans I mean getting hello all kinds of reasons is still see her. Streak come up with an agent had come up and find something forming and. And jump. Still are ready for a one.