Confess Your Crush: Chelsea and Rob

Thursday, May 18th

Want to out your crush publicly on the radio to ask if they feel the same? We'd be happy to help!

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She's running get this done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough. Congestion. I'm feeling good today to meet you look and feel like we're gonna have a win that Jeff is is traveling today he's with his wife Kelly. And and they are with her family in New Mexico after her grandma's passing and so he's done in studio today I feel like his mode Joes out here. And I feel like our optimism for confess your crash is and he I never has confessed your prize is you're like a radio love baby that you came up way. The best radio load maybe it is my favorites I in my barn it's winter get hurt him by surprise Jack yeah we have so many calls a man got a crush on someone and that we did that information on the crash and they only called a crime scene. And we let them know somebody's got a crush on me and in that crash shirt admits it and I have everybody anyway. And I'm NR garden level beyond peninsula and those are brave pressure today is Chelsea. I just see what Japanese and south. Isn't there any asset and a. Sorry I can tell and your voice you are pumped to see him ready to do this. I'm so nervous Syria and today I am commending you already for your bravery yeah. Oh OK okay. So tell us who isn't that you have a co sign. OK. So now. There's a guy. Got it right. Could mean good god to he's kind of been a guy to where I worked at nonsense shots. And their charm thanks to our minds now approach to nutrition. And really very shiny and telling them right. Find out like little snacks that I like in terms transferring them and bench. Just really had a really great and it's humor and that's really really important charity. I'd take so much important in terms and they catch and battered. I am talent inherits great. At. You so. It's now he might he's flirting back to you I mean he's giving you some of your favorite snacks and. I I don't out of the exit. It's one of them later we just friends are not let friends down to each child do that here over. Sarah Sarah Sarah of their computing. So I yell I've heard on my lunch together or anything like that out now. I didn't know what about. Does he ask you about if you're dating anybody or any kind of conversation why not. Mean machine like sunburn can make little Celtic I think you're great friends as best man touched on their top hi there I did. On the and that's fine that's a guy dishing to figure out sounds like at first hello rob does not Wear a wedding band or anything you're pretty sure he single. I think I mean he doesn't Wear wedding band played that I never talked about. A girl I'd never probes she imagine just not my style against radioed stands where it. Bragging right. Okay. And then the other so I have since this is that office romance. Do you work the company where they frown upon and people dating each other. Yeah I'm US interior can mean and it would be an issue that it can we here at the same 2% mark all its shot. Okay. So he's not Abbas you're not Abbas. You know we are you get paid possession and he just I just and there are already had. OK so as far as I only Colorado we had a talent and he's got a crash or size had a crush on him and kind of describe some of the things you like. We've got sweet funny brings you snacks got a good sense of humor is fading physically I says yeah like I is that you just can't start looking matter. Manly hands back and. Under any great blue eyes and I normally don't like her eyes for you broke it. And I and I he has room what is it about him. Is there anything else. I didn't really take care of himself he's not like. Fat nutrition. Or grab it appeared he wouldn't tell. That we are not suggest what I showed up that he it's gotten better be god and turned instructional scared up and such an important eventually. It is CF hit this guy. Or die and I bet scratched it actually if it. OK. Okay awesome so. I. All right do you feel you valueless Kelly IDS these pagan had seven there are several minutes. So cellular waived this alert is we are going to put John Holt. And we're gonna reach out to him and commencement on with us. And we didn't have talent somebody's got a crush on him and Kelly we'll go through the list of all of these fabulous compliments. We will just. Into the ego and then find out if he wants to know who's got the crush on him and he says yes then you'll come back and reveal your identity confess your crash. Okay. Now can. Yeah okay let's put on hold diversity toxins are found then it. Curious what you see him out work later today after this who has. It I. There's a lot on the line here OK we got all this office culture warrior I can't. I got my aunt Chelsea and we'll come back in three minutes we are gonna scramble. Right now during the song and get around on with us and now we'll talk to him we come back okay. Yeah okay hang with us we'll be right back in three minutes as we continue confess your grass is just intention. It's. Starting up before one. Chelsey yeah it's okay so good you know yeah. It's okay. We are gonna call problem right now and that we are gonna sell and somebody's got a crush on him so as long as you are good again no. And we didn't go ahead and get to hang your really. Any I'm reading okay do you have you have to hit around them cause an accident that account ahead around Chelsea you hold on. Our air and. A I. This rob. Yeah it's hey rob it's ten from this happens and show how are huge. Jerry world thanks sour you hey thank you for coming on with just says don't be nervous. Thanks for having me. Yankees might let this happen. Oh well. Rob it's a really good thing that you are joining the Jetsons and show this morning because. Kelly and I wanna tell you that somebody has a crush on him. That's awesome yeah. I guess that answers it Karstens who has a little bit about what this person. Thinks about you first yeah she said they got a new mineralized. They give me some weeks you're very funny and a good sense of humor and amazing blue I. Yes I did. Is that HI. So rob we can't assume confirm that first of all that you are a single guy right. Yeah I'm very well at carry perfect. List and see. We can necessarily Q if you want to know who has aggression and you say do you wanna. I would love to attack a farewell until we have. And got applause and twice in. Before we let you know we have that you got a guest who do you think in his round he's anchored say Ali's awesome things about you and you had maybe emigrants. Moon. And enter coalition. Are you need your camera good. Various. Actually you. Who's actually. You. Sued girls. Night hate any other gasses. Home. Now addition. Actually the only one that I can suspect. Being interested in me okay you come around voted on you know pretty regular baseless. Tank. It's. I'm saying hey yeah are you touched such luck Soledad. OK I wrap well Leno will. Originally here for just the second. And when we come back here in three minutes the person who hasn't crash and you will confess it right tier yet cooler yeah. Yeah actually. Hey neighboring. Yeah all right yeah I hang there hang out the first round and will be back here and just compliment to pay. And as we continue confessed you're pressed on the jet engines and NC I'll still are. In other words and life. So fast in the awkward it doesn't like him but I think he's going to get it sounds charming and I got feels. Do you still have kind of slide today you don't even then he incorrectly predicted Flynn always do okay. The couple OK I. OK let's see it let's see if we can make this work okay. So let's think back to grab your they round. They were up at. Aren't so you are ready Soo here who has crush on you. Yeah we will pick her out there and let her introduce yourself. You you. May our everybody met everybody I can't. I. Expect it county. Ernie I'll end. We shall do it yeah. You know to have an expression and you on the greens yeah. I'm totally I'm tired. Early at the yeah and nobody. Knows why you are. You not nobody. He suggests. That it was. OK I'd better better be. And I used to cry. I'm. Currently surprise. I had never heard. I didn't know potential to continue at all which really. And in my kitchen you're there ought to send a lot and I just kind of Ali do you like. Calorie big deal. Absolutely. Is kind of now that you be interest that. Yeah well let's and you seem like you know personally want to avoid. You know everybody tyco's term rates are flocked to her you know even couldn't. You don't really that she's just very kind of liken him a dating we pretty. Islamic center and. Because sent so. Yeah visiting her slender England backtracking because the bash it. So so there you talented girl on the office is out around sand. I'm glad you're talking you're out there I appreciate it. Well where we go from here guys. It's just. Let's. I'll consensus. He or good girl allotted days. Pros saying no we had a little. Hillary yeah do Lilly did and I. Just tell tell you divide ourselves on your first eight OK okay. And you know I hear some. Well he doesn't Tennessee's other words here a little bit so many like have free coffee day before word can. Take a little and last year and I soccer match. They didn't want you to correlations them. Down. A slight jump right yeah yeah. An entire season defense. That is a pretty. A well what every got this idea we will pick up the tab for your first day is this for some really work I think so yes. Just gonna be so proud of my. Guys well I'm I'm prison again and we're gonna make shirts you out of. It's connected and take care of whatever it is of his coffee lunch his dinner we got it on the Dem convention okay. Awesome. Yeah. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and.