Confess Your Crush: Brian and Ellen

Thursday, August 24th

Brian's got a thing for his coworker Ellen! Does she feel the same? Or is work about to get really, really awkward?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all the net. I confess your friends on the jet engines show it is what my favorite segments for many because. It makes sure that somebody tells her love her chest because it sometimes it's not always kids aren't very. I had my L I get somebody here again and he appeared. I wanna go into this saying that Jen doesn't think this is gonna go. Out today. So optimistic about embeds your guys that bring in medicine you when's the diet crashing on the girl. It's been less successful than the girl crush on the guy just can say where is the love and married I know you're right I. I needed put on my love cheerleader uniform. You know a little did we blue group. I so. Brian tell us about this woman that you live. Well I couldn't help them. We work together. As true. Sit well we don't want to corporate art I have to passed by her desk every ordinary. Outdoor work and she's in marketing and she's she's beautiful public she didn't really great and I don't convert it would deliver it are pretty attractive and that Americans. She puts herself together very very very well. Pat Carter the curtains. Couple weeks couple more I wouldn't say any minute. Buildup of like notes were a little bit you know grizzly building exercises and yeah will it looks normal but try to hurt her. Yeah yard earlier western led surname. Lol I'll trust volume rally and you think you can trust me ally and that's teamed on the exercise. Yeah and we did yeah attracts you know talked remarkable talent. And not much past. He's doing an indelible soaked shirts that are. Stop by her her you know her desk you know once or twice on the way to distinct tone she looks excellent routes that. This kind of don't know how to keep it the next step assistants working there. How email works together. Year and a Brian I'm the last question from meat for you is I'm. Will your company found my new asking her how did you is it a weird title. Policy and so that we're not the same department. The marketing of its sales so it's truly stimulate. Neither one another but it doesn't really don't know what precautions around my cost not properly without. I'm real quick give us the three most awesome things about her. They Jane can use to convince her to find out who you are ready Gallo was number one. Agree and I don't number two. A local issue last number three. It is terrible to the outlook but could hurt there. Air I am I and we will. Calls turn now Brian and find out if Allen is willing to come on miss and at which point. We will tell her that somebody's got a crush on her and if she chooses. To. Find out who it is you'll actually confess your crushed Allen. On the Internet radio and three minutes. And who can best. Crash and Brian and Allen edition I'm. Starting at 41. Still aren't ready for a one. OK here we go with the consent. New York fresh on the death and end showed just talked to Brian a couple of minutes to go sneak us all about his crash on Allen crying he's so good to get. I'm gonna do. And I hold on as we saw Allen and said jazz and killing I was trying to convince her. To want to figure out who's got a crush on her final candidate Rand. It was. Hello hi is this Alan. And IA it's jabs and Jen Kelly sees JPG mean all of us here at the Jeff and Jen channel. Eight Ari and get married and. I didn't I don't want to intimidate you bites there are dozens of people listening discern any. What a stupid. Okay ends. One of them may or may not have a crush on you. Okay so we have a couple questions for you the first one is are you available ten dates. Yes I mean I'm dating him. You know not one in particular purse and so like I am open but it. I thank you K. K. Well well and this person who has a big crush on you. Since some really great things loves your fantastic since asylum. He loves your last turn the sound through last. And and can't get enough of your beautiful hair yeah agrees and he hasn't had hair. I looked like I can't early. You like and I I spend a lot of money on it thank you and I was a pill. So Allen dearly wanted to know who this person miss you has told us they have a big crash yeah. I clearer I had sirens. And I had kind of like going going trying to figure rally cry and get kids. We. Well you'll find out to be. Oh glances for McMahon I'm somewhat hang in here I know you hang on here. I'm Elena do you think Kim Ivey. You name of Kobe bumped. And we certainly don't mind it would be not. So I actually. We met each other heat and into my apartment out of easy now when I see them all you know going to mailbox he doesn't content query match. It it kicked into Canada. Doesn't. So when. I was saying it would be SARS. Taj isn't our partner in April while. I think it's got a girlfriend now. It's just by and I. Canada where he talks in. I don't know what she still sports just like I do and we get along really well. Well. That's like what they're like yeah I'm not sure hope I don't know. I'm playing well let's hope let's hope that Josh his girlfriend isn't one of the dozen people with. Oh yeah. Yeah and that Hollywood began. And could be. Who. I'm mostly to high end and he's brought him. Well I actually worked together. Yeah since I guess he's probably the only reason I like to come to work as we laugh a lot of me and you know fired we'll have luncheon up. And really cute. I won't know they're all cute they're all IN in. Yeah option and yeah. Here's die down listen we've put them in order that we've put the three of them in order yeah still have forty below and don't. Who would you most wanted to be like in good looking harder Canada and a just order of who she would most Leggett today. You said Josh. Good looking but they all look totally different I think I mentioned. SARS. Lineman Matt. Okay okay yeah well all right well and three minutes. Somebody is gonna come on this radio station and confessed their crash Tia. Could be one of those three guys could be somebody totally different. I don't sound there have been somebody early. No doubt be awful radio mullah highly. I give us through our. Regular is three minutes and some guy is going to confess he's crusty and purple. They're gonna don't have investors' assets just. Star in 941. And the truth is I. Or since we customers now have to invest your impression just in time in with Allen and told her eating fresh terror. I think she's got great style. Beautiful hair and Allen confirms France's she is single and dating. And wants to find out who has a crush on her. I'm she made a few gases CN Samad who lives in our apartment buildings that's that's easier I think Agassi on ads attractive. Josh you she's got a crush on an M Brian who's she works it. A night are you ready to find out Allen. Our goal already. Pressure crushing news for crashing. Her I confessed that crush turn it will now rejoin in the shallow. And the airwaves are yours and fats you're crashed to Alan. Brand. That is how to go on. I. He loved seeing your work every day and you me or light. But that's part of to walk and Edmonton pick us up into turn ridiculous how certain. Super attractive and I love the way you dress her loose he sold them I don't know burger. Let's spend a little habits apparently you do have to utter words. What lautner take outside work and who can happen. Well I don't know. You're doing it yeah I love it I just extremely a lot of. Totally cool. Yeah I mean you're you're also landed and glad that I'm glad that you would put up. Click on it or not at the same time to buy no yield. Playing. Look at the same way I have been waiting so loaded carrier got a little cruiser. All along that means. I can glimpse a security guard our troops cook but. She got his share. Yeah I am not residents in this thing. And but I haven't. As you know and I like I'm really young it you know question babe bit and fly them. Now. Addicted to them about it. Where would I loved. Let it sit and play and I don't know I don't know I don't know I kind of reflect on this if you're gonna say yes or not got a little on too much. OK. I know when I like at. That. Again joining is. WW. JD bracelets easily that would drive you. Just told us. Being. In you know. Office this morning Branagh have a plan and come. It's swoop and by the desk and. Deliver implicitly. Or Barry got it I you guys and I enjoy your happily ever after. Thanks guys I'm Brian thank you thanks Alan. Buying a cool guy jazz jam curtains geez. It's you know put the puck Brian great job I'm so there weren't it has long. Pitcher I need to start this whole thing pessimistic lately yes because then of course. Yes and Bryant also maybe you should bring whatever content messaging says one man and as I can take into making everything Serbian and raised 400. Q does your cup of special. Oh yes OK okay. Yeah Mac. And run that would have that's lightbulb. Once. Do you corporate speak did they work in the offense they use them curve or else. Wow sorry about that I. Clearly as enshrined. Sit back and they. And I and I says Brian he would need and I mean anything if he didn't risque. OK get this dad. You know. The idea part of confess your crash. That is awesome Leon heard even when it goes well. You think oh well I think. I mean. They went well in the end to end in less your regular army. It out for sure last. Shaken by can I serious hand use the second best yeah. I yeah you know I Jeff I have my notes and Kansas look over solar just half hopefully Johnson in singling. I don't know Josh is number one he has never speak out and while we're at now. I'm John what do you think either you're one well are you happy with you that love ambassador to let that little. Tempo. I don't know the way to. It's totally cool I was like that's not good faith and taking in yeah yeah yeah. She's her voice when Leonard teacher probably clinched. And I got really dry and I'm Ted I asked Josh I. All eyes deep leading. Our loan debacle right now. I if you would like to do confession crashed just. I hop on our web sites are for when Atlanta dot com or. You can reach out to us on social media and tells about yourself and tells of a person you love and we do this every single week every single Thursday we allow somebody use our. Our radio station and confessed that crash. And if it works just think you have that bond that time is just funny we get on radio. Hezbollah awkward. And any good story to tell your grandkids and then Monday and and it doesn't work. So good. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One start now before want to.