Confess Your Crush: Bonnie and Perry

Friday, November 3rd

She's had eyes for her coworker since day one. Let's hope he feels the same!


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. In the championship. It goes it is sometimes love and always off for. We're gonna give the opera trained on without me on it thank you very much. She has spotlight on someone else okay our pressure Bonnie is ready to get out of the friend zone so Bonnie. Are you nervous about investor fresh today. All the oil yeah. It is a a brave endeavor to take on the radio but there is also something. Like comforting. About just putting on there right is. And it's there and there is gonna feel that right. Made. Exactly only a landline. You got out of the this law. And sometimes you just got to rescue it today they get that as yeah. Divers Suu Kyi yeah. So Bonnie tell us see aggression on. The color crap lying on the air. And I. Wanted to all play in that there was I actually didn't talk about. You know each other terms of handling it well and I think like anything else we should let him. What is the most. And noteworthy thing about them and when you're talking to girlfriends. And they really tell us about Japan or the to national anti. And then I looked like a young now counselor flame. I think what age you need not and it shall adopt. You can only counterpunch. Like whenever range how people act and. Now or something who broke into an apartment Madeleine Condit you know can directly blame. Action I'm a little extra week they're all like a superhero movie and and I. Where accidents and then they. Can eat. And I would just a wonderful talent which Washington has. He got them hung out outside of work already. Back at. It and he. I'm. The. And the and then and then I had an Intel very weak and there are nations such a horrible girl it's got to channel. You know. Can collect and towns or sound so bad where I had. Today his any saying inappropriate happens between the two review or are. Have you both been well out there. We know any that we've been buried and and I ask and eating an apple are locked out what I'm an ex girlfriend did not I didn't really get in jarring. But. It's so yeah it's. Those deploying and I had had. The demoted or wonderful human being and. One didn't work out attacks in your hand and the thing about I was anything but it often talk about. I certainly apparent. Each show will do what we've heard the wishes. Other days I just kind of his sense I okay well well what we do now is we call him up. And find out if he wants to know who has a crush on hand and then he says yes. Their responsibility is yours and you have to say. I it's my eighteen. That view or whatever says Simpson. I not only are you ready for this to happen. Sharon and Alan hammer okay yeah yeah. Yeah I'm gonna put you on hold OK Bonnie. I we're calling. Is Jimmy and Perry Perry. She sounds almost giddy doesn't change lake. You know how does an enormous like your voice come naturally. Slightly bitter about the X com it's paintings and change we're. Mia home. And hello hi is this pairing. It hey Perry and it's Jeff from the jet engine and show Genesee county's air and we have a question for you this you seem really really awkward right out the gates. OK aren't worth what you. Are you available take decades. Not mean or tally board today and that's a this just in general would you consider years of a single man. Yeah. Okay okay. Thank permit that's the first big news stress and the good news for you theory is that some body we know has a huge crush on him. So. I heard. This person says you are this elitist guy if you're totally dreamy look in my dad young ballot count marriage. Dad your great and you're somebody that. People can always count on. And you're just easy going and on an awesome. There aren't certain. Aren't and we think and we got a router is and we can promise you it despite using the word dreamy they are not a member of the Brady Bunch. So this person has made bagel crush on you do you want to find out who is this. It. And Syria are there a way. So. Very here's how it works we will be able to share with you who has a crush on you but. Kelly she's has an assignment for you over the next three minutes and this is usually where it gets really awkward AM Albert's he means things easy and 2000. I mean the next little man's very challenging to think about who you saying I'm might have a crush on you and only come back. You gotta give us a couple of names of who you think MIT. Picture earned her parents OK so think about that over this Exxon and then when we come back we'll get your guesses. And I three minutes from now Perry makes his guest as to who has a crush on him and then the crush her reveals herself. When confession crash continues next thing. She I'll star. Confess your crash is progress on the staff intends to us earlier. We spoke with Bonnie who told us that she's got a Babel crash on their hairy. He says he wants to find out who's got a crush on him. But before we can see them. He's going to have to make some guesses on who it might be this is where it can get really awkward suggesting you know since I'm on is the one who says she had a crash. Now let's pick up Perry again here and Kelly can ask her crazy question. Welcome back to the show Perry. So I guess they had gone you just about a minute and a half two minutes away from finding out who had scratch and you but first Kelly cheese and her awkward interrogation. He hasn't learned that link I gave varies. Me a couple names of who you think my. You can passing a crash. Could be I'm a coworker of mine. Today they're workers or wrong shouldn't sure he's shown that might be so since Foreman yeah. And I'm Bonnie thank. I'm Bonnie being dead thing. You know she's actually which she's there coral and then work together but you know try to work around against. And this war. Her Portuguese nationals are cared wouldn't hey how's her a bitch. Them. Yeah I would think I don't know that sort of talk regular together I don't know the long term weird. And really sure about it but. And I wouldn't put it this capture so they can do it it's probably cared. What do you mean you wouldn't put it pastors like. That dual radios staunch saying you know it's just got hurt thank. It's her turn you think that's funny. Yesterday. Is there any housing needs yes sir we go to Bonnie in caring. Funny your turn to Aaron year. Ex girlfriend. And that elections are dark. And. Okay. Okay well at this point in advance your crest it's time for our pressure. To. Reveal herself to you send jet fuel and soon. Introduce her back to the show sure Kelly how about this week you introduce her back to the show. Behind the Tina. I I'm sure it's now time to invest your eyes. Ain't buying more and the first aid. And it it. Okay. That's how. Is he does. And it. Isn't as many as a Burma. Our little. Little bit of playing in India and that in fact that's okay yeah entirely. Out of the loop now. It's amazing. I mean the guy who you know wouldn't try to be Rooter it didn't. And it didn't really thank her small end and I had. No and in fact heard what it but. You know. Well early you know to do it what about the contract X needs I can get by her flower at one minus play. Can. I am sympathetic. Light and edited it doesn't mean you have to. All I'm excuse me a master question. I sure leg right leg a legit contract like got a piece of paper it said the you'll buy her flowers once a month. Yes yes it was it was weird do they all say dear cycle past years it's. I'm Jenn hobby happened on the change. Okay. I should care because you know chairman Tom leaks or radio show and haven't already have also talked to me I mean. She's a little intense like. Jim Rory and just sit and hang out with Bonnie as more than friends. And I didn't really know who that was as saying and so I'm kind of Wear a more interesting and then. You know sign another contract. So Bonnie does the fact that he gassed caring and to me is this is a deal breaker now or are we so that. He did not do a great pairing him to turn to the police and I hadn't planned. I don't know how make your kids have been. I carry around. And look I can't say to you I'm Bonnie he's out. Yeah I'm. Yeah okay what is your contract for your car note your rent or something. Can just set him. Yet here I don't end there I get. Beaten down I. Found that pound. I don't really great actually. I say you're not heard the news coming up on his ex girlfriend. At I would end. Let me know right he was just guessing who he thought it might be my name and hang out as I was here of course and Kelly yeah well. That's like you know my Carolina. Under the Ambon and views on how hot has actually made a rebound you know I mean. It's. Hard buries the night I get Perry can you sign a contract with Kelly tidy around. That is you go out wins by me you will have zero interaction with Karen. Yes. It. Also on that and you can notoriety it literally. Her cat I yeah. So Bonnie I would would you would you be willing to go out with Perry this weekend if it was a canned phrase out. KF CIO. So funny history of personal. I am in very injury and really now on. Live action. And Perry can you can you commit to creating the State's base for buying your explorer one another. In 200. That person down so. Ilie six kids have fun and your kids age. And it won't lie it will follow the guys on Monday and see how that weekend went girl okay. Yeah. MI. Bash nice. Little local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.