Confess Your Crush: Amelia and Ronnie

Friday, January 26th

Amelia's confessing to a complete stranger! She overheard him giving the Kroger cashier his number, wrote it down, then called us. 

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Star in 941. Melia is there ready to compressor press you a virtual stranger. She does not even know his name is not a virtual strangers Jamie is a strange and actual stranger while her risk of total humiliation Woolsey if it's worth several. I thought OK Emilia. Welcome to the Jeff's engine show are you ready to confess your crash. Hanging out man blew. Are we going to be calling it today. I wouldn't. I guess that the first part of the confession I don't actually know his name. I was crushing shop and the other day and Kroger and there's this guy and I had seen and that the door a little. So that you know on many have been to be checking out in front of many. And I thought he's so cute and I'm like you know kind of stared at an all this stuff and then. I'm not home he'd forget he forgot his Kroger card. So there. The check out lady Achtenberg his phone number X and I had my phone outside and wrote it down into like Texas it started to myself. And a whole time I'm Gloria. Why yeah. Is he any year contacts is hot Kroger do you guys here are some bends that it is Kroger crash that's a bit. So I tell you when you guys are like seeing each other throughout the storage you. Say hello or make icon actor like. Chat up to about right surround me are laughed yeah. Are no different like you know when unlikely ever crossed cart thirty thing like it was like oh there's a cute guy in the produce section and then later they. There's nothing cute guy at the end of the. Tyler what you know let it. I wasn't really thinking about it until he was right in trying to meet at the check out stand out like this have to be not. Coincident you know. Oh yeah you followed him rape and this guy. How can that be a coincidence. That up. Amy I mean I know it's so I know it's weird I get that it's weird but that's kind of glad I'm too scared to. Call him myself and save us but I did get a public event they could help me. I have if you're scared to do it by yourself in the privacy of your own home do it on the radio. Yeah we have that we can soften agree penis a little bit. Okay so what was it about that you're Christian on so hard that you're willing did put yourself out there early this. You are just enough. Really good looking as tall and he's fit and I could tell he was owned. It policeman's arms I could tell that and he had brown hair and really deep brown and then just damn good looking day. You know Emilia am speaking for all men we are more. And just physical specimen. Let and I know I know that that was the other thing is that. He the condos. And cheese pack which are two of my favorite things include a heck else likes. Sending it to get to random things that would have go to staples in their car like I wrote I just. That. I'm really feel. You are. That are you a lot by somebody's cart. You write people who commit felonies have. But yeah I'll come find you may you looked in somebody's carb form and like them now it's time for dinner. Our Amelio wasn't what happens now is Jan calls a week I'll give up bright and I'll ask him if he's single and staff and a VA is Jan. All she's gonna be able to save you on today is your hot. That's all we know and he has a great selection of groceries and once. We connect you to ham and you confess your crush on him and use say hey I'm the random stranger a million that was behind you a minor Kroger and net. Like she's gonna have to just basically sign of two of blind date. I mean or learn what is he remembers you too. That would be like a fairy tale all right I'm just I'm always saying we have been asked me in the deli department. I okay. All right we well we Reinhold and we won't call this mystery man and see if he has single law and if he is if he wants to know who has a crush on him. Do you think there's and that it'll be all I'm used to. Tell on the year's soccer. All right and that's a very least we can find over an area what his name says that she doesn't have to be Kroger crash and her found. They don't alana gang at. Curry being an open this conversation do. You talked first anti. And a how should they open this cameras and he's hey man don't have that Rick. Taylor should be ten before grow your payment and on. Yeah. Doctor Richard coupon. Hello hello Lou. They have to go and bid is this Jason. Doug. Gary. And I want. I'm sorry let. Ronnie Ronnie that's what I meant hey it's just from the Jeff and Jan show con starter Andy for one question in there for you gonna sound weird. Are you lose single. I. Yeah. I guess I am. Well here's Jenn hobby. They rapidly banks are taking our call today. I'm aware acts Connolly didn't sad. Okay. Were common because somebody has a humongous crush on him. Rarely are really out on May yet see thinks you are dead elegant Holland bed and it got. The brown hair she's begin a brown IA is and she loves your. Choice. It registries is an accident. Aren't quite sure crusher. Yeah this is just got this huge huge crush on you would you like to find out who she yes. I am yet yeah I've been helpful. I don't know reserved. All right so. Hold on as I get okay. Okay diluted evacuated. Do we ask him to guess somebody now or is it awkward enough. I think it's RD Auckland and yeah so readers skipped Kelly's our progress and a different things go well here's works again and to India on hey. Donnie. Ronnie Ronnie. So and we'll be re back within three minutes and well I tell yet if that person is gotta pressure annual Asia is. Okay so sort golf hide things or plan on Kamerion aggregate three minutes. Investor press continues not some adjustments and show. Star in 941. Investor pressure on the Jackson Chen show is any progress right now and earlier. We heard from Emilia she called the station had a huge crash on this Iran now a guy that she's not ahead Kroger or. It's evolved into the ideals and action activist on number when he gave it to be cashier says she wanted us to call him. And see if she had confessed her crashed my. He's at least got a name of his aims Ryan Nece any single and yes says that's all good news so far. So let's pick up Ronnie and led beads sometimes love always suckered into any of. We can't have always awkward definitely. I Ronnie welcome back to the show. And where I can't. I guess at this point we jazz connect him with the crusher. That is correct you got it right this time Jeff the pressure is about to reveal herself to money who is a crazy. Crush Eric welcome to this year though. The floor is yours for you to confess your crash do. Ronnie. Boom boom boom. These Ronnie. Edition good Melia. And so I know you don't know who I am. This is how weird I know this is where is. But. Few days ago I was shopping Kroger and I you think you are incredibly and much but you're really cute good. And to come into big annual out of checked out in the media decoder card only be actually for your own primary and pay you read it is. Down. I. Well okay that's. And now you're on the cabins and shallow. And yeah good. So that's different. Yeah. Yes yeah so without it I have no I got into the Embraer had. Then it anyway at the right player really cute and wanted to see if you wanted to go out on the big. Well and works especially white dog yeah I admire flights you know Osama. Station initiatives like that a group of experts chemical yeah yeah yeah. I mean this. I mean at that counted then I mean it. So he dragged out of candidates and she's got ten years. Tired and those are two of my own table so. I'd thought I was sort of. I mean it wasn't ever really wonder about like you're different you're afraid they're kind of a little bit of a clincher but I didn't I. I don't know. Eleven yeah he's had bad over the radio bit that I really do feel like it stagger bags. You know I mean he's the best quality egg as. I'm sorry at all I'm remember you from the Carter and so I don't really come to know what you look like. It would be brewer trying to help lawyers you've sort of a picture of yourself. Two background so as Delaware did. Just. Low standard and it does seem to what you look like so you know at our life you know I agree trick Nader. Could. Yeah. That's nothing fair hang on I'm Jennifer Lawrence. Left. Have you ever felt more pressure. Now ordinary guy why you'd understand that is if that picture use and doesn't meet his standards not only are you not gonna get a day to. But you're going to have to find a new grocery store because you can never go there again Bolivia. Have you sensed that he did and Eric. I. Then. There are a lot of uncertainty. I could and you strapping handsome Greer high schoolers map chat conversations I am. I have. Do you are aren't very probably. Times. But I think as you might not really yeah. Deeds. Might tie it's it's I'm actually. I you know I'm also you know just a little white arm. Read about my number us Hershey store randomly like at that was kind of weird and just a little bit off putting that I think a. And it bad time to have proper credit for and everything so that combination. You know night. Well. And I'm. Acrid jet. Adamant about saying now. It's Matt Matt really tight time. Yeah it is just not my tech in our group announced types and general just. Got that worked so that. And I had just don't take just titular. In this particular. Instance there's there's a survey. Man yeah. I like yeah I like easy money all the way up until then why he was honest. We you can. Down. Present another Kroger air I Emilia and I didn't. Adds. I don't know I guess yeah maybe I'll go look around doesn't he have done their different ones. How many no doubt that same line and does the real thing they that in an addiction she shouldn't have taken. Kudos stating parallels. Yeah very yeah hope thinks canopy. Appreciate it. Well probably we also. Zero Kroger are. And I feel it's definitely chilly your number and different do you have. It may mean I give it should be on your round. I just it lets us know millions who. And. What else do and I got to be yes I talk about anything else on your show. I ran eulogy down. Find her at the deal it. Now and I certainly am. Sorry million. You know he had plenty about that and now roll with the punches. Noise and I'll show you that risk it. They're getting a bit yeah. Exact same number it get that and that maybe next time. Don't mind now and don't now whether. He was totally honest no why waste anybody's. Hey Bert fish soul and mind he was single and willing to day eight. Don't you think he's Tuesday Diaz and just go. And I a year would you waste everyone's time. So easing its okay count now is superficial let me come on dude it. I believe share and Alpharetta. Yeah I feel so bad preparing. It's like Hewitt and stop going weekly EU and I are good blatant McCain can we get down. Yeah. Dot com all. Pretty well. I that they have phone lines banners there's started laid out some maybe I can agree review. I jet I appreciate his. Candor is honesty. I broke Ford's U think 309 or alliances in different intent here and superficial self. NHL all star. It is sometimes love and always hot corners to. You just heard it really hasn't Hester crashed Ronnie eight total stranger her she didn't even know his name just picked up his number when he gave it. To be checked out lady at Kroger. Julian acrid sometimes love always awkward. So like that slowed the soft far the most awkward lie ahead of her on. Your shadow and a list and every product is out. Oh my god I don't feel so badly for her. You know. I mean as I don't feel like you were suspected finger as she couldn't go out there like she said all right then also. He seemed a little superficial main cut I'm just been an honor. Thank you he was as you just only superficial. Even authorities aren't they are picture I was like man. And he wasn't game for a rude he entertained the sides and mini Sar picture and realize that that's what he's in two on. Our own. Ashley in Dallas. I think it loads. You remember any of her restraining order. Marta ray in stone mountain. If I wanted to thank. Ronnie Urbina cautionary tale to my eleven year old child and could he have possibly been more shallow. Hole how cool shallow. Hey have you asked him Weaver is called like every single lot of variety music yeah I wish her and then there's lake. 08. Then that. I EM I mean his super speciality got in the way desks and know little but. Powell what's one pictures say about somebody what that she saw him in the grocery store. And she had an unfair advantage she did the same exact thing she doesn't know anything about him except that he likes his gold mine but you would be ample and the water hurt Kelly she's she's. Oldham putters out there are girls get a outlaw this day I love then there's not them better than a hot man anniversaries or how long. Do you follow him around I will. Well let me tell you if he tells and a senate pictured may give fair thousands of picture maybe she doesn't do that picture maybe she knows some spots should pick on fascinate leads a banks and Edinburgh. Well must action and a collection and a that I definitely applaud her bravery I'm not hanging on him. Steve she shares have somebody else's picture seems to me now and malaria and don't know nor drive slug him to Visio. Thank god I'm totally team yet on this one he only showed early this planet and yet met a thank you a bit. I mean I need indeed that. You're gonna have to come on the radio. Don't allow danger to confessed her crashed the old have to follow through fed CN juries this same thing she can't go. It may mean. What is the greatest guy in the world right now is at Kroger. But he doesn't meet her physical standards. She'll never approached him she only got this guy's number because he's a smoke show. And because he's had his number out loud right which is led me to I'd realize I need to just give my number that rated and it showed to be able. I don't need chicks at me out PS you're married okay and I know but I'm stunningly attractive. It's hard for women to resist brilliance million dollars. How can I mean Kelly can you blame them running is bulls are tucked a shot in Lawrenceville welcomed and yet. Thank you asked this I'll be on the up and warned either turning up in the crazy hot deal. Well the hot enough to be bickering between in the small numbers. Lou yeah hey. Hey aids or wreck and went out mathematically. Is yes and your woman's you're not gonna find out what it is yes therein. It is yet Dade's algebra I that's why it's my boys learn algebra. It's hot squared over crazy to the third power truss fat fat. My and his willingness to do things. And you come up with a number. Of all like to share that conversation continues lead jet engine on FaceBook.