Confess Your Crush: Amanda and Rich

Thursday, September 14th

He's finally a single man and he's visiting Atlanta, will they hit it off?

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. An obvious favorite radio says it is akin fast. You are crushed where solicitor users are radio show to tell somebody that they like come so. Think act like fifth grade campus where you're an adult. Here's how it's basically come on the radio and tell us about the person you have a crash on and then this. You hang on hold while we column weapons they hasten he's gonna crush on nearly tellem all these lovely wonderful compliment in the we find out. If they're single if they wanna know who's got a crush on him. And if they say yes all of those questions you get to confess your crash on them live on the radio and make love. But when it doesn't add minutes so. Yeah. Welcome to the show brave soul Amanda. We are excited to help you find love but we understand that you have a special request before we even get started. I'm learning its position that he is angle. If he did not like to. Don't tell me if I mean are now. Apparently just can't say don't like weekly and is there anything. And I include being like a home wrecker. I was so usually eat you'd think I'd be married or in a relationship. I don't think he let Mary I don't know what he did anymore. I. OK. I would tell us about this person you've gotta pressure on. OK you know and he made great each and learn. Italy and secret him laugh here. And they're black pants hanging fruit drinking and carrying him. You know nothing and it leaves and definitely a connection. And why he's asked in a week he had. I'll tell you recruit the same company. My direction here and he works out playing and am. In every year and has our intent. Concretely uncertainty project but I can't afford it doctors email. It who's last year at first and that and that can be. During the work constantly got a little slice alert. Yeah and my email here but after the conference. And gotten married thirty. And I hear is obviously married last week but the whole year has gone by and you don't know feasts. No longer married you think he might be no longer married. I. Like and right now how can Mary because frankly shouldn't like in the email aren't like irritant to me and. I can't help her cause like you think depending on certain changed. Like Terry Keenan Burton. Imagine you get everything pretty crime that. I have been to town boots and they thank their owner. And to pressure. So Amanda when you guys have the weeks together at the conference a year ago it was flirty but you stayed away because at that point you knew he was married. Would like thirteen drinking and stuff I entered play. I mean really there like other coworkers and while her now I haven't did anything happen that you you merry crowd. I am so scared got his right and he has single. What makes him so awesome because Jen always paints a really. Cool picture of what you think of him. When she does this so. Tell us why he's my he's great if he's single. I can't stand. The outcome we're seeing eat. People keep land animal. Like all around it like an all American panic I loved sports Islam like he can. Duncan and the plan. Yeah now and he is complete. Anything else you wanna say that's awesome about him is what will be that the ego little bit before we ask. Anything. And even really eat cranberry and he played very confident. And again and ask him about anything. Sends his divorce. And I accept it and. I mean you have purely basing this Santa for unprofessional exchange. I mean I am not and then American crying and I could relationship. So we'll bring. Bryant there's there's a relationship not tolerating it showed primenews relationship senses. Wouldn't you yeah. It's not it's not weird if we do that now now now I. So walk column out if he says he's still married. This radio shows not in the business of infidelity like like. Cheating is not entertainment for us so we're gonna and the transaction rate there. And it disappears and it never happens. It even if he's sort of still married like separated like that's not what we do. Right and that tech and then if he's single and absolutely single and an album to date then wool wool from CN. It I won't come back and three minutes to make the pro golf the great things. Can treasured crush continues next I'm attending Shenzhen. How can get in young star already forewarned. And that's your crash on the jets and then show is he. Adds and I'm really nervous about this and it's time. We just talk to Amanda who once confessed her crash. On bricks they have worked together for awhile on the same project for the different divisions. And and they had them flirting time at a conference about a year ago and the putting is free and just look. So she's not sure if rates is it's still Mary Edith and if he's not she wants to contest her crash to have so. And why she has asked us what we have agreed it is is he is even a little bit America. If he is married or if he is separated this call ends and you never replays and as an on line. It's done to his word on the business are you saying and fidelity in Chiang as entertainment so it's gone. If he's absolutely single and open to dating. Amanda then gen I asked him if you have to find out who you are. A great time. Listeners that a sign Amanda gonna put you behind the hole and as we roll our call rich and find out what his status is. And it. A. Hey rich. Hey it's Geoff from the jet engine and show how are you. I random questions has started this out first of all thank you for coming out of this yet thanks to its we have an important question to kick things. Are you single and available ten dates. Yeah almost yeah. I'd you light the single single page not married and I'll single. Why you ask. It is it'll turn out it'll turn out well we just know that you. Warm married him one time and before we go down this. Dating route roads we have some information you share with you but we just wanted to confirm. Her. Our status before we shared some of the Leah Leah so you devote completely endorsed. 100%. Yeah I'm definitely no more marriage. They're perfect okay. Well since we have confirmed that rich. We. Have someone who's got a crush on you. And yeah. Says. All kinds of awesome things about Israel. Yeah. This person thinks that you are super handsome and outgoing loves the fact that you love people and animals and sports especially without ends. That you are in the guy who is a life of the party but also super downer is insensitive. And seizing CU aren't the best version of an all American guy she can imagine. Warner home okay. So that's horrible seriously. Cooley here right. All let's. I don't know who it is it is actually. Well do you want to know what and who thinks this about in. My interests. Yeah. Yeah. Energy is underrated as they have Kelly Jesus I don't know anybody in any yeah. It's. Is this person by any chance. Amanda. Summit channel. Let me see I guess that. Yeah your radio certain McLaren. Our. Pan am sliding into. Atlanta on Monday. Are you are so. I am yes I am and I'm. It did Amanda it and. While how this ad was. So is that we allow the crash occurred sued confessed their crashed to you personally so if you can hang on here. I call. I'm not a post again. You find them and it's great you're fine it's it's yeah I send out any other guesses on who else it might be. It's fun. I honestly can't. Known here in Atlanta now and now this. It's going to be here. General we come back here and about three minutes and the crash her will reveal herself fifteen year old. Her own voice if he can hang on with us and. I add and Jan I think you got to not sit so close to Kelly he's. Because there are no trouble making disease is contagious blunt question to an online version tonight we'll come back in and out rap club confess your crash brave. Rich and his crush earned. Three minutes and they just didn't show. Star in 941. You do start this is not anywhere in the mix and they confess your crash. And center Chris became friends friends is single not married any longer and definitely want to know. Who's spent all these fabulous things about him you have a crush on him. It might be. TS a mandate. You know land sounds. Who he surmised was his crusher. Because he's traveling. Here to Atlanta on Monday. And means it figured out there were based in Atlanta. So is that do we didn't even ask rich before we put the pressure on the throne is Amanda a good thing late would you be into that. Amanda. Would be a great. Workers well without further a do crash Kirk. Is trying to confess. Your Chris said. He need years. You act say it. The men and Paul Holmgren yeah and I didn't make sure that you're the only thing you know we came into account that you know. No I asked if I am. Actually area that's what's really. Funny action against its own little picture to the wasn't sure what was. Going on in my quarters what's going on drew and they're like oh you're so charming and united next week. Looks on that and. Anderson. You know it is like almost not fair put this is just like you well. You'd like turning and you elected you like a triple check out crowd loved that and then also you're so I'm. So obviously called a radio show. Amanda how to how do you see bill. I. I don't really. Know what was your hands and get when you are listening and we asked him if he was single and he confirmed that. According to seek an according to eight you know that you sound like a. I can now quickly. Rates now Amanda said there was some what electricity or whatever last year. At that and when you guys were together. This might be a terrible question to ask let its act and sat me then there's nothing to do with why you are no longer married right. No no it doesn't. Actually just to be. Ashamed of being completely honest here I was. Not technically. Divorced but I had a party. We are separated in reality kinda had decided to add this word going to be going down different directions. You know. And it's safe return. And then yeah it was a good I would I would definitely opened her purse importation last year. With demand especially when I saw her and cherish you know he just exchanging any thing that there would like to actually collect electric they want them. I mean I don't know what would happen I would have been married at that point fully on but I would definitely priority you know sat. So alone so ham Amanda had not called the radio station to compressor crush do you. With something still have happens next week. I mean it has good. A Minnesota this sexually. I like to write out like we do this and now on that to do list. I have a box. Is that ask out and then there. Home. And it and then you're on a man's. True players that's hey. Amanda and I'm his kids. He's in and add other. I load a very. Please guys obviously know how to intention each other so we're gonna let's say yeah yeah we'll step out here are tired jobs are done we may want to follow. Someone who's next we can find out how the conference is going. A dictionary or the meetings or whatever you. It's not happy how do you tag her as a matter. Isn't a man who had. And then their problems that exist. At all. Actually seen. I can't see it. Date she'd. Am need big terror. They came together earned. Its. I think cult and Dora. Janine. They're listening in the other room to this whole. Okay you know island. Is this am I accurate. Just stated this is the first line where. The person correctly matched. Like she said they hand them. She says she wanted to came in and he said I know this is an. And I and and Enron have been known as the first time there is no upgrade Palin's low light the music I'm gonna do and announcing. Music most good you didn't. And his son. Hasn't done that. Did I say engineers throughout. There's there's there's a downside there Jane the phones are ringing which means that there might be somebody playing a red flag out and I don't I am and F. A I I confess your crash if you wanna do it reach out to us not easiest way to find this is the start on our website yeah. That's on cyber one island attack coming you've got that middle school crash feel laying where you walk by somebody maybe it's our core. Through friends and he just did that flash Phelan all of your cheeks and you do. Really get excited and you wanna Solomon a fun way. To quicken this year as well. All local old share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.