Confess Your Crush: Adam and Rebecca

Friday, November 10th

He likes his barista a whole latte, but he couldn't have been more awkward about it. 

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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shelf all the now. Pay. We're excited to have you be apart and that's extra you didn't recruit terrorists and that expert and it's. I'm glad you're nervous because that sounded a little bit like an evil laugh. Admit that it says. No I. Oh and it didn't go to their cool yeah. Okay so there's this girl her age Rebecca and she showed that this all shot that's pretty near my office on. She's as adorable and flex super cute super friendly I go they're pretty much every day it's like and what you call and the mistakes and she's always let I don't at 630 which definitely. Got Bellic infectious personality that likely you'd just wanna be around somebody com. So you know it's it's kind of awkward because of that hole like she's working and working situation sort of ever really liked. Triggered that like hey you know you want a secret she's our work our church is quote I'm. Armed so that kind of work and that we're at it like I totally crush on her she seemed to be and beyond it's like you you know she's reciprocating. I guess I just haven't had the right kind Pinochet went to work. Did she consistently. Get your name right when she writes I'm Tyler. That's right you know credible reasons related idea yeah a good question. He played all right the main about a battle the income you don't I mean there's Greeks eat out I date a guy Tom. You know I'm keynote why am personally you know she that we know. And have you guys had any conversation outside of cop feet. I mean not not. So much you know like I think there's unlike some like them follows upon social media but aside from that you know pretty pretty much just took them out early afternoon. You know quickly can they are here and thank. I have a quick question how did you find her on social media. Well that's just yards surged to copy shop and then there was like a tank of her follow the shop like allotment aren't happy girl power demand. You elect pictures and she probably out of like creepy. Angry you like you know it was it was pretty normal and I think cheap you know blood and we are delighted now we're. Okay I'm not a woman so I the last guy Jan and Kelly is that creepy. Not I'm. I don't. I found it all first up is open for anybody you know all heard that I wouldn't think it would be creepy yanish your name annular clarity I might even be flattered by and if I saw that I'd like local law and then I'm definitely sake and for sure. Doesn't it totally depend on whether or not cheese and ham. If she's got into him at all then it's creepy. Well a shoe and a followed him back hideout but I'm just saying the initial contact. That's doesn't have anything to do with him and has everything to do with how she feels about him exactly and if she called him back and she's shown some love on sesame issue Paula got no school yeah. I did I just wanna clarify that guy is at a flirting 08 freebie. If the girls not India I and then it's Larry itself flirting cute night. So Adam when we got the coal Rebecca she will definitely know who you are. You got all we are all not just state customer. Coffee shops. I mean of course that got here but I can't even imagine. I mean I just saw her yesterday I can't hear all the time I it's pretty I cannot imagine that you remember I mean I think she cried it's going to be excited that I church prior question I'm originally its dual fact that. We now you know how this works or Kelly cheeses and a major current gas. Some people see you you are aware that there's a chance she might guess someone other than Yeo. Britain and you know I see our units and there are people I'm compliment. I thanked is that Obama is that's a latte awkward. How. I and I'm gonna put you on hold and call Rebecca. If she is okay you're will be taking you back up and a few minutes and you will live on the radio confess your crush you her okay. A great. I feel good fun. Absolutely and hello hi Rebecca. Hey hey it's Jeff from the jet engines show and hello. Real quick question Torre and before we really get into why we're calling but are you available to date people rate now. Yeah. I mean I'm a matter of routine that you people dislike casually having them under sooner I am technically available yet. Thank Talladega that's the answer were there and this conversation may continue. Well Rebecca we're calling it's great news at somebody's got a big crash onions. RAI. Is somebody. Is totally smitten thinks that you are so cute and friendly and you've got this infectious personality he just make other people feel so good hands. That your gorgeous ass. Okay Ronald and they. Something also really true without. I think any mention how humble you learn. I don't. Says they're really clarity and he wants to confess his crew TO. So do you wanna find out who this. Yeah I feel like a yeah I feel like maybe a bad guy and a girl being lit I really do people act like it might be pretty. I hate gas. Okay well this is where it's about to get a little bit awkward. Because he Kelly's cheese is gonna ask you a question. And then he'll have the next three minutes or so to. Think about your answer okay and all they say Albert has AG see around a days over does not how I did think I do it might be okay do you think is contesting next. She sounds AG Carty has won in. Oh yeah. Will be back with you in three minutes we'll find out who you think it is and then that the person who has a crush and you will come on live on the radio from. And confess. Star in 941. This jet engine show with confessed your crash in progress now before we expect him Rebecca. She's on hold right now we're gonna tell you that it was. Who called us and that he has made eagle crash on his. Murray's done throwback guys that she's cute and friendly and flirting that's infectious personality idiotic grinding crash. That's not I think she's gorgeous and he wants to confesses crushes her so we're gonna pick up Rebecca and find out who she thinks it it is. The name were crossing our fingers or is Adam. Rebecca welcome back to the Jeff's engine shell. I before reconnect you with the person who has a crush on you. Kelly cheese would like to make life really awkward for everyone yes so you said he thought let me just goofy guy that you're kind of dating what's his name. I think head. And you can't. Yeah like I like that he likes to be I think about it he might like we're already seeing the senate to make or break. A procession of really liking me or a Connecticut beat back a minimalist. I'd hate that it came at me out. I learned he had an error. Or like a week about a party can wind up like the kind of connected and you are in the present spoken to him back. I'll bet you didn't. Any injury it is actually a regular thing is he going to like Barry like clarity in the hall way it might. It's like a really good like we've really get the report says could do. And what was that last Aimee and your Adam was like you're in your hands rather her so the question now we're back gays are you ready to find out. Who has a crash and you isn't it said it isn't Sam isn't a joke or is it a person who's not even on the list of your top three adult residents. In my role okay at this point cruel pressure. The floor is yours to confess your crash. Rebecca. Create. I romance. Com edit it down you know from from the cup sharp. It. Hey usually if you put it started make this so awkward on I you know I thought I didn't think about it upright in it. Obviously immediately upon a ton of people on analog type so I products are going to OK you can really argue that kind of girl and luckily. I just like how was crushing nine units are your colleague innocence you play early. And I entered into we carry I don't know I don't. Buy it. Abramoff and Britain are. How I like yeah I he did not need to get this leg now that you need nothing you can do you creditors are to me but second all I didn't say that he. I ain't but I haven't led. A new relationship. Good thing that hey Rebecca Gooden paperback DiCaprio and hold for 12. Yes sir I said hey Adam. Yeah this is a good thing. But he's a good is it. She's here man yeah like she's cot obviously confident and cool and think this is a good thing I don't worry about the other dudes I feel like you RD insulted her yes your assumptions are in new syndrome have you at. The opener against terror targets like carpet bomb. Thank you economic chance yacht charts and I are collecting like Eric oops I could recollect on when she didn't say my name and an editor and dare speak. Wreck I'm that old but like don't like don't knock her for thinking that a bunch of guys have it. Crush on her they shouldn't say she was looking up at all those dudes or anything Jia said these are guys that have been flirting whether. Are there which I can try again yes out of you on hold hold please okay. Yeah yeah. Hey Rebecca. Hey we're gonna and reconnect with Adam and then. Is there a little weird thing that sometimes happens on the radio width. Solar flares where things don't sound the way they should've so we're just gonna start this all over again in May be and maybe Adam will be different. A. As she grabbed for exile once you feel like you have to defend who you are. Or you you're dating Gerry Adams didn't say that it was this is. Had I mean maybe I'd. You know I've done number well I like to put it all while they're only Lyndon it was an idea. It was the sun solar dealers salon for I can't sit had a three burger named. And I'm the floor is yours to talk to Rebecca about having a crush honor go ahead. OK Rebecca it Adam. From a copy shop. Girl and then you. I know its cooperation that has been on the comparison. I hate gets primal and crushed and I think you're awesome man you all know it's great you know. You seem like a fun girl I guess I'm just putting out there are crunchy seem cool. I'm I'm feeling just meet that you a little bit who gets mean whatever you know he what he thinks well. I don't suppose all sorts. Need to use yeah many of them. I asked Edwards round and I hear that I'm there are yeah. I I'm. That's very meg night behind. What I and in lake and lake. You're super you're you would like you should've talked to me because I. I am I totally would like to think that nearly got it you aren't like you can tell you more because. I do like to see you all what I wouldn't you like me Richard Larry bell and into that like that's really important. Anybody that I'm beating you know that like they're not the only person that indeed. There. I get that aggregate ballots just eat drink you know. County and we only know each other through remote your work in our own I don't know I guess a private if should be on strike. So and just ask her now and I'm. Our net Rebecca is that an optional on the U. You make me like maybe grab a drink and a lot nature are but I I'm down whenever like you know came down to know each other. That's temporary I think you know as early you know like. That'd. Catch all very good if anything they go they are going to be casual and and you might not be the only person and I moved. But having left. Again all right well let's let's just move on to the next that because I'm from the notes that I Tareq. Thursday's effort had this Sunday's rubber arm and I am because. Still just now Newsday Andrew's day. You made me. This segment is already out card you are making it so much ourselves. We're gonna give Rebecca Adams number yeah Passat yeah let's do that. Time and thank you guys. I yeah. And she I'll star. For our pay Angelo what's. I'll hold. That's why you integrated let your personality and Atlanta today you are so I don't think he used our name don't believe the weekly each guy really nobody is is well yeah also. So we'll go to jail and enjoy did you comedy yesterday and I tell them Interpol the crown on my head for the back. The and today until I was clipped back. Every day at 730 we get from golf and Angela and she's gonna tell me whether or not I've done should try to have a job it's. I kind of until I see it today as Sierra and Logan bell. Powell I I I literally yelling in my car guy like clean shot not your really. They're screaming can't you I can do about it radio there's no way in hell he couldn't and I encourage. Your o.s sensor did you imagine that did you imagine it being aimed as Starbucks or whatever Tommy Chapman is welcome. He's trying to do that would wallet lunch crowd is moving. I eat it. I question halo PM sorry that I'm going I literally turn the channel our daily show. It's. Much. Like you I intriguing turn her I don't know the primary him but I can't go oh my god it light oil. The idea. So you turn this Asia new way to many term magnet oh my god he's still talking. Somebody sent to hash takes they've Adam he's yet and what they treat the. We we this time out from Kimberly Peters and that says. Atom was nervous I don't know Ramirez atoms had to match don't be an Adam. Tell about it so yeah nine was bad I was strong guard KD in the does drove. Hey I feel like it's true power of personality get shown shrieked through with eating get his way eight. I wish he would be kid's name you've got all this and then and I mean you pretty much call girl or. Yeah Brady out that guys like that at the bar who buys you drink ending its so mad because you like. I can't hang out of the people that I came to the Barley a stranger and they yell at you for. I guess I. It acts. Like who Mario yeah. French. Is still ahead this morning we just Ngo and don't be an atom thick nobody. We'll all learn and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.