ConCon: The Convention Guessing Game

Tuesday, May 30th

Can you guess which descriptions are real shows and which aren't? 


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Sorry not before one okay turn it up. And Jesse James shell hole now. Is it real art isn't saying can you determine which series anime. Videogame. As the real thing else. So we're gonna. Along here is she spent the weekend and Momo common. How would you describe and Momo kinda dangerous. A couple of sentences to somebody who's never ban it's is convention to the bench people in costly fans of anime video games is and panels on to have. Really out awesome outfits such people they drinking your cost him much gray who were you again a prince is not an okay princess monarchy from the Star Wars returning this it's. This is dancing. Found that princess and a movie. So do we had Jesse was that from now on his eye and he may or only during my month not only with. If I had to face paint on and you can do that got a. You went to Momo kinda loud I know a much people took their kids there are so as they face and family friendly piano parts of drag in town which is the other big. Atlanta area convention in some parts of that are not is family friendly yeah I would take your kids pass like 7 PM. Got it but downs either to drag in town or Momo are okay is they have opened buyers and and skimpy outs itself is set by the end of sun goes down it's totally different dimension I. I'd show you that these. So your idea for that kind kind contest. Was that UN asked. Participants of mamma kinda to. Describe something real easy. Or am totally made up something to lose and they view your objective is to try to stump pots yes and cat. I'm excited about this I'm so excited we know nothing about video games or anime hair anything like that so. I mean. The maid of ones did some real to us and yeah isn't done literally can't sew play along with us as we try to guess I would Syria first couple here a little trailer but later on offense I'd say oh here is. Con kind of clip number one. And then ninety funny if it turns out that we wins in zero anatomical iron and so there's this guy is girls that saw. They designs and go city and the very end up finding giants square. Shiny thing that's gonna make everything better and so they meet these Red Sox on Elaine. They get this knocks and if you go hunting company and other components and mean amazing really wacky people on the way. And then never coming back in big you know. Okay. So not okay so you just TV's one by one because. This is all foreign now there's net now. It sounded fake it's fake yeah thousands and it's kind of vague and I don't agree at all. If it's real Jan what do you think and derivatives Abu 'cause I have the name of it. It cued this cube of life. It few of life because it's bad I would politic cubic teen queen ruby excuse mix effect. His legs. So everybody says faith except Virginia cereal yeah Jeanne any stake. JL did you suck. Anderson. So that's guided waste. Open ice box. Hit been missing and you decided that. Run around other waste land and they'll moments buildings. Have a good Sunday. I killed your son. Call it happens at the old testament. Well well they just use the word waste land I'm gonna go that's for sure re a yen at 700 I was passing for sure our fate wryly yes because waste land that slate I would totally. Refer to something. In both as the baseline take McCain I feel real news and his voice. Ashe and the excitement about it Israel. It is Ariel yeah. All fallout is ever really talk to hit him he's sucked and underneath that. We're trying to find who. Her father later ICL finding who took her father it's actually her mother. This will make a bad guy and they all do oh. They're more stupid you'll just give you are. The most powerful you are. Is not real it's a dream that he has every night. Okay whereas I don't think those early ninety's did a word in Omega and there's a sound a little Mario by the state. I know he sounds so we don't use talking about how she had said adventure than death of her father did and it was really her mother I might call that sounds so real. Tarantino plot twist yeah real classic pop plot to some unreal with few JP it's his at a C. The high school girl needs to avenge the death of her father right away skimpy outfits fifteen an honorable. Justice. Antonin second scandals after 7 PM and went to people dressed up like I think it does not like this dean thanks can be high schoolers yeah yeah. This is bill arm. I know they're giving out we. And anyway if he had twelve year old boy and you haven't and it's it is an enemy about it. That's that's just the sentiment of a sudden you put that in and then the very real show and it became controversial and then it became the most popular enemy as well when. Go to any minute kill Locke killed. Killed last kill kill luck they'll elect. Google is in overdrive right now. As these green guy aches and they're standing on an island to get hair and any other girl listen in on the act. And all the guys they're trying sue. Errors so they have this competition and then whoever can make the events basically whoever makes the best of my nation house permanently and they. Yes they get married in Las Vegas to get married. Schumer and I like it sounds like a fox reality TV I have not about or. Called shelter for love and toughen up if I made the best lean too you get away. Like the way did she said really it's his eyes they shine I think let's say I'm gonna take so it's. Does it. I didn't really get TV show. So much article I'm not really creative and I love it he called fox and NHL all star. I how did you describe Momo kind to us earlier today Geneen. It'd make conventions are all things anime gaming in animation related and downtown Atlanta for four days every investor that's these panels need toys sectors where it's close it's franks you know. Cincinnati is created content content and game for us to play along with this and there were real anime video game our story your series. I think there. Boy you take one because they all sound thing to fix it. So ridiculous that is it offensive genius we colleague nerd fest. I yes that would be a compliment because I don't find the ordinary defensive I think it makes me sound editing you know that's how. Yeah me. Yeah. And I wouldn't mean if I set it that way I would million and suddenly they that would mean Ly eight. You're in mirrored that in a derogatory high school yeah. Are there school bullying sort of way I mean leg. It's a bunch of people who are really passionate movie about those things Gandy get a burst smarts and super Smart. So I am so. It's nerd fest if you are not offended by that it's normal kind of so would know that check OK so soon Jeanne has all these drugs understood clamped. Top to bottom and then Jack and Kelly JP and I we'll all try to guess whether or not these are real. Actual. Series media things video games or whatever game and there Eleanor is if they going to play along with us I agree on number one. This. Sorry about this there on. Holly is stays this guy ET sun and this he had his plan where she's gonna break up with and still on his money. And made a day. He ends up not dating is dead but then she ends up pregnant by his dad and it did. Is horrible and. And somebody that that is a season of Gossip Girl. Stiff kick started us sound more like the bachelorette. I'm. Alone she sounds a confident and delivering it though. I did to a three. I think Israel's say. Do you think it sounds like a lifetime movie. It was inside funny enough so I'm gonna say it's fake that's there it is fake. Basically got another one yet I'm 55 everybody do. I introduce who Bernard. To basically say go around if he's this guy angriest I. I really can't feminist student and she probably let him he's going to save the World Series yes god he's friendly he's marvelous school. And basically you're my everything else besides. It's safe to say don't we period. Armageddon. Slashed fifty shades of grays slash Indiana advance. Right she sounded like Kyl it's no Wonder Woman who isn't under aged Cheever and yet over achiever. He's there's a superhero slacker. I've heard so many lights as at stake super hero slacker I ethic I'm. I'm gonna go real real Kelly real JP bank as they take into. On noon and it's one of the most popular enemies in America can do you know down because there's like a big song for it I the theme song or cyan. And they lose mrs. Cabrera slapped her. She is she's got a close to complete debts she has no idea what she's doing reference everything she's eligible to save the world like she can't do anything else I just constantly sleeping. And it's it's amazing but she's Zora I think I'll inspector gadget ECB that was a cart yeah. I was a kid but his daughter always used to save them sit Henny penny was always this heartland an inspector gadget that he solved the mystery that she actually stood and. Are they TV show home improvement or Tim Allen just fumbles with everything but and then there's a big importantly it. The story is about a young and up and coming artists who follow the scores his first gig I had aren't on an artist Nelly and edit a vision. Her what he doesn't know that there was some reason slowly everything anything and everything she draws. Council life. So he saw me like anywhere commission that he did say that they severely to the right. Like it just comes off the pace knockout hilarity ensues as people a few of the draw always had to come to life like. I'm living breathing house players. I do not think that Israel but I think that is a kind stake and you got so well that that's absentees pitching these at comic. And he's looking for the people who are the decision makers. I was idea I think it's brilliant look into the illustrators yes I guess every single insofar as a real science silicon need to guest on his fake I'm gonna go fake I'd Kelly I'm. The rail JP. I don't know real. It is fake fall I did you look at times was saying I can't do this you should never set it out loud I got cocky Jeanne was that something here is really pitching Dina. I don't know I think honestly just came into doing this you Vatican mentioned LD kids use attorney for inspiration and like he has. I feel like even as guys who have like fifty TV shows and that's at. I've visited the last one that this is teams time time is this a real or fake. Video game or anime or TV series. And Momo kind slash nerd fest this past week. Her thick paper. I've ever again. Every ache. He doesn't like give elite field. There's knowing that's right there's zero chance that that Israel and bad girl is so high. Don't real yeah just it's just no good enough and design nasty okay that's way out there and I love it real fear to real soon face should mean there who's who went Arum its real well. Yeah. Don't bring access and after she said and I'm like I have to binge this I didn't. Yeah. I may yet I'm leaving the don't watch them. Those remarks Imus is a real TV show ladies and gentlemen. Yeah. Hence I think Peyton really the I've ever did. Age isn't so he doesn't like. I know better ideas that are ready. And remember that they send you pitch something and any and a meeting in your Abbas because that is terrible towel really think let me tell you about this guy who reads girl's been. And then we'll talk tonight. Thanks for making this way it's just it's out on star not before one.