The Conclusion to Big Game Brad

Monday, February 6th

What happened on Sunday? How was the wedding? Tell us everything, Brad!


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all of now. Our new trained to Brad. Who actually got to witness a Super Bowl in person this right now before word we talked to him. Just like your thoughts Jan. If you kiss your sports fan and is gonna ask you in JPG of the sports fans okay. Are you excited that you got to see that game even though the fountains. Oscar. Or. Do you regret regret going. That's tough to answer because. Move. I feel like I got kicked between the legs are good. Just sitting it out we did. A likely that they'll boot wind knocked out of us today so. I mean hindsight you would say I wish I didn't go but then. As a sports and you love your team good bad and ugly you know and I highs in the low lows. You love your Cheney's Dick I am so. If you're being a purest sports purist you're glad you went. Is he experienced their lowest lows highs Heiser even sweeter Dominic go where you're glad you went all right and just going to Super Bowl is once solid and XP. It's for most people sure. JJ sports is like your relationship if you all want all hi is. I don't think that's really realistic we. So I like what you just said Jan but. If I'm Brad. I'm kicking myself. Specially if his fiancee. Got mad about it yes she seemed cool when he first Friday had to work back. Her mom was really upset so. Just kind of leaning on how her mood went with it she was still supportive or not that might change how he feels about it. Maybe he left at halftime. To be tracked the I mean he just wears like you know why it. Until we always we just love to have. It's going to be a pain in the butt to get out of the park and I'll. I let's hear from branding himself. And fortunately we don't have him on the phone. But we do have a message from him. That actually. Came and yesterday. I just didn't check my voice. He had to do and it. Read. About all the bowl up at my wedding and all that well what I don't. In the car it's Sunday morning and I am headed for the court to get on 11 o'clock flight problem. I call my balls. And I told him I just couldn't do that I was just gonna go with my wife. Didn't respond to this could be able to do this well. All of our way. I'm ready to go on you know we'll talk you through. I may say yeah. Why he's fighting in the light of any studies that new wife and Disney sound like a little you for reckless and I Canadian and how. Little close game adrenaline. Each message that is spread. You don't need all the balls up in my wedding at all that well what. I. In the car and some didn't want me and I'm headed for the court to get on 11 o'clock flight Honolulu. I called balk at night and told him. I've just couldn't do that I was just gonna go with my wife. Didn't respond to some of the green it's mostly wind it is so. All of our way. Wouldn't go on you know we'll talk to you soon. Feel a 100% name I call. And yeah I mean. Downplayed it this way busy land he missed a heartbreaker of a game that would make for the clean them and how old he can go to any super boy wants to resident play for you. The founder and owner and this. If you look quick enough of Japanese yen the Arizona where did you go home and can control. Now back to. One story and before wants.