Conception Names: Part 2

Tuesday, February 28th

If you or your kid were named after where they were conceived, what would the new name be?


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NC I'll still are. They're case the topic is. Closure and kids' names via what would your name means if you are legally obligated. To use the place for Europe conceived. As their name let's play you just walked into a party and you say hi. OK am I would have there are we are used Jeremy Russell I'd get Jeremy would be. Hi. I Pizza Hut walk in cooler Russell. And I would say I am wild night after a summer party in my me I'm Josh in Woodstock welcome to the chef. I am Josh lawful parents love their courage but instead they. I know what is basement thing iron music as Amy's old is the Royal Caribbean hunt and a half hour and a and actually his name is office chair took off I. And the show's name with the Fort Benning is pinning barracks. She is you know. Not the only lines her eyes it's a lot of hey guy Eric got a Barrick made maybe. I do know that there aren't a lot of work Bragg. Lives. Had a much heavier older somewhere I just bitter about. The military struggle is really a. There you know I remember burger king and waking up in the sand up about it I don't sense. And a phone. We have a picture this race here is. His name is most common hotel in the world. And that's. The likes you can. Right at time and that's a match winner parents house in high school woods and couch in one cup OK they're reference in the weather we had I was a while that person to try. Yeah and then we have somebody who had twins. Bob and named them black and I'm tequila and don't remember much. There's achieve your that was like a while since there's like 30 PME. There's a lot of us and I'm kind of how my road ahead is. Mazzone we're gonna go in order from oldest youngest LI RUN their sale on in there and minds of the best design. I issues is your family. So there's old art house breaking bad. There's a backseat of the mustang my ankles so yeah. EM I think Michael like I. New Year's Eve and South Carolina Kyle he has more on September 1 yelled at exactly nine months. And then hurricane Kansas Kelly to the mountains in Manama hurricane. And saint patty's day parades Greg yeah. And watching our man afloat. Had that share anything in chronicled maybe that's it's like inside the Malone's ran ads now coming in now has gone am at a got lucky things the camera. Station continues unfazed but if you'd like to weigh in the question answer is simple and I challenge I dare you to go into work today. During immigration handing Yahoo! tweets or on the room. Ready for team building housed tomorrow when you have tired yeah. We're always a good friends. All I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.