Conception Names: Part 1

Tuesday, February 28th

If you or your kid were named after where they were conveived, what would the new name be?


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all now. So Latimer. A person if their name wasn't selected chosen by the apparent bow was rather it is assigned to them. Based on where they were camps these so what's your kid conception name. Marlene in McDonna Iowa gonna show. Good morning I'd tell us what your family. Well. I me. My name would be complete in the eight Acxiom. Are so anti organic are. Not too back in nineteen every and I have no I guess a keg got a and my oldest daughter would be. Can eat it it picture out. Since then be my other daughter I round hole and left room in the isn't out relation air banter and his sister out. So hi this is my daughter sister and lost their bedroom. Fifty and my daughter would be appear out Graham Graham this place. Joseph and this one he wanted to show. Yes hello everyone and this is my stepdaughter Florida State penitentiary. My other daughter mother in laws that. I. Is a true story. Don't dread. My guys say that it is now done totally got it. A Lotta Lotta time to go visit happening yeah. Lie it and Dallas. They tell us about your family. My oldest and or it probably the end action in La trials than my school. Old OK. It acts. My middle daughter would be someone. Oh. Manny and a daughter being upstairs bedroom and out flat TV. Hello I pay outs there's spectrum Verizon a lot of option. And I knew I'd surprise I know I know baby who's. Name it be Coachella tent. May see in Covington welcomed the show. I tell us about your kids. Want my kid but I am hearing it no storm may be all hands. My hide they ended the inning graveyard curry. Why so I thought I. So. Blizzard and cemetery welcome to the party. You lose a coach in the desperate things Amanda and that this bill. Yes I'm I'm actually injecting that. A quarter did land it. Recorder just plan bad like the kind of my prayer is not yeah Mac and our guys are hiked their head at eight and a quarter Disney. Seems kind of as well live by going on the scene as in the movie I didn't know that was the thing is that thing I've I've I've I've seen them. He's got to makes being sorted out and yeah I. Are in upstate New York if you dealer at a road trip to Niagara Falls there there. So you popping in your quarters and tonight they basically let Obama at a laundromat he put a couple quarters and then and the whole bad of. But as any in Atlanta I'm just you never see my own and other in the millions never heard of that it's so great and that's your name Amanda. Yeah this we do a field trip as a show we yeah we you know ago hey Stephanie NL and a welcome suggestions and show entered this is your feeling. Okay my daughter would be under the Christmas trees and my other daughter be Wal-Mart your theory. I. Yeah. You know somebody was watching paint a crap. Well lovely feeling under the prisons truly program it's. Okay Amy in the long ago log into the 78. All right entered this year sham. Yeah I need quality Pope family bathroom. Thank you Randall ringer I am all right hold on which we granted what you can do it. She's held. It was my. Only one day it was like. Hey we gotta and the badly you wanted to try to do it I'm like are you serious. It easily analyst and I'm like oh. Knowledge what needs to go. On us. Doe eyes so like you you look at that little chart that they haven't but at the entry and it's that's how to senior back. I get the I ripped out of finish your viewers how to install telling them how to make a baby sit through. I. Did and I I was awesome Amy thank you Rachel I'm flowery branch CI mailed. Carl and hence it is your gambling. I think I have towards him but I'm my son would be in the lead. My youngest son would be basement floor and my twins would actually share annual guest bedroom. Just have whose home. A remote. Oh. While because they had two kids before them so they're looking for places I played my dad yet the kids that are invading a master bedroom like that's going into the member look over here. Exactly. Roger welcome to the show. Yes pensioners trailer park and south Georgia up. Is sacred night Tamara. You go to work today. And Sean sellers. Wow that's parades. I raise I don't think he get pregnant and 69. Camaro. Crazy welcome to the shell and. Hey guys on this count it straight they my son is Niagara and I'll know. And my daughter is itself more baby aid back. Infants about it hey hey hey hey zone plus. We I think about it going near as good corridors are words and if you don't mind inspired boom there's your neighbors where you are conceived well would you be called. Star in 941.