Complaint from Bethany

Friday, August 12th


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It's just a good job. Ansari not before one. We have a caller on hold who is not happy with this Jan and of all things. She is upset. About the hat sung that we played a few minutes so she's calling us to complain yes and she according to David she is meant. There is not ready to get on and any Enron as well why do you not like yes. Well. I did I just turn regret that. I need. On. It didn't spend but why would you wouldn't waste time. OK and let me be. So. I had. A bit like. He did include bit. Are you being serious right now are you making fun of us. Furious like look like we did do. Right now like like a bullet train a Brack. Let me start any four we don't listen to rock and and the Pentagon cube wrapped well like people are really just like. At least he didn't. That's Djokovic is yeah that's. It for you to compete the world. Ha but it's not it's not about really wrapping Bethany it's about us trying to do something. Sell sell your. You think that millions and millions of people wonder where you try to do something. While there are not that many people listening to us that thank you I write about. So did you laugh or smile with the F. I mean I only. Students like really Clear Lake. Talking about I don't know what you do it our current bench meaning they are an election year so accurately you don't like mention politics at all. And he is like getting your like you're like trying to get out of doing something that requires thinking because. So you think how you think the reason we don't mention politics is because we're not Smart enough. To talk about politics. I mean I don't know while you wouldn't answer an election year that's kind of all anybody talking about right now. Do you swear you're being serious right now. Look at why what any crime why I wait my time calling you guys I didn't have a legitimate complaint. Because you're complaining about a song that we wrote for a cat who's rectum was outside of its body you're calling about that. Your take. I'm calling because you see art art on that hole on the radio usually talking about. Actual things that make people smarter that you wanna listen to people could learn from. Did you know that can't get survive within its ranks him outside of its body and then have a veterinarian push it back it witness dom. Did you know that. No I did not know. Do you know that now. I'd like you're making part of me because I'm calling him a legitimate complaint. And. And discuss politics well would you one assists. And it what would you wanna seduce us. Well. There's huge. Cute candidates to talk about. They're also state local election and you can talk about an hour or so much to talk about. You can people are undecided solid they're gonna vote for president and they're battling topic to talk about that help people learn more about the candidate and their aunt says. And make more educated decision. Do you think I'm perhaps. There are a lot of places where you can get input on who you should vote for. And it would be cool if there is a forum that was kind of a respite. From the from the new ways of politics do you think that would be. The only thing in the past to talk about. Banging. The hunt really well and meet people aren't grateful for all you agree and agree 100 dollars on that. Fracture can hit all of the great trio put going to be buck like your friend my care. Are you seriously ripping. On our segment where people call up with gratitude. I mean doesn't matter made it does make you change your brain and think about what you're grateful for the little bit more positive figured. I'll like it properly in my friend behind another radio station. It. Is about be feeling betrayed. No I'm feeling like you talk about you did. And usually really aren't you know talk about better AT&T. I bet your op with our morale of the job you're doing. We're more likely regret their decision. Supported I have to reflect what's happening around here yeah if you really able if we're gonna go down that road. We've been performing actually quite well so I think maybe people like this in the cab songs and and that wraps. I'm Hanson not be judged not to really get serious you know everything in my can be serious and ever raced facing challenges every day. And we think it's fun to just let's doesn't make you laugh. At that. I'm not meant to bite you actually hear the real thing about you know the world and that claim on a and when you need that our neighborhood stuff like that and anything that non. Let's just laugh and be clean all the time. Well. You know went weakened trains for you to our bylaws would you like to speak and our bonds. And our. Mike Fowler it's gonna go in a five yes they're being on high alert Michael. I helped. A guy. First I'd guess either I need two things first you got swear to god the re serious. Eight I'm curious because your calls you've been on the phone now for six minutes complaining about songs about that. And people expressing gravity. Like that's. Ridiculous you realize that well. And you are calling you ridiculous and it on the bottom like all our. Again. Well that. I won't. Yeah. I am so glad I was in the same house as her can she hear me right now. Now. Is she a 100% serious well he's anxious sent from elsewhere. I don't know but here's the deal. I I am Michael Fowler OK in view of the reception that I thought okay at a bank and when we come back you just have to pick up the phone ago starring before when this is Michael filers office that's it we can't introduced the segment at all okay. Yeah I'm saying yes OK. Okay I have. Again. Apologies in advance to Mike Fowler who's general manager. They just didn't show it on starring Eddie for a line.