Comfort in Numbers: Guarding My Man

Wednesday, May 23rd

The craziest ways to protect your man from other women just got way too crazy. 

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This isn't just finish and shop pilots get real real slight surreal kind of real. Real real about sabotage and another woman's reputation ten handicap has that will force some comfort and Amber's pretender. You're Reggie hear her message she sent see the jet engine showed too jealous that I'm she is sabotaging other women's reputations if you can say Kendra you I might sound crazy. And we need to hear fanning 4042630941. Kelly is going to read her message if worry here the latter is this something that women would brag about or now. Very secretive they're privately and only to your best practice yeah branch. Is it easier to read offer straight games. Hey you're getting admitted to us he can change your name per share I. It changes letter says like jet engine and help me find other ladies and that arm my kind of crazy I sabotage women that are in my boyfriend's life to lower the chances that he will find them attractive. For example. I am are really cute and a really party cousin who comes to visit every couple months. I told my boyfriend and that she once got so mad at a guy that she stabbed him while he wasn't fully. Oh yeah. I told him that we never ever talk about it because my cousin isn't stable so we don't wanna setter off. I know this is extreme them but it's kind of normal all right every lady for themselves Kendra indicator. And. It says she's she's making up a story about attempted murder. So that her boyfriend it doesn't think that are present as odds yes it SA were high cousin that super flirting IA news break and tramp and all other women. If she's not missing items that they got everything hinges. Isn't that Trace sat. You gotta marry that one leg if you think that's series a very good food and I around the betting NIG is you blame the guy somehow. Seriously guys are dumb as a dumb guys or are down pretty damn well use them for believing that her cousins stab somebody that. It is believing Matt hill and it alert for her I don't can anybody offer some comfort in numbers we have either review Janet or Kelly done anything along these lines Kelly. I'm never made at that some girl stabbed. Another person's. Give her away from my guy but I'm definitely noticed like friends of mine all like that not friends but you know those girls that hang out with they are earlier friends and clarity of late Reynolds and munch on this guy coming and she is crazy. If I. And her yeah. I know she's running around test that was nice to throw little shade at. Throw a shame that they're actually I didn't have a doing. Guys off the scent because sometimes it was on the same 'cause sometimes crazy is hot right. Oh yeah I didn't care volume any tax full about it. Neither the confidence is says your insecurity around. Absolutely. Right so a 4042630941. If Kendra is your kind of crazy Mandy we will start with you tell us who what is it the you're doing that as you sank Kendrick Darrell. Yeah I kind of crazy. I need temple and I think about it like attractive women and I had been playing at that you are out there we turn them. Isn't. That idea I am and the nurse. And what they are I had gotten that means he went into the ground are on and eat debates. Yeah. We have homeland I'm. So you them OK this might be naively that doesn't exist right yeah. Other outside eat eat it all. I was thinking or why is unlike woo that's a series million. He's the guy up and you make it up about the attractive women in his life like yeah. Idea and making millions into Keller where there had friends and to hang out there are alive and kind of threatened by and I mean Ito called. I can't and that I can look at Natalie and so far. So barreled and there are people in his life that he considers frame as he currently things has asked TDs which means if somebody said hey what do you know about bad girl I'd like to go our way there he might homicide ago. Well don't be carries this is once I. Yeah my black and you I don't think you learned but if he doesn't then I impressed. Casualties in saint casualty of. Is there a reason I don't be jealous of the other women in his life are nervous. Come. And saying that I had didn't earn it beforehand like badly and and you know. It's not happening and I did you know I did what I have to do it wouldn't happen again. Wow wow DNA yeah. In tears you are feared a little brittle but don't care and she common casualties yeah. All of easy things are not sorry all's fair in love and war that he and I and I want to thank you for the comic Andy thank you oh yeah. Audrey and that's why anyone under the chef Andre call Larry I'll nervous. Guys and then I'm nervous I'm glad I'm glad I am happily married it but I'm nervous for my fellow man. Saying that to protect your relations and girl what do you. Kurt AGU. Playgirl actually. I would make them worse like that and I can't. It's EEE. Whatever. Aren't that bad and they don't act which here and spectator at that. Oddly I gotta be out of city I was IDS CB route is much more power well they are then. Then the attempted murder while sleeping Intel. We're out of bad September where they'll yeah. And can't and my element to your I don't want that gas field. Now they're worried about themselves that way about what they're gonna take away from a right it's just like Ralph your event I bug and I didn't catch some than for ever that lingers for the rest of their life they're definitely stand no way I knew. I lied to get a guy like eight days. Well OK look here's the deal should be aid is kind of bang in body beautiful hair I mean I don't know better now than even hotter if she stabs me while I'm sleeping I'll definitely wake up after the first time. And I know I can shove her off and get out of the house. I would get twenty stitches for that fact I. That adds the guy's lives now alleged time of nasty Eaton is in my mind and Eminem. Went twenty stitches then and urgent care and the new senate she'd get the blood audio. Wondering if tender is your kind of crazy she admits is sabotaging other women's reputation and fun reprimand to keep him always from mammoth. And her shells on hold she's radio and C I don't know if that's her real name or not she is going to tell us how she is sabotaging her husband said he won't ever stranger goal if you're gonna hater I. Her tactic is. Well. And Laura Malone. This is BI agent described that is this is the call we're gonna talk about for the rest of the week yes. I'll just I'll just let her explain Michelle is candor that your kind of crazy. Yeah I mean I was sort of like an interview I'll actually. Made my husband he let the and I though he won't ever sleep with another woman when he chapel in her court. Lean all of that's a huge mom and they enter these. Low. I actually pour water on an around them obviously. And sometimes they actually even like warming and then toward on them so make or break them up and you think he's just keep. I mean I may regulate barrel range it should you know it you've ever attempted only traveling words he won't. Either because I mean he will be content that she let Saddam separate. Wow how well. As. Given you a reason city doesn't care. Nobody had very attractive then I can't remember I don't check the other women and he traveled quite a band for his job now. IE you know all. Gilmore are comfortable again. I'm a gates' talk talk about your mattress leg is at a do you have those special pads. That leg you. Hospital bed or learn our Indians rubber sheets under the sheets are like. You know I'm not very dry is it. But it soaks into the mantras doesn't anger grows and as an Adelaide. You know ethnic. We haven't had a bra only Vietnamese actually that's a good idea I should probably convince them that we have. That could let alone. And you are insecurity in the end you you have taken security on the. Oh yeah Jack you wish you would if that was me that happens about twice before I am banging down my doctor's job is still. It is my next question has he gone the doctors. He now I need to unfair and it's only gonna turn there to talk to anyone about it is a grown man to think that you see the bed every night. Only down craft as it works as he stayed faithful to the fact that you know yeah. You're proud of yourself are you I mean I ain't it you know inconvenience and. I imagine there's. Last year who would use. Chocolate candy bars to make her husband's underwear looked Ernie I asked he had. Amber that's where they seem exact reason and that was when you live up to. And he knew amused yeah okay with me was okay it was good though you were. I'm sure they can and they announced he's sick. Why would be okay USA. I mean I'd have to bet to win more disgusting than just getting water. Because he knew about it he's like all right Brian you've been cheated out of the past you're insecure or whatever. Made my underwear look dirty and I won't hit the mob run many whenever they do they'll be lights suits. Yeah is like head Snickers. Yeah. I really can't if I can. Like you are doing this behind his back or not. I mean gay guys are doing bad environmental. Don't think they're relationship adventure you meant what I need you now. Michelle I want if he thinks it's because of view because he's obviously not wedding the bad when he's traveling for work on my guide so his coach programs or track eight. And only the room and home is wet. I mean yeah I guess he hasn't put that together yet. While allow. And what happens when he dies. Yeah well it might I think they'll also manipulate. They entered the home thing but he still afraid I may be helping you think it's about being in bed with someone anyone. Hardly ever I will promise I can promise you 1000%. Certainty that this is actually from a guy's point of view a brilliant plan because no guy will take that chance well you know it okay we'll take that chance. I'm letting it out anyway the basis you know doing OK but he might and I you know need to I don't know it's unpredictable gas certainly. He competence and have that he's going back to their room and then leaving before he falls asleep just say you know be confident that. OK yeah. You know bump and. Attention now. The phone calls it Jen net. Our arms from home all our listeners. Are friendly Arab people are us those Smart. Wait until we talked to bath in woods. Star in 941. The question was simple do you ever do anything to sabotage. Other women who come around. Your significant other like maybe tell your husband your boyfriend that girl's crazy. Or I know she has asked he or methane needed airing each she tried to stab them only to sleep paying. That was in those those calls argument there was aren't the craziest Rochelle was the craziest. I actually pour water on and around them obviously. And sometimes they actually even like warming up and then toward on him so like they are not and you basically just people. She makes her husband think that he wets the bed so he'll never invite a woman over to his hotel room he's traveling for work. She thinks that's stray prevention. So our ball. Okay our guys got to be so insecure. Bad in woods died has a great theory in the first shell you're still listening this might ruin everything. The English for her in a Mormon problem in Britain but it not what I want to go to the doctor. Oh. Because it or not if he does travel for work offering may never happen. Happens anyway Donny and even lend. Stupid I mean. Like I only went to bed at home and roll and Cynthia the did not get on. My hobby and that's what she may. Louis solid theory that's. You are smarter than a seat held our opener you don't help. I'm hey I'm marine listening in our trousers up. A lot behind our back. Pretty crazy are it would mean I can and allow. Allowed entrapment Amal out now I know. I nickname and haven't openly. Do we can't. Lou. Our ally in that woods guy I thank you for listening. Oh my god I really hope that that woman get you didn't action cam right never go to the west. And the earthquake hit my. And someone. I particular like that. Who are alive that's my new favorite insult I hope you get used invention and a camera and and they never go. Women and I hope I'm bringing them back and. I'm used that is occurs organizes a little bit and I'm writing this stuff plus yeah. I have so many cuts down and say hey hey I am arm. But turns them hello I. Or pay down and K thank you for hole nine. A lot. Higher Ed I would I talked a little bit ago but that. Don't go on blog on. And find out did not do and come and lower power and. That big so you have the same theory that I. I don't think they're mad that he's not going to the doctor for it. Because he thinks its owner or you know she's crazy in just born in the bad and just keeping it's about eggs and it well I sent for hammer has about signaled that goes pardon until Psycho. And when you before you give us your comments and answer this question in my weird when he's losing immunity this morning. When ya wanna know if it's either that all I'm thinking about the fact that she's ruining a mattress and mattresses are expensive. Look at that early weekly trading. Our hostess unrest he currencies. Roll out. How do you get here I'm right here tetanus mad about sprint had the camera and implant it about a fifth what some Wendy. I wanna let me know on the just because he got supposedly at night that does that mean not Deaderick and at times you can get loose change at any time of the day. Not with the other person. If she did tell us sneak up anonymous is a bonus or famine hit him in the pants in the NL just think Raymond many it is yeah messed around and always snuggle. It last phone call and then will continue to sand base and if if you're somebody and hold you are able to get through. Now level staffer he represents now all I felt my favorite things about all my husband why it has the ability to build on our. And help and he. Everywhere outside hill and the idea of doing something like that it would increase your EO lord for his cool I. It is completely insane and that's what I'm Rick about should be doing. Okay let me tell you it Stephanie ho brilliant Rochelle is and where you can learn from her name. Yeah staff and you pay attention using Google logic you just said about bill Muir has been up right now gone hearing now what you should do is you should start making your husband think it's he's wedding the bag and then tell him if he's a big enough boy the heat can stop doing mad if he just is mind to it then you stop pouring water on the bad. Can you tell them how good years for not letting the bad anymore you just build him up Stephanie Rochelle smarter than you she's a better place and you know 10. That he's up and yeah. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.