Comfort In Numbers: Biting Babies

Thursday, February 8th

Lanny has an overwhelming urge to bite cute babies and is scared she'll upset a stranger one day

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Okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James Jones all now. Numbers for Jeff Clinton show for a family member who has an undying urged that she has since satisfied. Covering numbers is where we take something that you might find weird. He's. Throw it out to our giant friendly everybody listens to that show. And we try to find somebody who either eight does what you do so you don't feel as we aired or beat. Has a more extreme story which would make you feel a little bit more normal. So today's company and number comes from land. Lay any Wannstedt now. Air if it is odd that she is a single woman. We gave no kittens and no children in the foreseeable future. But. Has an urge to near bowl and newborn babies. And all of her friends are baby making age and she wants and now. If it is a common feeling to want to pick up these babies and she you on their chubby little parts of I I'm them on. I sound like a nibble and bite them. And she used the word nibble and bite. I got until I get it. What do you see I'm here aren't I well Lanny is talking about well. And then her let her question is okay is this a common feeling. And she goes on to say she is concerned that she might do this to a strange baby it is somebody else's baby is head that overwhelming Taylor said go ahead Jennings. Lame duck out you understand well. We might need more comfort in numbers is I don't know if I can do this on my own because I may have had that insatiable urge. To eat my children. Why. Why are you so weird to say about like if there's I didn't have this for anybody else's kids so that's where I weenie more comfort in numbers but I felt with RA thought Isaiah at five real crank I'm trying to interrupt you yeah I JP you have a new nephew correct hung. Hi ya keep it away from Jen yeah. How does expressions so key UT needed you know it comes from a real nerds it's like. They are so you just want to eat you love them so I went and empowers them and it's like. It is the weirdest feeling that I've never had a for anybody else's children stabbed Jan not resting me let me finish Jana why. My own until your area. Error only without remember it like Errol part time out there and like. Just be that close to them because they're so cute and the toes all went nibbling at that shows. I would call it toast snack with my kids are big rig Amy Ito's snack and I hope they're tell it oh I know I don't understand. Our ears and I out. I'm telling you other moms well beyond me they will filming on the list I promise you. I promise you we can get her some comfort in numbers I don't know if it's about strangers kids now. OK but you said it's because there's so cute and liked JP Abrams so cute thank you need them yes that's how appeals I have that I'd I'd I'd follow Kelly cheese on the ends the stories you have. I see her cat. Fluffy not cute not the same never a lot of dead. Throat and a proud OK let me I'll give you an analogy sorry did I play a craving a full are. Panera okay gated in your mind that you're gonna get that perfect sandwich is going to be perfectly toasted and it's that. Physical craving you have for it you know and feel it. No don't tell me it doesn't just follow all of Joseph let me and upbeat OT you're human instincts you follow me. You know the craving you get when you know it's about to happen in your Battier or an air sandwich and he can't wait to eat it. Yeah it's okay and you crave it and you have to like you can't wait to put it in your mouth. OK because you love so much you need it yeah okay same thing that debate on my god people are calling it. A we're gonna get hers and comfort in numbers I promise you. You just compared eating a panera sandwiched two. Chewing on your children's toes Sallyann we wanna act as my girls they know it's a snack means. No no I would never say dad how loud to a woman or a girl does it. I played manhunt log of your four year old guy do I wanted to approach next I'll look at this. It calculated view that we get every economy boyfriend whatever cute yeah allergies you jam your feet in his mouth later to tango kept. And like I'm done now I don't know how many. It's Paris. Made well. There are already people Welling to tell their story including. Because the spirit of comfort in numbers is to try to find people who are similar or more weird yes including a lot. Who had the police called on her because she did a stranger's baby yeah. And I didn't dream and it's an agenda instead dining room. And she I'll star for our client which I find some comfort in numbers for a landing his senate overwhelming urge. Nibble on TV and she's actually prayed that someday she's gonna fight as strangers to games. This was so. These are tough guys write and think everybody in the room. And after the I'm a breeder CNN. Half I'm telling you it's. This site while Lanny is concerned is this a bit choose get a bite the stranger's baby. We have an overwhelming number of calls from moms who are on the same side as you Jen Kansas. That mad chewing on your own child is. Something that many moms have experienced financial earned children in a table that China's desire it is is Kelly we have to acknowledge that Jan is normal in that area no no way toast snacks are normal Cali law. Hello I'm friendly thank you guys thank you guys know we looked for a comfort in numbers for. Lanny specifically Andy welcome to the Jeff and Jan Jan. Only then that's okay though. When my younger and landed 88. I hear if they like. Could not stop myself from her. And striking and billing learned she can really that's I think that's why I couldn't help it only Internet chubby little leg. And I had it was. Like fine whatever and now like I accidentally gave him a hit. In my hand and I do explain it my husband. They can only like oh my goodness yet expand. I'm gone to apply. The demotion to nibble is very real Jenn it's so real old so it may exit toes for her at the size. Let's say hello to Tammy welcome to the Japanese and champ. Bell on I would apple or how about my friend and I went in my twenty I'm really out. And the mom got so I agree with EB IL link when it and behind leading our elite you know you're keeping your lot out. Arabic the union it anyway. I don't know like emailed me like I just I I honestly look like a different person and to look like a weird animal if it didn't stink and aren't being. Region at a little armament and we're still adorable. Little. You know I'm it. Well Lola and am I understanding you correctly the union nibbled a stranger's baby. I mean flying in headed into the Golden Corral. I could get a the inning Permian and eighteen. An eye out there. Like I got a little bit tired and look like what I have been like this when my biological clock or not like I like what I how I don't know I don't going aren't. I'm gonna hit my mom turned. And like I have been like my eighth and broke up to her it says it's an at bat I nibbling midstream. Aren't. We call the top and it looked like the whole bill golden. Well did you give her did she pressed charges or any thing alerted that the cops come and she's like. There's room and Freddie Mac maybe. And and light on the situation down like literally I mean. I know I know what happen like I did not have my body. And like I think a conflict with you rank that in outcrop that you like trying to haven't like relate women to women look like oh you know in Carly she's now like. You know everybody liked about nibbling on there eating their only appropriate in all that app and like. A potentially what I did not end up eating at Golden Corral bad very bad and adamant that they've got like. I. Frenzy in LA either people even laid it out however many years but then later telling you remember that. I'm you know gold had been blue like I'd like please god. If you bite as stranger's baby. And restaurant that never gets forgotten about you know. Yeah the baby vampire. So I'm forever thank you really call. Spank. And gardening and sharing the world know Lynn elegant or get a. Cool I like to share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.