Comfort In Numbers

Wednesday, May 9th

Does anyone else use security cameras for reasons other than security?

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She I'll. Still are. 40426309401. Is our number here at the Jeff intentionally let me call us if he can provide some comfort in numbers. For Macy indicator who sent us. This net. Jet engine frame on days one hour later than my husband and I watched him on our security cameras. I'm mailing wanna see if he's doing the things on his to do list right away all our. If he scrambles to get everything done after I called to let him know I'm on my way home. I told him that I. All right hold hands up please. So. She won so it's not only enough for a woman to note that a man is getting everything done on the list. But she needs and now they may see at least he's gonna win it's getting down. Org or if he's scrambling and procrastinating. And Alan why I. And okay visited different conversation very different time but I have such beef. Witness if there is a deadline. You women need to give us man deadlines in use enemy. EG clean the guy's win to keep the dog food. Now he doesn't like that they didn't. And I go OK I will. It will get done this month age. Yeah and gave you a deadline it get done by the deadline if she said it has to be them by Saturday. Is created new vacuum cleaner and effort goes or what ever. Almaty. Okay. Her responsibility. To give you a deadline at your list of chores yes IC I have. I beg him Macy's that letter here. Is she needs your comfort in numbers yes so she does this is see if he's doing things on his deals right away or he's browsing and everything and after com alone now normally home David and she says. I told him that I do this and he said that I am now it's. I promise and that most people who have security cameras use them regularly but not or security. Matt please have some comfort in numbers or is he right and is this ban spying behavior just to my kind of crazy. Thank you may see indicate. Right. Cristina is a first for a 1463. 0941. If you wanna find with Macy Christina is amazing we heard. Or can you say Macy. Is my kinda crazy. Well she totally normal like I I think security camera like a TV even if nobody that I need in the house but I can eat. That's moving out they can male men aren't very term. I totally understand Rasheed coming out. Feel just sit and watch your security Cameron and hopes that something happens. Comfort name like I like to know what's going high. So where do you watch it in habit up on your computer always on your phone or lack. I didn't always up on the computer and then I'll check my phone when I'm out to PX sporadically like let's go online. Well. Will cast that is about for totally normal normal thanks for the caucuses now. If amazed is your kind of crazy we'd love to hear from you about a little comfort in numbers and I'm pretty sure we've got somebody on hold to. Says she watches that security camera that she sleeps with ghosts. Okay turn it up. And Justin Jan show all of now. Unmanned. Welcome to the Jack and James show. Tell us is that Macy's totally normal or is that as a special enemies crazy. Hurt and you ate that and art that has picked it according to ramp to maintain that. And it being you know one of the idea and girl bit out and he got the PS. Bachelor party and he let them eat without they had no limit technology aren't yet. Hello. Hello hello hello I don't think you want to see that now. National party does probable I think you're watching that in your living room and wins when I and years of Google and sales every instead Brady here there. Back and Covington log on to the jacksons and share it is. I may see totally normal or can you relate and you say that you are Macy's kind of crazy. Should. I'm my husband and her kind of crazy ET our camera to make sure bet are very hard on it not. On the topic as decals. Or go as far as the 88 either. Either call one of us break it out out out or pretty well they'll lock and unlock the doors as she thanked them they come and. I'm still not out of it greatly. Is so a certain day. He does anybody have an underdog to squish the cushion down right that is concerned. I'm like yeah so when you Lawler home. He's wherever he is watching the living room. Ask relax. Periodically during the day he'll check and then just make sure. It's parades as possible kind of crazy NASDAQ that wasn't a great Austin who pays at thank you Matt. OK I'd Julie. Welcome to the jet engines fail to see. You. I'll work and what is your obsession with the security camera. There. I am actually. Record might sell sweet clean and green and I need. I like that in that Elliott is in my bedroom watching me sleep and then in the morning I see. I knew I couldn't put down pat for a night that has. What's. High class and I. Really so are you a toss or turn there are asleep blocker or something like what prompted you do that. On little kicking one I've always been like that let nick what happened when he leaped like. You know would like you moved Richard Cheney meaner or whatever and I kind of like to keep that and have evacuated. And then it. Other thing is. Having written member of the paranormal and. Oh yeah I just don't. Are you waiting for the un dead to come visit you or some thing. She says there's like this theme where they start to record at night begins its nineteen men. Play them back with her at night eight and that Greek yeah it and I started watching myself. Achieve anything like weird would happen and then it became cute or fascinating you owe it to collapse at fox. So you watch yourself every night to make sure that you didn't get possessed by a demon while you're sleeping. Well initially but out at lord. How many if it again like thirty days in a month how many of those days you. Recording yourself sleeping every single day every single thing that's like my morning routine. Gotta go I don't answer diet and what this holier Russian yourself by sleeping so it's like everything went like you he what you're saying I'm athlete are you acting seems like. That's how it up on the total opposite end of the bed covers everywhere and I'm who was active fighting last night you know like what happened in my sleep our four year old gets in bed with us and I don't remember what time she hits and would love to see you at what time she McConnell all so we are actually in and it it's an incredible waste of Amy's aunt. Did you do mom passed learn how long does it take you to watch six hours of sleep. About an hour and played at my morning Keenan and sometimes it's really funny easily take you really any but I like the you met brackets and drinking my copy in lake lapping him. Creative and got. He's like a ghost or something on the my house on it I guess that's half right out and it started sending Julia thanks you. Star in 941.