Comfort In Numbers

Wednesday, April 25th

Chelsea purposley stays late at work so she can ask the hot security guard to walk her to her car. She is looking for some support. Is it normal for women to create situations where they will have contact with hot men, even if they are happily in a relationship?

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Time to join hands and make a circle of support. This is comforting numbers. You know you're happy in your relationship do you go out of your way to stared hi guys. That's the question for comfort in numbers today so maybe just plan your trip to jam at same time and thank god you're so our real hard you know and I'm gonna. Pinning gives a column be a part of the show because we need to find some comfort in numbers for Chelsea. Who reach out to us yes she Rhodes hasn't said that she's happily married everything is greatly admire has and she senator Letterman. Thing continues. But I do go out of my way to interact with a super hot guy who works in our building. I know he does evening security and Wednesday and Thursday. So that is when I work late even though I don't have to work late 55. I just really like walking to my car with him so obviously they have the bad bad bad that courtesy escorts to your car oh that's awesome to make sure that that women are saved for and or whoever wants it bar to the car. They get their time peace and security. AA. Available on Wednesday and Thursday and that Chelsea. Always comes up with a reason to be the last one out of the office. She says is this just a mean thing or two other unhappy women put themselves around hot men. Jets further thrown it. And does this make me a bad life. Or so Ford C 630941. As an amber here at the jacksons and show it is it the he's dangerous thing to do well. I would say huge hand to answer at first like would you ever. Am I mean this is because I answered is a guy I don't think there's the statement applies OK if I'm at the supermarket and I'm checking out. And Ayers. Three check outlines that are all equal. I dog that few people in mind that equally filled cards and everything's the same. One line is manned by these men. The other line is manned violate some old. Rose woman in mail and the third line they acute girl Gonzales violin mama I'm paired. Guess where I'm down. So you choose that just because you want to be around the woman you find more attractive yeah. Yes a kind and I think there's a statement around that with god I got a big guy is. Get hammered for that it doesn't mean that I'm gonna cheat on my wife who doesn't mean that company even. Fuller win this girl just. They've since being around much or check to see those same situation. Three grocery store lines. Everything is equal about them except one of them has a dashing young man working behind the counter. I've never really thought about it that way when you put in the grocery store line you never want to voters Carlyle enough unmanned checking you out on unite now. Let us now on female cashiers back I will say if there is like a delivery guy. There's a lot of hope deliveryman and Zantac and if they are delivering their hot I'll go to the front porch to accept that package. Right normally they can do is leave it there but if if they write good luck in you'll hold their package hardly. I'll go out to greet the packets got it. May gain in Lawrenceville. Is this is this question that shows he has as the situation you're out of her way to interact. And how day words are milling is this something that is normal amongst women. Yeah but so normal I currently scheduled aren't meant to protect their attention that I could be there comes so much immobile on six. That is hilarious. Yes so are you just kind of a peek into the windows or do you just pull up a chance on the back poured. Lemonade. And as I'm watching and lounge. Around in my living room. Having me he says her window in the living RI or right now on the not only guy. So we are planned to plant is in my big it and isn't really tired as. I love this non brush and grass. I'd say you say. Totally normal you can definitely give her some comfort in numbers. Karina I don't know and I thanks for the comment again. Yeah Murray. I mean some comfort and numbers for Chelsea who says that she definitely. Makes sure that she works late for the hot security guy can walkers your car but she's happily married she says it might the only one who does this. And the answer is now we have another Chelsea. And I hope this is just in Hampton. You save dad's security guard follower Chelsea is totally normal. Oh yeah and I happened I know are true I extremely attractive. I'm happily in your relationship. And about the yeah and about that guy. And he's not your run. My daughter and a new light I know and I get attacked and I can. Our parents are you scared or. Okay well right now that's neat Chelsea bit listen learn about to big of a phone call from a woman named. Bail. Okay. Shave the hot guy in her life is actually her brother in law. Her husband's brother. Vance cross and align right. Yeah Christians. Yeah they feel a whole lot better about how co author. Val welcomed that Jesse James channel. Time hey. Yeah I know my. Has been brother in. Now lol good luck to you how hot she. And I Arnold and his wife is you know that. And Ryan behind Saturday morning like I don't know with Annika Coburn and Shia Iran how much. Actually I was Saturday morning neat bunch catch while he's working now under he'd like we're director cube dimension to ensure less cash and. It went well animated isn't this this is your brother. As your husband's brother. Yeah I hadn't been brought. This idea gave him a look alike and I'll. In chief at the brother the little toddler and a little butter in my little I mean a lot. All I am. But then when I go home. My things. Get lucky. Know. This what are they actually. Called my husband his brother's name and the super rock where. Hey. I know now. How did that go when I hiking Ike we need capital we sure do it and now. Heard you meet over the executed here and he'd like to comprehend act. How do you keep your own life and as they've announced they show you told your husband. That his brother Eric is eye candy to you. And yeah her fan as he did. And UN meaning that you ham and now he encourages you to spend Iraq spend time around his broader. Because. He knows it's gonna set the mood for what you guys. Right the American my understanding. You're totally. Losing tangled up family tree you know about it actually paying. How do you think your sister in law would feel if she knew this. She never find out. Shock effect and does she know the easily land Saturdays there's edges unlike your crew yeah honoring bird reliever in the class and you. Tell us in the driveway. Click president's every Saturday I have in the new year she's. Just try to buy super slow job to waive our and it is like old school billboards and over and drive byes. He's like when he's in his Bremen and. Speaking out jet anymore questions for Val no no I am so disturbs I think it may brotherly love and you've got thrown up. That is some therapy help right there and I yeah writing and yeah. I had by now. You may. My fear of part of comforting memories is the fact that Chelsea right now is listening and she's like god I. Hope you load tomorrow or law. Is like. Any reasonable thing. Only right there it let's means husband's okay that either I go have my brother did the warm ups you rule out here now because the finish line. And I. No man NN NN NN NN. You can shoot I'll still are ready for our.