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Wednesday, October 11th

Should she tell a bride she barely knows that the groom has some seriously cold feet? 

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Okay Terna Nande. The Japanese yen shell ol' ball. That needs your help she wants to know if she. Is required to warned his bride about the groom got cold feet once hear from her we wanna hear from your 404 C 630. Four why. So this is made here today pounding views have. Few days just mind your own business and I don't mind your own business I I just don't think guys think to insert themselves. But John remember don't know about that guys are meddling. It's not meddling like I love Gaza as much as an expert. I am I made no beef about that Ali Yassin but what I don't use the interrogation staffs at the other day when I came in here. But I had a little bit gossip and I told job. But hey did you hear this block you guys at all why did that happen now Madonna and again. I know there's none of follow up questions. Might need another intimate on your woman hat and ask more follow up questions I'm only going against about to get Allison and so much trouble hey Alison welcome to the Jetsons and show. Eight and had a gang okay so what's Colin I know with this Friday and grew her own. OK so I didn't get my boyfriend that's front. And about it may mean like two week break it to wedding secrets and should. And eat more relaxed me a little less which out. And then you know wasted clintons and I've raised it well. That's wedding stress. Oh yeah and didn't count and that kind of whenever like such overt and he's my friend I have only known because in the Big Ten title like what a certain kind of did and there are times to grow louder whenever. But I overheard him. Saying he had cold feet. Luckily it closely I I don't know if I wanna do this. A heart attack or man to man might I might be making a big mistake. Oracle's C. I'm not I don't like. Believed that link and it's nothing to do a good girl specifically just sent an email or could not. A 100% ready to get married he created. And that he got pressured into it. So one. So how in. Any sense of the universe is this and paktia. OK. I'm. So I've actually. True in this situation. I have been married before and it did not let her lung and and it was thinking more like. We have to get anchor and on how mean people talking people need to be made when he made me and remained so solid this. It. Being made because we wanted to get executed solidly chalet and the kid and it wasn't good Americans. So you think this couple's gonna repeat that same mistake and you could be saving her from that. Early I don't know Brett. I feel like she should know. How well do you know the bride. Not dwell on that they break. We're more like a queen and I only great couple had talent somewhere like couple friends but I only know them become the most important. So you don't hang out 01 on one so what you wanna do is insert yourself into this transaction. Go to the bride. And say hey I overheard your drunk fiancee saying some things that I think you need to know about. Or I don't know if I would tell her. Increase since I was thinking that I would write the letter. Well see I was agreeing with you until the anonymous letter parts. Homeland you're agreeing. Well I think she had sent into that because your rest get married. And they're about to make a huge. Huge decision and that will affect this more of them and their families and their lives for ever and maybe the bride would listen to her maybe she wouldn't but at least she would have the information. But it's not Ellison's plays to give the information. Because she's I have friends of the ride any information whether given her it was given to her boyfriend. Then maybe she should ask her boyfriend. Soon. Say something to the right or say something to that couple I. I real leg. It's valuable information that should be show tired. I had 404263094. Line your phone calls are next JP who is getting married in two weeks he is a question for you Alison so he's gonna ask you necks and guessing that. Question is probably the bride's name is Heidi as it. That's very important thing I wanna point out very important thing I got 404263094. Line. Jen things Allison should do it. I say. Stay out of it I think. You're smarter than me yeah. Let's see 6309. And since you warned the bride and the groom got cold feet past the X percent to 41. And NHL all star. Did you just don't Vincent didn't mention this morning and that is on the phone that she wants to know. If she should warn you this way. About the grooms extreme cold feet she told us that her boyfriend's best friend is big room. And was talking about he's not 100% ready to get married he got pressured into a if she overheard the conversation so Allyson wants to know since you go to the bride and tell her. What she overheard. And just as we words going into that's not a JT says that he had something important to point out and mrs. A good note that JP is getting married at the end of the season limit this right. I guess he's listening with a little more sensitive ears saying the rest of us yes Alison so on this indeed tell a story something's stuck out to you said. You said you all heard. Him saying I'm not ready. As somebody is getting married in about little more than two weeks I'm not ready could mean I'm not financially ready because guess what. Italy out finance irradiated. I have weeks but it. And bombed drunk insane stuff a night. I don't know man might not be ready and you might just heard that out of earshot know out of context or any. If you like go as far as writing an anonymous letter and possibly. Being the catalyst to break this up over something you might heard reminded not heard out of context. For me that's pretty heavy right there but I I am shocked if these phone calls. Kelsey and that mag down and says insert yourself. I think that I am I bet you it definitely it's not ground. Are definitely sometimes the bride to get there and it really important and Ed. Taught the ground and elaborate on what he. Can't the import and not a lot of people I get married and it ended up and he. Durable though it had caught it I think you could really eat it I'm. He doesn't even know the bribe him with the nineteen do with it what she wants at least that she has that and are you I'm excited. I mean I had some real real conversations with friends before they got married him friends okay. And how head and said the question like are you sure are you sure sure they'd make sure your 100% sure. I Allison let me ask you a question about your relationship with a bright do you do you have her cell phone number or would you have to get. From someone. I wish I had to get it from someone is okay. She might be laid out. Out of the inner circle but I still faint that it's important to. I don't out. That's just ask Stephanie Atlanta Thompson sense and males and and gently used. She didn't act. Card number. See now litigation to describe tanks and had. Eight. But Stephanie is not a dream is reality and despite the wedding is your dream day. OK so after one day then why how about this season married to a guy who don't wanna be meridor. Right in then what happens they get divorced. And then she is they have to dream days. So you're denying her to dream days may telling her right away from this one's. That is a really weird argument may see him a minute yeah it's a team is always better than. Okay yeah I don't think she should turn out I think it ain't ain't that boyfriend connect. On top kill. And they had been begging and hand grenade and then generally. What are you thinking about it cliche and I think we'll see and then and prepare I don't think Jen has now. On I think you get into a lot of trauma and I think the inter played at eight it should be a couple. T shirt and I thought yeah Harry yeah. I'm doing great use Sox he's saying. Yes I think that she should have her boyfriend talking this brand or the girlfriend about. And just to avoid drama and her own relationship. So you say to avoid drama you trust them man to deliver sensitive mass ethnic. I think about or just saying lawmen. Could get about the other girl I'm thinking about her. I know and we have to you have to stick together when it. He gives that brought about a nanny diaries I'm sure he wants to marry her doesn't she deserve that information. I uses a conversation reading it they are based Mattel AJ yeah I just President Obama face okay jet jet engines hi nice to drop your opinion and right there has. As Al thinking go back and read through all the messages and then decide what she's gonna do a good luck good Allison. I appreciate it you're welcome Hsu case and actually I've wanted to come out and people a 100% exciting it's different opinions I do not like you. Yes yeah. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.