Class Reunion Dilemma With Framily Member

Monday, June 4th


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Good championship and shall. She's unsure high school reunion and greener and of course well she knows she's gonna hang out with explained. Fame Mac. And she doesn't know does she have to be completely honest about her past. I'll pass. Before her husband and his ex are in the same together Kelly she's you have the face from message she originally sentenced. I do I do lots. He has ready for an yet are eight and says it jet engines are scrambling I need your help. I'm happily married and I have been for almost three years. But I'm going to my tenure high scoring union and that could be a problem. My very best friend from high school who will be a three union married a guy that I dated but I also used to sleep with him. I know that we're going to hang out all stuff. And end the night of their union because we're best friends haven't seen much of them thirty years I have been told my husband. He has had no idea that I dated this guy. Or that we slept together he's very jealous I'm not sure if I should tell on that we've slept together or just keep it to myself. Tell me what should I do. What share before we even did pick up the phone and talk to Renee what's your what's your answer and. Well I I would rather hear from her first I really wanna hear more about her situation I know in my opinion this is very strong yeah. But I don't wanna sway her right from the beginning. I'm Renee and I about the right for a 42630941. Is you've got the right answer you know exactly how to handle this. Renee needs you hey welcome to the shaft. Anything you wanna add it to new gear faced a message. Car or IRL or. We are very long with honor not about. A month. And a great guy in town there's no break and I don't really drama. I'm the hurt that hurt me I have aren't so apparent change it now lie about that happened at that and I at all. I'm Nextel are going to be there and try and even. Are you buried. It really eager to learn and I have to lock on Arab. Little. Cat and I had a big net and that they have. Not art that went out on the current and I don't know I should you know outcome and I look here. Aunt and no healing art at her like that I'm I don't know that. Either so I didn't turn out there and a alt. Others how are you got a few weeks and the reunion I mean you'd you have planes and get strep throat. I about Irene you know I. Mean and a area on them eat. A recent days so you know. What happened in the past and your best friend that other woman knows what happ and says she's not in the dark about it right. I can't do you know. OK. Okay at I don't know hundred current and I would have him back now I'm worried that I don't think we're all sitting at table together. You know my come up and my husband quite well you know you didn't tell me that very black and white urged and Ike is no gray area if you don't help and you like and that. I did I hang on now but I don't off one at a young underwent an ear and start out there look at a. Are. Amber and drivers and welcome to the show. Today I don't I think that what he needed. Act here hub that is why is he cared so much about what happened but Horry. Why can't do much about who you're with the story actually met. And I believe that age you don't care about who you bandwidth really to or either confided that her. Terror. That's a good question what do you think you would say to that Bernanke. You're gonna. Not how I don't think I think joking and you know are having attacked and having. At LA put and it hurt and I don't want it uncomfortable are Elton you know eat our idol I didn't and he didn't know. An important I now I don't want to read my heart I get good actually am a little edgy and I out Brad I. Know well. Scott in Gaza and Joseph welcome British out. Well hey we're a net you any chance being. Bragg and about the guy Bibby may remove all doubt meet first embarked set an apology you know one of the two god. You know what you wanna be out novels or you met. Secretly itself have a good night and into additional hour. It's got scattered yeah there with a lot if you're there with a one man in the right visual word aids and all of a sudden some jokes are scar on the table like. You have you know back when you goes to use to hug job you wouldn't be thrown by that. How. Yeah I wouldn't be. How would play it cool not lithium god no I'll let Ben did and handle it. Individually would a person who broaden because they're great in our ally code. That's a good night I all of out like keeping it quiet idolized as a Lloyd bell hold sister lives in but in that case though. And she have to talk to the other why and and say hey don't bring it. But then you have to worry about the guy a guy hang on ugly events and you are both of you now. I know what you would do in the situation under percent that I would 100% have a very strong opinion for you and I'm in my opinion stronger than Europe and in a minding. In your opinion. Enjoy your show starring 94 online. Different day and a half to sell her husband and that they are about to hang out with one of her exes from high school when they go to her class reunion. Renee one thing you can be confident out is when you come amid Jeff fringe and show framework. And you any advice from them. The advice you receive is gonna be exactly. 5050. You guess I need me thank. Sally and woods back tell armored downtown. Yeah I think Salem they can happen in the hole all get it may alienate you hatched detailing how you act if you. You have to tell them they're saying it would start Laura. Any scab do you tell him or not. Yeah actually did not tell. Or not and I have a hundred the marine Alltel and by now this situation. He won't not the other thing about anything out all night. That's all it and I are ruined. Lindsay and now Brad and tell hammered on talent. That you actually have a conversation and eat friend from Craig who prior you know option that I didn't think about don't bring that about. But then there's that and that the bad sprain may or may not now how about current planet conversation are. Lindsay. That's the worst thing ever. I'm let's keep that he may or may now eighty core element I had urged I don't even think you know like don't bring that up the people and then not to worry about it. You. We're seeing because now. You you don't you too bright if you did is now you have eight current up to date that night seek rates. With somebody else think your husband hasn't mellowed out. Us after that he stating that either or both and a cap you know they are about relationship even parent working capital at. But I didn't hit ten years later. It doesn't really matter like. Shouldn't even be brought up again went. Hi if you if they are pure spring maybe just got that one tiny one minute content to a different situation I man I'd appreciate it we don't bring that. And it secretive style is a great. All right Rene I jetted edited down Barley is the money and then how would I wish you like okay. Sorry that it so 5050 there really are looking down the front lines it is a race down the middle 5050 I Renee. I say that you actually 100% have to sell him a because you don't why your husband to be the only one in the room not having a clue what is going on. And. I say 100%. You have to tell him because there's no secrets among the among partnerships. No secrets even though it's uncomfortable even though it's uncomfortable now. Star in 941.