Church Camp Confessions

Wednesday, June 28th

Nobody's perfect, not even at church camp. 

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Steel slab until. You know. His jab engine Chile's own. You can. This was happening in the surge a chance that you should probably go big compassion for her we want to hear your stories that analog. Out at 40 soared to 6309. Or flatten. This came out Vijay is. Well our interns. Nagging. Me forever remain. Are they spend next week with the children's. Right you this is now your first year. What is it called being a counselor church and right. No I'm a better and this is my name I guess this'll be my fifth summer. So are you a counselor now what you're camper at the same church can't yes Ivan I can't persons like fourth grade so mean to split right. I can't do math. Many years later NASA try something and the year but then I was counselor for Tucson man is and I was lagged on the leadership stats and now I'm like going back to Phil and a couple weeks this summer because Imus that. So church camp is sleep away camp right yes so yeah everybody's been tonight and it's not just an all boys camp for an all girls can't know the tabloids and allows whole week. Always fun time and what are the grades of today campers they have. Depending on the week I had anywhere from rising third grade rising twelve great I don't actually rising freshman in college so. Yeah I'm OK so kids who have graduated. High school or going off to college or coming to camp Jim one more dose of Jesus before the world and lose another dozen Jesus. You could actually. Think as a counselor you have to intervene in some you know sleeping bags notables here and I am I. You know all my team has actually first big. And I know them and do anything like to but some people might have some crazy stories. Now there there's things they've experienced a church camps. I mean Jesus drank wine like and I. Another text indexes as out concerts. These classes every time anybody is because people at church camp and the extra sneaky and there are Manning Allen lives and so that's I con anybody that people do stuff Maggie. And that's what we're doing here is giving Maggie a warning. What happens it church camps sometimes causes you to go to confession 404263. 0941. That Juliette in Atlanta I Europe's first. Pain. We weren't allowed to Wear two piece bathing suit and I didn't know that I came in wearing a bikini at the way. Yeah. And I'm. And reading here I take pride on their diet and we ended. Leaking out of the cabin and meeting that you can't wait out the person is your girl. And here and and media and you know understand what their buoyant and he like I need her now. People who are older you listen to. And in July. Yeah both. Hanging in there. Where did your former team and there's a bunch of fifteen year old for a loan so boys and you come out when it's used in QBs beings in their allied. Do you guys ever get caught smooching behind the cab Vince. I know it think imminent that we are show trick out and it turns out his uncle that's right now I don't know how. Lou. C. A god and your uncle always like to say yeah I. And your uncle yeah. Katie for a Ford T 6680941. Is our farmer actually went to camp once and it wasn't a church camps and a have any stories. I'm against kids that I into an all girl can't grown up so I should it was not so proud and it was there. Cowboys camp down there ever there was yeah we would have dances with them but never really long enough that I was able to get in trouble I'm sure if they hung around. No longer I would have been in deep deep stuff. And this. You never anything Sergey. Oh I did Jewish camp alt you used leader opens on my senior year high school. So you know things seems weird to Tucson. Meg an island camp alliance also NAND bit of people who don't panic and I'll need to come only native Yemen at camp alliance talks and I am a first kiss at church camp. Was again. How weird how that that is. Yeah this. Is Robert thumb but yeah I mean I'm glad people are always like your service to go and have liked. And this primary only pray by yourself then me my girlfriends and just like Aggies MEI. Slim and all time to get washed in the water yeah anybody sneak in anything Ellis hit into church camp. We never got a late in trouble for drinking or any pain there's gonna say anything. Had them a feeling my generation of friends and at the dealer gonna stop smoking. Thumb they had no I don't Thursday while I'm making out of church camp or shirt Maggie that nice and now we'll see. Antenna hanging as a good. I'd seriously and it would stack. Why do you need to go to confession overtures can't. I'm actually can't I was actually at an early terse. And wrap air act and how how little search giant patriot. Plus he's a god so much data. Out of my peers as challenging a little bit of a terrible its I can't. If your kids get sent home from church camp the whole world talk smack yeah learn everything you need right now as well in some circles your legend yeah. Yeah. I did say to check it out now and I'm just curious to see quite what brand cigarettes were thing. She shakes her and I. She lives and allow moms pocketbook one of the ones like the slams that I saw along do you think there's anything yeah yeah if it's a I can't catch I think it's. I proceed USA semi got my mistress seemed please forgive me for I have sent. I have seen with cigarettes and charged him. My name is Kristy Lee surrogate and direct actors. I won't come right back here alioto more phone calls and JP says he has a story so yeah I got a fashion he's he's got to go to Cannes church camp can suspension and I you've got a story gonna here for a four to six weeks 094 lines to start. Did you guys gals. On starting a need for a long time. Changes in music filled out. Russ Stanton in church this morning. This is our church camp confessional. Church camp you know you don't want amen. JP has one additional JB is when he's in a share meant to help hopeless nervous to shared and I am. Do they tell it she's noticed. Send in hackworth what your church camp confession. Well it wasn't me but it church camp some of the guys if they wanted to go streaking since. One of the guys now and have a rather apparent. The ankle shoulder half. I'll and it and it mob what what are into counselors that she was battling cancer session with coming up the next morning and he had to explain to worldwide boom I know. A lot wrote burn on his bad option you can think. I'll I'll ask me areas how do you spell lowered intervene in your way you. Yellow right in there and it I don't know. I ever saw Larry and your mom comes out of rumored doctor's appointment of all things US and mom there. Went streaking. Melissa and tennis. Which are church camp confession. Well me and some of my girlfriend not only did we can take options. Away from the church can't Herat in the car would believe. Can. We win the negative and ever and watched and they need it was a black senate. And. I remember what movie it was these guys. No idea and I don't really long time again. I thank you Melissa yeah as you. Does this where I talk. TP step and in this the church camp confessional. OK so I was a sophomore in high school and we went from Illinois to New Orleans on a bus trips to do you stuff. Build houses and do all sorts community stuff there to retreat or something surgery at mission trip mission trip. And I was on the bus and there is duke senior and I was a sophomore in high school and we started kissing in the back of the bus. About being Maris in part in bears in part is that her brother. Was six throws. In front of us any Catholic groaning going because getting close backed error one. Am a young lesson on the buzz buzz on the bus people can say hormones when you're like a little kid at. You know late you're like sixteen you don't care. I'd jostling into Fayetteville. The church came confession. Well I was tired. Heatley who are badly it's concept that pitch to get where crane we'll come back Cadillac age. After that I didn't work out it. Com our church counselor Colin has looked like crazy and shoot like. Oh bulge to argue that they are high age and sell like I eat they call them on it like took it and my mom like. So lighten the did you did. I just wanted to not have my grandson yeah. Or you aren't I mean I have this week to about rape I would just eat a live pretty all the talk it looks so she. That they have like John let me but I didn't quite create a life gosh I wish. So you rule. Lived there legitimately worried sneaking out of camp to get whipped cream to eat. Right. I only need jobs law. I thank you jasmine. Thank you thank you I got the emergence of the house with the reprieve yeah page you have that I just got sweatshirts and I was even go on with its I was going like. Herby yeah. Diet and no less between her and the lord now and and wait watched chase again. This again. Contestant. We continued conversation mechanism basement is gonna get fired yet as if you are to lenders to shared on the air going to share some Dana what have insurance can't that you said. Probably go to confession for its online now face the dot com slash a jet engine Shula. All local share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook.