Christmas Tree is Still Up

Tuesday, January 31st


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Star in 941. Cool Christmas. Yeah. And IRA that's. One member of the jets and Sanchez still has their Christmas tree up I know. I Janet's I know it's not you because you're showing your house your house on the market so it's got to be staged and everything not me that thing hit the curb like two days after Christmas I JP we now Heidi well an outfit she. Stuff app brings this is when it happens. Dime we move line I think they JP's houses already decorated for Valentine's Day grant that January 14 ranked. We're so busy with the engagement and wedding stuff like we need to put Christmas decorations though so. He's from been put them up and have to take him down Kelly cheeses and the other on comes up with them give a Christmas tree up now ordered no. I think he's I don't have one so that leaves. One person. Producer's name and Eritrea is still up yes and it's just it's of really nice nightlife I leave it on when I leave so it's not pitched flack for the cats in the morning. And they're like hanging out on diet and highlight look at the whole shop penetrated this. A. Aren't captured nocturnal right yeah no you don't really need it they don't need night lights it's just pretty. But day they climbing and so it's come on Mike as scratching posts a little yes but they know it's spelled once a couple of days after putted out so I think they learned that that's terrifying so they don't do that but they hang out underneath because I have like the big snow was blowing underneath and. Really gives quarters now in your apartment and had out all season this year yeah. Why. Is that a real trigger fig tree into victory I just putting him back and now I'm at the point where I might just turn it into a different tradition. And it might just end up being a holiday tree. In general I can just gonna keep it up all year and redecorating it. What if you change relates outlook for Valentine's agency red white lights look at those who may not I think I'm gonna do that. This is like my new it's going to be a Stanley tradition and I'm older. This is always going to be tree and my kids are going to be really confused and their crimes can be only goes to govern their tree why would be do then like I don't know their weird. For saint patty's day that he has moved on to what's an Easter and Easter can eat our daily very appropriate for our retired affect Earth Day. Fourth of July yeah it's true for everything. You could use a real tree in my fourth of July and be ready to go up in flames. Phycor I could not Suzanne in Douglas so welcomed the shell. We're Susan thought of your ideal long before you do I mean really as a way. When did you take year 2015. Christmas tree down. I did not. Song who ramped up our year. We turn. I'd do my age but now. But surely it. And gotten the branches are. Caught our am whiskey and separating them in there in the line. And then not live scenes didn't. Do you have odd kid deserved fame clearly did anybody look had to do. Have a daughter in hers then and were they like Susan says on its march. Holly you know I Mr. Big my husband who can't leave the Christmas to release. Because it they actually. Just saying in the car or somebody at their true yeah I bet you area I really deep think retreat down. You know it. I had an all. I understand what he looked a little bit now. Now look now look at you see is what if you become what's become of your life. I. I. Mean she's like to live think about this season actually walked past her Christmas tree. Wearing a swimsuit at some point that I. And honor our way to leg you know automation a bag without MCA issues on our way don't. You know Charles tutored at a test or summer of two in the air and she'd walked past eight fully decorated Christmas tree. She walked home that night when when she got home from navigation it's in the same room pine and tanning lotion like she smelled like. I'm thinking you could turn into a birthday treat sue and when you do birthday gifts wrap up legal impediment. Yeah it's perfect. Shall we shame Gainsville. Yes I have my couldn't see they'll ask that they got that I thought they apparently didn't make it. We're. So so leave you're allowed. You're fine for a couple more weeks. He can be re just lazy that I like and I really Iranians that we our sense how exciting you all he has. Call any any they have this reflects what's his name. At Jackson. Iowa ya have a great job post Christmas Christmas celebration in Jackson Hole. Fool me you. We'll Christmas. I. Do. Nothing you can jump star ready for a one.