The Cheese Challenge

Thursday, September 21st

It's Kelly Cheese versus cheese... versus cheese.


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Okay turn enough. And Jesse James Jones all now. You tell the difference between white cheese and yellow teeth. At first see things. Of course and then maybe not. They sell an honor answer well reasoned case goes to their menu over the rusty old people. Young she's pacing and the responses and less than excited and then now most and may be in response maybe not but the most free she's an awful day on the way a 100%. And very. Case Atlantis today so we decided we would celebrate all things sees. With Kelly she's who believes she can and did loan tell the difference between white and yellow sheet. Now here's the thing she was we joke about Kelly she's being dramatic right Biden's. She was fired up. About the chipotle allergies she resides. Are acceptable. Well is human asking for them have caiso for so so long right and then when they finally delivered it's then a yellow Carolina sound. We are going to give Kelly she's. A taste tests out Kelly is blindfolded. Pilots group of items. Nadia. T. She's fast she's solid regular cheese them. On and that's garbage okay her. And JP it's going to help us with this team because you will be able to hear JP on the radio. And listening to right now but Kelly will not be able to hear what JP says so he'll be able to tell you the answers and how she's doing on this cheese taste test. All along the way that she won't hear JP. It first thing we're gonna do slices. Of American cheese. K okay Kelly I don't have an. She just added to left right to figure out which. I JT tell everybody what I'm putting her hand held the hands white American cheese in her hand. I carries a lot of feel and it. Image they said yes of course it's tests. Those yellow. And I'll she's getting out that's how bad it is okay and Kenny them really hate yell gee I hear good music I am. For those play you know home Kelly's old for 10 look. And K all right so. Also Earth's. Please put out your left and again. This is a candidate this is another slice TP Kelly has a piece of yeah I can tell that merits a sales. Up. You're gonna ideologies. In villages should. And component. Think if I shouldn't say you've come containing as if this is the master. And golf game. There's a slight breeze coming. Amen corner. I can't legacy heaven and I and they didn't toothpicks. I'm hands. He Cuba young and better yes I really frame this in real season. I only your skirt and. She she trusts me so literally she's convinced that Emery get for all eulogies algae that's like geez that's why can't K. Oh on tele 2000 now. She's now 103. If you let your phone and OK and the next round what does she have now JP. Kelly has a cube of white as soon as host our fan is not working well. You know. Can you hold it for her I will be I think hold it. Because I was earning your mouth now on. I this is on the fly college towns. Granny she catastrophe right now. Okay. We just aren't and it. OK next hour what does she have to be white cheddar cheese and Cuba with. She's she's yeah. Yeah okay she says WZLX I know so why. Don't Acela. Kangyo only got them wrong and she is now one for four I'd been very lose our I news of the first Turkey to blindfold on OK really weren't weren't going to come back in three minutes. And we're gonna do the dips that's where you say your skull really lies right yeah. OK so once and sliced cheeses and chunks of cheese so far animal come back with the melted to. Case and a white vs yellow JP discourse so far Kelly is a disappointing one for one. Back in three minutes and finish up she's challenged seventeen. And Upton and young star ready for a one. She's challenging isn't bad. There appear on the jet engines show I can tell the difference between white and yellow cheese we ask that question in studio you're talking about to pull. All they have in case though they've only yellow caiso. Moses is fine by you know free case cents today and Kelly she's dramatically says. Cars you can tell the difference elegy is just name so we are putting cheese to achieve tax. We have I'd given her size is an American she is both white and yellow we have given her cubes of cheddar cheese both white and yellow faster to identify those and now. Think this is like the bonus round Kelly this is like where you came strong. Area about and telling the difference between. White cheese dip and yellow cheese is touching me. Whatever else and nobody yeah. So. If you're ready for the final round. It is time for the dip off. Sort of the den Bosch and JP is in another city Achilles on wearing headphones so when he speaks only a sentinel listeners can hear Kelly cannot hear him keep score do you want to. On a high quality quantity Debra late quantity dip. Are you just wanna spend. Unknowns then I'm like an onset please step and just a medium doesn't mean I'm the guy dripping off the champ Ernie thank. Can. Means getting ready to feed peddling high anything. He's about the white and they. So again getting the white cheese dip is apparently Kelly's mouth. I couldn't connect. And Jack whose son is old terrible damage and if you're gonna hit an act of exits this area help me with the you're trying to fill up my mind based you're fine. Move. Oh what happened when hate one. Keeping him on idol I didn't think you either have to think about it do you need to Toews both and then. I think that was LSU and that was yellow Melanie says bill first before I am make my final decision of lyrics yeah absolutely and families of journalists. There is named rebel diminishing that if this. I should spend my hand and took a simple shares of keeper Hannity thickens museums right thing we can't tell our engineer what happened on the Kelly is about to eat yellow cheese dip. Yeah that's right. Lou and as I. Blindfold off take a seat and I JT wall and he's gonna run down your school hours. He Kelly is about to find out that she's changed her entire family. Her name is Kelly if you get awful you have ruined your name literally. I. Think that you did you so can't. As I'm not an Internet account money is Kelly and I am not dramatic trend now I Kelly's dad his doodling how long does it did this on someone. Enola. And down I was got headphones on did he give the results. Kelly. Round one. You guessed yellow American. It was lights no Atlanta slices Peres wins are handled film does Hawaii that is why interest on. Why this second slice against yellow. Now with current so you are currently one for two apparent. When he came to the cubes. You guessed from whites. It was yellow. What you have 13. We judge you for the fourth round cute she is. You guessed yellow. It was Weis. You're currently one for four. Well I'm doing good guy that's. Iowa Leo out. She all she wanted was the dips. I know Australia she said she hung her hat on the case an issue for Schoen that and now I feel. Now everything's Rollins and not and I. Confident it a mile at the top of good I'm always gone hand before you do this chain what was it that Kelly said earlier when we are afraid about the issues like I'm a super. I'm a super taser death. It's the super tastes liberties or sister is has heightened case as again. Tell the distinct difference between things more than us common folk yeah I am in Hawaii had them where it went how terrible almost me. Us to go through life has surged just. Ridiculously normalcy is now it's again another thrilling and kind Brendon Todd JP rounds five round five. You guess yellow. Then I guess what eight. First six. Oudin and a number of us. And no I don't find your new superpower against chasing it. Superpower we got to find her a new name. Now we are right I. No luck we just went from Kelly she's the Kelly's side. Did Kelly case and now. Yeah I know a lot I know why don't OJ so I feel like and then nothing. I don't feel like you're all lying to me and I'm I stand we did did okay yeah a lot hate lies the video you're going to be centers of my. But isn't really anything I say thank you very much. Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion one star not before one and it.