Cheap Wine Vs Expensive Wine: Can Jenn Tell The Difference?

Friday, July 13th


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Star in 941. I just get time for me against tries Monty get your again tonight at. That she could identify. Easily. This wind that Wal-Mart is selling for seminary by some bottle. That it Jared is it I wine spectator that says the scorer who does the scores when they say that to some he's got a 95. Who does one advocate that Parker yes I'm sorry sorry and I asked the gentleman from can do that question yet. Yeah and it's different committees the sommelier and as front and some very expensive wines. On their own label and CEO but just as one through five so I don't know which ones of the cheap ones which one's the expensive ones. And I'm new I'm a. How to go five for fat she's gonna put them in order from most expensive to least expensive. We have three wines. In the in the groups that are red we have to wines that are whites. I'm ands. We have some that have been purchased at Wal-Mart and then. I Gerri can you tell us about a couple of the ones that you brought and they had at least one bottle of red one bottle white so. Widow so I brought a couple that it actually find their way on nor lists the canoe and everyone's Chardonnay was abortive. Dom support when it went eight at an added you know I did give an exact price if you don't have gold mine was reverend and a glass of one of these would be wise. Moved I mean they're expensive they're above the classless. Oh so is it about what I don't what would a bottle of one of these arrests trying to final one of these house. The most expensive is a 150. Jane gets twenty times more expensive. They should be so easy. I'm in plastic line ups which is just a travesty to be him. Okay and you don't put a 150 dollar bottle of whatever it is he brought him innings last exam lift up. W put it as seven dollar bottle Wal-Mart whining when there's baseball ads they have the straw that comes around. Will want well. Well I will plastic last year will that screw up a taste of wine for just the three minutes that it's been in there. Am I mean it could. I'd. I wouldn't if and a plastic glass or right but if Jane it jammed. Would now be able to use that as an excuse right. It's got to make a tiny different it's not see. I basically means I yanked the oh my god I felt I thought. Studying that you put end wines to Aron. And in a New England London the been studying for years and can't. Two years and years. Mean to you. Ever try to answer word pizza. I'm tired and tired and instead he's here to I say I think it is a question for him about women in line down. As a sidebar of course. What about women and mine because it seems to me that was my girlfriends are all. Diehards throw line and don't really like drinking other things are not in the beer they're not in the liquor really as much like everyone's Delilah into cocktail and women and mine. Is he really close relationship. Yeah I would agree hum. I don't know if one has camera romantic side to it you know it's it's kind of artful you know it's it's an expression of of the with the wind makers thinking. Where in the vineyard is. What the weather was like that ears I mean it's it's a revolving it's just the words there. Boards oh. And use the you know Osama yea and it keeps on the edges and may Allah battered cities like in blue means farm. Try and all those things and blow off the tongue was such romanticism. Right now I'd so. What we have and see your John you're confident you're urgent. I'm a 100% OJ is on I'm gonna I'm gonna taste one more time make Shia government right order can they want me to play sees an order of least expensive the most expensive that's why you're chasing on March and I'm gonna say yeah. Another day sir I have. I'm fifty dollar bottle of red on right on point but yeah I think so I mean I may do one more one more rent through that. I'm gone five for five OK so we're gonna come back what you do that runs early and I I would use to add a little pressure do you gen. 4042630941. Lauren take callers 45 and callers when he says okay. Cards when he finds is five for five if you go five for five academy. Canoe that's a Jared is the is a sign EA NN that the beverage rector at canoe restaurant most beautiful restaurant in town offer right on the Chattahoochee is just stunning it's it's the place to go for anything special anything romantic. We've got ink it 300 dollar gift certificate. The cards when he drives he goes five for five. If I don't would give the country six. And and we'll get caught 25 your cellphone number to give you all the crap in the world and all right James so. Do one more run through to make sure you got them right back. This. Practice and for so long that Barrett then moment but yeah. How hot it gets intense she gen ship continued this is the Japanese yen shall. If you take all the labels can you still tell the difference between expense flying and cheap line. I say yes and Jeff dollars putting me to test this morning there is no waging an all wind stays the same note and I. Case study now. At willow what we are caiso. Sued unsure how you say or ask him is that Lorenzo Lawrence Lawrence rental days and share of the friends. He's level Tucson Yang look one level one and there's four levels I asked him about getting some level for. And he said oh yeah it's easy to do. If you wanna have no life for three or four years old. I people study he said they. Is that if you audio level for some EA you work at a restaurant that has a great wine list right yeah then you go home. And you taste more wine and you do your flash cards then you taste more wind. But that's all you do for years. You know hockey it sounds for you commanding depth negative. Do you know how quickly I'm ready to go do that from my next career Burrell had. Guys and share it is the beverage director and a and a sommelier at canoe restaurant and here's the deal. Is it Kiely and Mariana. Hey QE. I can see. And pay your color 26 so if Jane gets anything less than five. You're the winner okay. And I and then Mary Ann Dunwoody your caller 25 cell. On the tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny chance that. 300 I guess are gonna get to canoe restaurant. Oh. Mary that she's not even responding to smell RA and a huge cheers and you know she knows it's such a long shot and she I. Is gonna take this Sonoma she's a kid who I can feel list no matter came and I'm like 99%. Sure on my guesses here and well I hope I'm not humiliated. Okay well I'm gonna give view. Wind and surge and a tank the wind that you put in the lowest possible category and yes. Is correct. It's a five dollar Wal-Mart. GO OK yeah I couldn't and before that why didn't listen I could anyway. The five dollar line deserves respect to see Jaret if you wanna give that a little taste. Intel and give us your best analysis. What year what's going on and how it looks like you really battling it out on. People. I can't hide it's nice high. Everybody even like a chicken salad and you think maybe got one under for peace a chicken chef and a leg for its message is this decade. Yeah I mean. Has bargained in that's for sure. Not not to be spent time tunnel in some four dollars and 97 sentence available Wal-Mart is they Beringer. It is vying Pineiro agreed GAO. You know a very and there's a price though did you attend the court because if there is a thing you can win a prize. That a common thing that all of them that wineries and now maybe throw that went into like this Brit serve out the full mix it up a whole bunch of other things than your okay that would be your base ingredient Kuwait's anger. Like I thought I use that. Of the chairs like actually maybe you just pour it into the pool and curry and take care. All right so no one right well nice guy so Jared. Could we should have a drum analysts and we average from all. And let's hit and hit it hit him from Earl JP and let us now of the remaining. Winds and the Salem Oregon won for. Yes well I'm hunt if I do GeMS I've verified Jerry can I come hang out here for a day camp. Church cannot be my prize yet I know hooking listeners that then I can do that a lot of and I can be my press can be your understudy for a day did you get a general we'd win the listeners and Jeremy wanted program. Yeah I'd marry me girl or to. Here and how did you. To have fun for five. Really death. Your mind and I'm getting insecure here and why have. I was gonna get so Massa are right. Lying number one the cheap is why they Beringer Peter a bridge over 497. Lying and number urge to the second least expensive was a bare footed I cab carry someone whom. Five dollars and 97 cents at it at Wal-Mart. You put in the third category rate in the middle a cupcake. Cabernet some unknown 797. At Wal-Mart. Actually is not that bad you should try jeered and tonight it's not that bad it was a plastic cup which totally threw it off I thought I was gonna throw me that. It's actually not that bad so I can that's when you Swiss institute originally you had Dow on either a little higher fuel load and useless (%expletive) and that's right now hi Noah can't get. And Mary should have tried for tried you'll. And I'm glad I don't. It and I don't know. Practice makes perfect. Lie number four agenda for the most expensive Jerry you can tell us about it it's a grand marine Chardonnay. Yes chemist from organs. Interstate gen what did you taste in that line so nodes of what. Success. If. It's between Islam and so that was from Oregon from. Oregon yeah arms that's made kind of minute. Can more or Burgundy in style. But it's not it's not over the top it's nine is that a typical Britain dinners at a Rockford. And then and then bordello. Unmanned that isn't. Amazing. Yet it's of us when they're by far wears different. That is from the plea arc region in Bordeaux. Foods can be left thanks it's primarily cab. There's a little bit and you're blue in orbit around in the to cap problems. There's issues shed so what's to come shed a slope. Chateau pad as coaches remember that the next and you get a special occasion in any Russian thank you so much scared and canoe restaurant. C a warmer time chateau. Pedestal. And yes I want you check out how you just that a school union. And miss any Ron Burgundy. Nice Jared asleep and I'm sorry. Users are gonna go to canoe and 900 climate here is some 1000%. And I am also has JP to play all I do is win and a plan. All right now because I'm gonna need that before we wrap this. You may mean. Five. We got out tiebreak thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One star not before one.