Chariots of Fired

Thursday, January 12th


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Drywall dust and and a solid sixty when Japanese yen to get your day off to a great start. Sixteenth on Iraq. Coming up on still are in 941. So yesterday. This woman call us with such a simple easy question she got re gifted by her sister in law and wanted to know how chic head. Confront her sister in law without making it super dramatic and the sister in law ended up. Calling the show and they started going at it on the air and I started getting really really uncomfortable. And I don't know what was going through your mind while it was happening Jan by. I would I froze I was panicked and I can froze I just felt bad for them for the next family gathering. Like the next. Birthday party the next drive solid day I was like. All of may be Easter dinner is going to be dramatic. So why IED hades I scroll through the computer. It sits in front of us in the studio. And I'd I just found this on Chariots of Fire. You know that team from. Now all of that trade deals cool movie is though Don and I just started playing the chariots of fire and mean. I've played this song are they the chariots of players on. And I signal that JT just to make it louder and louder and louder and louder and louder until it drowns them out. And then I just got them both off the fact this is what it sounded like when there. I eight. Chariots of fired people which is going to be an event and the Shia. Any time we needed just bail we're gonna start playing marathon minutes they get louder and louder drowned everybody out period chariots of fired like these two. I don't know you dare try to you know my feet and caught and called him a net. Darted it. I gave us a complication. Wiki and you sit maritimes now all likewise it. How does that meet meet the backcourt that I do you work so I think it may look I can't make it work as they're like okay what they acquired him yelling at me. I know give my thank you let me Cuba won't hurt did it take you there and all the great patience and warmth her. Yeah. Says getting cherry it's a buyer the other great thing to come out of the sentiment. Was actually courtesy of a listener yeah it's Alyssa called us and said have you all heard that. Raisin toast song and all stems from a re gift which is a toaster stuffed with raisins. It's so much to explain it in there it's difficult. It's an inside joke waves this girl Jessica and her friends. It involves raisins and the raisins ended up and handed his sister in law and that's how she knows a re gift in the race until the sun came up. And anyways. We discovered the rays in Tucson which is. A perfect way thank you Waffle House yes it perfectly to laugh through what was. A really intense conversation. Yeah. Star in 941.