Championship Jeopardy

Monday, December 4th

JP brought a little bit of the party back to the show after Georgia's win this weekend. 

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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan show all of now. Well done CU football championship jeopardy on the jet engine and Seattle and you. You got your access to the red carpet. A for the SP in college book award is basically the Oscars for college football it's happening here at college football hall of fame. I'd first that's. A it is a high near Ariel and a Lorenz ally our gallery you. I'm good I'm good get any good this easiest game of jeopardy that's ever been laid Melissa and can SI he allows to be playing hey Melissa I'm. MR. Eighteen are you are you both Georgia Bulldogs fans you know people. Thank you are all right who said now I was carry out a list that I'm a little closer and Diana. I mean well he's still got lots bragging rights. And a run. Night so Ariel the Georgia Bulldog Melissa the Clemson tiger all. You guys have to do is answer one question it's so easy. We're gonna ensure the issue to a woman that JP Matt this weekend. When he was hanging out its sport and social over the battery where they're having a huge. SEC championship viewing parties. Horses social was bonkers I mean people were shoulder to shoulders in his Georgia would kick off the ball any time ago. The and go do and all that and then when I Georgia finally beat Auburn at the end everything was gone. And I'm and I managed. Thousand able I mean there Hayden. 2003 I kids here that I my house Lau is electric. And this is may again. Who. It JP Matt while he was there. I'd say no Melissa and Ariel all you have to do. Is listen to Maggie M answer. Five of JP's questions. Or four GPA's questions and in the fifth wine you guys have to try to guess what her answer is okay. And I are out Melissa. Hang out and here is question number one. And big big play. Up for apple way. Any yeah. Thank you really end. It. That more than anyway. Think those three things are okay that's meg include number one. Then a Bulldog. I didn't like Brad. Yeah. Right right now I'm in a game cushion of two. I love Megan. If you wanted championship. What would be it. In fact that I am okay. You know. OK let's revisit last answer. And and listen modestly. He now. He LT in their somewhere in the season the season high ouija shouting is shouting at everyone's. I just today. Why you leave Maria now. Now playing any marine now and and Wal-Mart just as she's like oh yeah what made you happier right now. Honestly think he saw it. Can I how Melissa and Ariel you've gotten in now our friend Megan. And the question that you guys need to answer is this. If you had to drink. That's a my chosen Megan handed her and Ariel yeah the Georgia Bulldogs fans so you get to rest first. How much opposes without going over do you think Megan is an attorney. No and yes. I don't remember an actual number of all she gives a quantity of cocktails AJ do practice a lengths seven. Ten and eight and a Melissa. Okay a little under about knowing never yeah it is. Loomed in the fray and ED. Yeah. I. Some sex aerial with seven. With six. Arias seven. The winner is going to head to college football's version of the Oscars at the college football hall of fame is the ESPN college football awards. You both win over shockingly. Many of the game better than that. I'm isn't just for that attitude you get to ask first how many drinks. As Meghann handled. I didn't shade. I say Megan's lying about how much smoother and better. Right yeah yeah let's let's remember the answer to what would make herb what what she thinks is better than the bulldogs championship. Yeah. Right now I'm Ariel I Megan had here how many do you think. Periods again and say. Yeah. Arriaga grand jury is. Hey dad and America I'm as I am Iowa finds them go free as well I think they help. And Harry on the region and the red carpet afford DES in college football awards at the college the bulk of. Excited O'Donnell and have so much more swagger walking down there is red carpet that ran it as a Bulldog and now. Yeah champions of the and it and I think a crowd can carry that over pick Oklahoma and we'll see if there's an area now. No thanks in my hands. Thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. One stone not before one.