Catching Up with Cursed Courtney

Thursday, January 26th


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Less congested. Sixteen. We just binge and solid sixty. Holland starving people want ARIAD first Courtney. I'm holding you told us that January 23 academy this past Monday. He told the beginning of the year January 23 is always that terrible day for her voice. Will 2017 raked the Kurds to have her on in just a second and find out if curse Courtney as first street continues. A lot of seeds. On the first we if you just heard the the really cool story. That Jen shared that in the past couple weeks not only is. Ige and found out that her youngest daughter Reese has clear stands meaning that there's no cancer in her body rate. And what am I said there's no residual signs of tumor we go for blood work today so. It's another part of the roller coaster but yes but the first blood work was normal level the MRI says and it's just nothing self there's there there is no cancer in her body right now in the engine. Went to get our recent security needs adjustment adjusted yesterday and the doctor goes. Hey this is high alien usual. Her hearing is coming back to normal and removed. And feel and so I was not supposed to happen and I thought her hearing loss was permanent. And with the tests yesterday her he has improved almost normal levels does a great time to remind you that Chan and our president grant him started. A fine thank you because I'm still in such shock I forgot to save a half and. And add you go to show us CH 08 dot org slash reefs. And every dollar counts buy it Jan and grant may have decided to raise money is a way of saying thank you. But the doctor who's increases life yes. Doctor Thomas Olson is the lead oncologist on her team and doctor Megan Durham as her surgeon. And we asked them what do you want money for research for what he wanted for. And they want it for the magic consortium's so there's a full explanation of what that is. It is doing research to prevent germs cell tumors and sue benefit children who have this type of cancer. And they're gonna continue their research and continue. Talking to other doctors all around the world and sharing their research to get that that's what exactly what your funding. There's a full explanation of it online right there if you go to CH 08 dot org slash Reese dolce a little bit about her story her picture. And out we would love anything that you feel so compelled to contribute any donations from a dollar to. Thousands of dollars whenever it is that you can do we appreciate every single. And knowing that there are a lot of places asking for your money in a lot of different color there was really cool about this one is Janice so open about Reese's journey. Is that when the money is raised to create this super Smart book club which is well on call and these doctors get together like you'll know. When that's happening and you'll know what they're they've talked about in you'll now. How pediatric cancer patient lives improved. Yeah because of the money you contribute you'll get to follow along so the best way we say thank. The tour dot org slash res all right Courtney let's get caught up with her this is her phone call to us. I can January 5. I'll Carney welcomed the Chal. Earning what gays curse for yeah. At January Eric. Why. I think ballot name what are able to get over that weird and have that our ear into anything about it but it definitely let it. Every January when he Eric I don't think Cali. We had Erie and that the Bible we can't. Not despite union dammit they'll you know well we will look like each other or we will break up our election. Yeah expert though. So yeah there's gonna be a major by a break now aberration something on the twenty. He party were directly Reinhold and we're gonna call you on January 24 this year and I'll. Agents speaking about it counties and can act. I.s so Courtney is unfold now. Because that's when there was Monday he Corzine think we're going to be able to sell what happened just from the tone of voice just based and her yeah kinda corny. Oh. I. Thought I. We have to we is there on the break him back then we have to music selections to choose from. Courtney do you want us to play this swine. Or do you want us have played this one. Yeah. It's. The second one and nineteen it's. And yes the Kurds broke him in keying. That's I. Yeah yeah yeah. Eight and it doesn't eat your body you know to be on how and why. Did he report. 12 and a message hey. I mean it land. Into the on the computer and it happened but they'll be a man that I did well in an on the twenty they're doing the world. We'll break apple will separate all I can I guess academy a little bit more conscious. Actor our own and there and why do we deemed it. And so I can still turn to work and we're content to find out what it so you know important about this day and why I didn't at least. I can argue unless it's. I had to me. You've been together seven years yeah. It's odd to me that your fight was off by one day. Following a leap year thinking it's. Really yeah. Seven years or only would have been one leak your during the. That is trees that. Yeah it means they notice a little. So great I don't. Have tell us about like waking up on the 23 that would UN tipped you guys live together. No leaking out and yeah I was just waited and I would have talked and oh. Feel I'm good and we actually we know we're anywhere near each other we're now termed so he can roll. You know when you have ignored them I'm not even going to entertain. Any of the arguments today and let him come to me so I did. In each and I thought you couldn't get now irate named EU we're going into Dracula. Stated Dick Kursk's two will be our lifeline adventure speaker to play it again. Certainly suit and it's another miracle. I Kearney thank you for the only thing. Congratulations. Thank you guys so much or colony. And I'm glad it's rainy out would this. It's. I. The. Czar not before one.