Cat Song Request for a Homeless Kitty Part 2

Friday, December 16th


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We're just a couple of minutes away from a very important. Cat sound it might be the most important caps on we have ever created. It's. It might be a man yeah maybe a matter of life or death per pack. That sounds dramatic but whereabouts even feline eyes that's right. Own backyard big cat this song just say noted that we're gonna play for in a few minutes is actually going to be used by a woman and her daughter. They convince. Her husband and the doubters that he. You ring the cat inside a stray cat that lives in the yard. And in this this song is going to be what pushes them over the leak at adoption edge. In theory so that is coming up next but before we get to that. Everybody is waiting to find out how you were gonna give away hobbies at Jamal. I know this is so exciting because now with a feedback that we got yesterday after talking about this it's even a more popular than I ever imagined possible I mean the maximal hysteria is that a fever pitch and now his hobbies had tumultuous area it's Corey you see how many people want these things and what they're going oh my gosh got a couple messages on FaceBook about what people paid for this crazy. If you weren't listening yesterday generous shopping and a story that we're not naming because we think. There was actually an employee who did this and Richie was loading some paper towels as big huge. But yet things of paper towels in her basket and behind one of almost rammed. A patch from all that clearly had it could've accidentally been put that. Now it was an act now is intentionally put Erica zoos come in their a little bit crooked almost. Behind the pillar of the building but the pillar of the of this this shelf to shelf the stand and but it was pocono when I got that second. That's a paper tells us like that. And for second a lap tonight looks like on my gosh this is one of those factional thinks about it. And her daughter is not into it yeah she grinds on into don't care about that she brought the radio stations that hey we should give it away. And promotion said well. Because it's obvious had trouble she gets the pick at a given away you out and keep it simple and easy and fun. Anybody should be able to win to use though. That makes sense and very fair as very Jenn hobby like yes they sure everybody has a chance all right Jan. That so would be the options were completely yours ever since you vetoed. My idea at a time into helium balloons to atletico at sunrise I think that's fabulous idea if we lived in a cartoon. Sometimes in this building at feel like we do. But what is Janet oh what is the the way that you're gonna give away your at all. It's almost those simple it's deepened okay I'm gonna think given numbered yep I'll write down okay and wrap it up seal it up. You have to guess what I'm thinking. So. So pigment number I have I have a number in my hand it would mean one and 94. Are so this can we do a practice round short so I say it's twenty are you simply and ago no and hang up on me. Or are you gonna tell me that my guess ST I'm Magnus has to I'm an egg tonight live like kind of warm cold I'll say higher. Are lower OK perfect and I was just an example so if people are. Listening to every gas they can eventually narrow it right and we've been authorized to play it is. 3 times every morning starting Monday. So we're gonna play at 78. And nine until somebody passes the number Jane it is now called hobbies. Pat Jamal high low that's. Now. Because you can't put a game on the radio unless there's a liberation that's right Phil hobbies had trouble high low. Happens. Monday. Starting at 7 o'clock happy holidays suck up I.