Cat Song Request for a Homeless Kitty Part 1

Friday, December 16th


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My. Did you change and to get you move in this morning. Don and 841 so excited. About the new Japanese game show holiday tradition. Excited. Is it about that we're all nervous because. You setting eight could be the worst of radio ever but it is safe holiday tradition he wants to begin a begin. We're all of our listeners. All of us. But says that somebody might quits I'm. Excited I love they've asthma patients in the guys. This is going to be and I don't know if you could eat up. A week you hear our new holiday today. I'm old habits of is on the way by. There is something that we can take care of ours is sound guy. That change now and it's a very special. Request. That is. All cats special or why is this one extra special well BK is what we did and recently for a cat that was celebrating its tenth. Right though is ten years old that special page special an occasion. We've got we've gotten agent attack Asian. We've done them for friends who. Ridiculous. I don't. We've got to her friends who have best friend at miles apart that you haven't met yet. Right there's always a special K we had a gay count adding we indicate that way. Now we're doing dark pants on though. For pants. Don't even have means our homes what do you mean your rules strain. Straight days. Hi welcome to the jet engines or her. Hey Harry I'll get it who is this minimalist came. Yelling and complain Eric how are your caddies. Probably very cold one on well why what is on how quiet you brought them in the house. All of them really sweet and friendly and the other bury our little nine throw. Haven't been able to catch dietary just sat there. Have a tendency to band and they can't stay out there that don't necessarily. How long you. Has the story here. And I making our dugout we had me at golden eagle name sake. And I cannot and I know that in cash. Little kitty and the person. And I felt that they don't they belong to anybody and I did he do. On the scraps and can document could there are at least earlier or at the time. And it's. But I knew that my husband had eating cats EP achieved on the side Goebbels. In a bush. Yes and gloom and my four year old daughter found that the polls and by the hysterical and pointed out and I edge. Haven't moved the ball strategically around the are too high then and I had to Wear your I'm. What's your narc daughter's names only you know. Mean it really rather how he wrote that just sounds like in game and that's in addition to think how to. I was told dad that that she doubles dad got why. And really cannot hurt and I get I'm not really cat person hitter on base. They they seem nice weekend. And am my daughter that got to cap I don't know why we never had a cap issue that that. He's not a few bogeys and a Carta became. They're just they're right hi Greg has scaled back and I'm. So they're not really and that at. That point by a little cat and I had that he had a hat please know that you're allergic even drink and I'll village. And the the moral. I used to be severely allergic cat. But I got pregnant with our four year old obviously warriors that are not apparent that we are. And it. She ever had been then my allergy like really gone away. We have not had an inspection no problems that cat or any matter allergy and present a good thing about eight. I know I was just gonna say a pregnancy is so bizarre and we're not. That you this straight here. Macon noted. Be ties. We're gonna talk about pregnancy changes and pregnancy superpowers coming up I've just learned about it. Theory you're going to be the first example pregnancy your dander allergies to act and he's he's still Wally he. I. I ask what Ozzie does that jog like. We don't honestly I don't have an idiot and he. I tournament Nazi world and everything and dolce catch. Even scared about it and that meant even really acknowledges that the catcher in the yard. As I don't even think he would. Or a label of Fuzzy for a second at. You. An amateur hello hello how does it sound like five he goes in the gardener's tee squirrels and cats and and then there's also like when ray of sunshine coming through the trees taken out not Vegas and a five he's brains he sees no. He's probably looking at the best that floating in the front rank. You have etc. he's looking at you know he's you know this is weird saying then he did. You have really not a cat and look for anything out. Guidelines so yeah a band parent. Yeah he's he's like my father my baby is better attacks on the docket has basically abandoned dog. Okay you've got to dump Dodd who doesn't care yeah you guys you would now allergies. Yeah four year old Alley rose yeah he invested with dogs of our obsessed with. And you've got one of the strays who is already proven to. Would be okay with humans and is affectionate. In your husband's not and you picket at song will convince them. I'm hoping that capital and meant that I had to be very unconventional way. And what. What's your husband's name. In the theater and. And at this does he know your requesting a cats are very just gonna surprise him. I need to take that thing hit you. I haven't told that. Time will give us a couple days we put the cat sung together and that will reach back out to you. And we will let you know when it's finished. And call will give you a copy of it you just play it for him. We cross our fingers and hope it helps change his mind and I'm on them. Convincing to do. I'm over Portland on corporate apparel allow. Seriously. Is it. I'm actually im Ers. When it was on the library you can hold on the balance now I just never and a dads that let them get out. All right. Melissa we will will be back in touchy thank you for bringing in its cats I'm request is we'll get our people. I do everything I really appreciate it. Peachtree City and all over really yeah. Demonstrate how little early enough did you injure and Shia on saw no need for a long line.