A Cat Song Request for Dr. Preston Burke

Tuesday, February 7th

The crazy kitty who licks socks and hides for days


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Thanks for making this alleged. In the chest congestion. One start now before want to Jenna feels like the perfect. Time to get it adds non government he did not. How. Man. That is so funny. Sorry. And I had a farewell my throat and apologies OK so. Had signs started almost a year ago I'm the Japanese and you know and now they are a monthly feature. We highlight one special cat. That is that owns a listener of the jet engine humorous that right. I really still shake my head at the ridiculous since I picked. But because it's so ridiculous. Makes its soap opera understand this Trajan you were talking to Rachel. Cranks OK so we're ramping up Rachel. And the cat's name is doctor Preston Burke. Okay but it's not Rachel's sent. The hey Rachel welcome to the show. I know are all. Day how are you. I'm pretty adamant on them violate gun I did OK so tell us about this that you won cats and a war. Our his name is doctor Trachtenberg and he's my ears I. And she adopted then about a year then ran a need to I think Alina. And Adam we got an and or got an and he seemed like super calm and a regular hand them the Olympics you know pac. Billy I know he's a really pregnant I mean. Now we need to map their hard earned an uncle nominee doctor Bert. On that he didn't have the opposite of a hall. Served in a game. Absolutely crazy in spite of everything. Cart load the dishwasher and. So is this the type of cat bit like if you are making the bad and you pick the pillow up off the floor the cat. Well. Unlike guys know Weaver like the economic power and I can do their written to pick up a pillow. Look at you and I guess I don't give a vegan and helps bring Elaine and that the that our wall want to let it. I do you know steered. Just everything. Plastic bag aggression bags those chaired by hand we and then they normally. The dishwasher. And I want under fire alarm went off and didn't go about a week and I. Yeah it got everything like it at the opposite it a heart surgeon could. I everywhere and what. Is this is denied to you what your sister's name. All right guys. The UN Rebecca live together. I know I don't know why. I never got to got to lose to bet on one. So Rebecca and doctor Preston Burke are very close. And what are some of those sweet things that he does is we we know he's skittish. As you do either. Nice. Well he's very territorial. Now I her boyfriend and then one time when we never let him on the couch next to her. So you hit it all out on that there was no room during the day. At all and he doesn't like it when you lead how did you want to prepare like huddle with Eric are you on her staff as she tries to leave. And I am going to race you are up in the air doesn't like he's getting an epic and it's like on the pit on the human credit what grade me and. That and I went say go back to wait so if she's about to leave the house HE cents or her purse or whatever on the floor. He had the cat will come and. You can do you want more love. It's not good enough. I I don't know how it works in the cap world that generally. Humans don't give up when something he's on their stuff. Yeah they keep special and he need to add chicken and let it fly. He likes. How well he likes to lay down in the hour I carry on now let the wire on or ahead. Are you love dying on the planet earth yeah. And and night till they stop. Yes regularly at the bottom of your let I won the most sweeping over there one night and I don't Anglican might let. And Allentown and he didn't they're just looking like it. A lollipop or whatever and he doesn't all the time Gary and I can never are though that it might soccer but I loved looking talks. Indoor cat outdoor cat. 100 birthday indoor never been outside and it life. Is he like a window perch her cat. Like sit in the ray of sunshine are. You might look out the window and the Obama like he could cause Al like trying to her leg. He'll let out there that he won't actually go out I guess it caught. Artery to one you sounds adorable and eventually lead very. Sweet and sketchy. That's something a lot of my friends in college. I. Look at this. I can tell you can give us if you give us maybe two or three days Mac will send this off to the production folks they will slap it together. They will write a custom song for your sister Rebecca and her cat doctor Preston Burke and we will deliver that to you in a couple days is that call. Around the main thing awesome all right thank you for bringing this is Rachel and I it's. Star in 941.