A Cat Song Request for Dr. Preston Burke

Thursday, February 2nd

If you're wondering, yes that's the cat's name. And yes, there is a story. 


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This is that a Japanese yen shell Janet feels like the perfect time be different ads on guy's gonna. That is so funny. Sorry. And red hair all of my throat and apologies OK so. Katz signs started almost a year ago on the Jefferies and channel and now. Very monthly feature. We highlight one special cat. That is that owns a listener of the Jeff's engine humorous at right. I really still shake my head at the ridiculous sense of picket but because it's so ridiculous. Makes its opponent after I understand this Trajan you were talking to Rachel. Drags OK so ramped up Rachel. And the cat's name is doctor Preston Burke. OK but it's not Rachel's can't. At hey Rachel welcome to the show. I aren't all where a debt how are you. I'm here and the song in my re done right it OK so Reese tell us about this attack you want a cab songs for. Her I'm his name and doctor Preston Burke and he would my cat. And heated topic then about a year down strap a need to fighting not only an hour. And Adam we got an and or she got an and he seemed like super calm and a regular or even been in a tuxedo cat. And Billy I don't need to really pregnant I gained. Snow remains an actor Al hurt terribly young girl nominee doctor Bert. And I turned out he didn't have the opposite the call. Surgeon oh or eight years. Absolutely completely in spite of everything. Are a load the dishwasher and. So is this the type of cat bit like if you are making the bed and you pick the pillow up off the floor. The cat balls. Unlike gods know we we're likely economic power and he couldn't have written you pick up a pillow to look at you like it I don't give a vegan in the spring Elaine hide under the bed hours or multiple direct. I do you know who steered us just everything. Everything I am like I mean I can't tell her I'm a sample a blank there. I think act aggression bagged those chaired by hand control room and emotionally. The dishwasher and I want and the fire alarm went off and she didn't he go about a week. Yeah it about everything put it said the opposite. A heart surge in her eyes every way shape or planned. Is this did an idea what your sister's name. All right guys. The UN Rebecca live together. I don't think they are alive. They're never going to got to lose to bet money on. So Rebecca and doctor Preston Burke are very close. And what are some of those sweet things that he does is we we know he's skittish. Does he do other. Nice kitty cat things. Crept. Are you very territorial. That I like her boyfriend for and then one time when he came Eric Erickson went let him on the couch next hour. So you would like sprawl out on that there was no room during the days. Now add author and he doesn't like it eventually how did you want to prepare like huddle with character are you on her staff as she tries to leaves. You like the raging in paw up in the air doesn't like an epic continued. Economic hit a look at you and couldn't looking drained me and. Hope that aren't wearing a Wentz say go back to wait so if she's about to leave the house is she sets her her purse or whatever on the floor. They had the cat will come in pee on it. Yeah I could be worth more love. And it's not old enough. Like last night I don't know how it works in the cat world but generally it. Humans don't give up when something he's on their style this. Yeah but he's special I need extra attention. Let it fly. Parent I what are some of the things that he likes. How well he likes to lay down in the shower after you'd gone now let the wire grip on his forehand. He loved lasagna lightly by the there's huge. And. And I told stocks. Here's yes regularly at the bottom of your leg so I won the most sweeping over there one night and I felt something looking much like it. And Allentown and again they're just looking like it. A lollipop or whatever and we don't know the timing Gary and I can overcome a bishop my soccer but they loved looking talks. Indoor cat outdoor cat. 100 everything indoors you've never been outside and it life. Is he like a window hurts her cat. Like sit in the ray of sunshine are. You might look out the window and the Obama like they could call now like trying to act like. Field went out there that you won't actually go out I did it cost. Got it okay. Like that's something a lot of my friends in college. I. Look at the things. Sitting idly you can give us if you give us maybe two or three days Max. We'll send this off to the production folks they will slap it together. They will write a custom song for your sister Rebecca and her cat backer Preston Burke and we will deliver that to you in a couple days is that call. Sound and meaning awesome all right thank you for bringing us it is regional think straight so I mean I. Jessie.