Cat Song Request For Creature the Polydactyly Cat

Wednesday, September 28th


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So are in 941. Reared just talking and studio how it's just something that we do now. The cats. Like lately where the caps on the Astoria right yeah right yeah. Bear's. Club and summit down in charge you go to McDonald's there and the hamburger people. You gotta Costco that's the enough tied to do laundry for the next three years he's become the Japanese and show where the caps on people. Jen says Heidi Christina. I you I. Robert every guy. Are fantastic. And so excited that you have asked the cats on people. Yeah yeah and they are psychological. Need that got out of where is there one that song in particular that made you go. I need to call. Absolutely. Each shot I would be reckoned mount at the time I think your. The mag god came out and a complaint I don't like we're in a letter I'm gonna get on Britain. So here you are rebelling we'd like that yeah but I go so we're so yeah. It's terrible casinos and tell us the name of the cash apps will be working on a song for. It creature. Feature. Yet. CE electric a major congress do execute a Carolina everything. Three also wrong and that walks across. Tech into an all the order. You not know the name so. I. See how you all in a great sense that you're. Well I got to bring it got a side is a law a lot. Law. Yet. Now and that were like can. Pick up with. Out earlier it actually crap they are out there and sounds horrifying. Incident and have it. Every there's stuff that nightmares are. Yeah it's amazing to me and it's it really stellar. So creepy like can actually be a late justly. I don't know she's achieved much in the. Ugly cute creature and what's her name it's creature. She yeah. Ugly but cute free chair will gain a lobster Clive it's sometimes Ramsey you. Wa yeah. Why your sleep grabs it based while you're. That it that is there is trying to make sure we he's now. An early odds. About her hair. Shell sued baldor on the another disorder actually wouldn't pouring it on and so there's. And I know they're actually doubt that she either. Break most. Greeks saw where I'd ever tell in my like it's anything to chance offer where Ares her. Which I don't try to explain it like it like she ought incomplete then click on her home and it's a little bit longer in all day. They. The need. To so. I know. I don't know about eighteen now diet. It's usually there's there's lead like that Erica jockeying on all but you know. Yeah exactly exactly. Tackling machine and its parent being aware and keep playing well yeah like I'm Paul Otellini then. The dark basically. Like normal and how long have you had creature. So it actually and Irene. I receive only only hot air where are probably a week and I'll meet. And so Shia Shia obviously I'd adopted her rescued. This cats are he's got a huge heart. She got each search around a reader edit the area and is addicted to video game them. Learn how to. Story. I creature will be will be the it was an adult matter occasion when she adopted. I think we carry the year Ari here at a time and as are you cats made for creature. Yes I mention that urine output it really can do it. Adjust to wreak. App aren't notes. We have guides. A one and a half feral cat named creature. Who was adopted just a couple of weeks ago by one of your best friends named Ari. Creature. Has now a lobster claw of Spain and wait which is a birth defect against. And diseases some sort on its usable on one hand and sometimes comes up and put that in your face ways sleep in it again yeah Arafat. I. Am eyes all in places. But a new buddies super currently. And more like god panic. Yeah. Well. That's. Rate there. We can send this into the producers they can get to work on it and then what what is will give you call back when it's done an organ broad view and Ari. On the phone and at the same time play the song for both of. OK awesome bill. Excited. Hi I'm here. Thank you for thinking of us. Court any. And we're not that people there. And Wear the hat song Angel. At the and that sort of keep him. That song people are cool and yet he and not a. I Christina we'll talk here a few days we've your cats on. That run. We're gonna move this show along with Tiffany joining us next. She's got a pretty interesting dilemma she's 32 years old. She has moved back in with her parents' decision impact on her feet save money for house or Condo. And they have given her a curfew. 32 years old she is to be in the house by 11 PM on weekdays. Seriously. She wants now if this is normal or acceptable and she joins us next and the Japanese engine start 41. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.