Cat Song For Ralphie

Thursday, October 20th


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You have an artist today look down. No notice he's bought your pants and we'll cover you. Justin's show starring 841 a few days ago we took a phone call from Alice and whose best friend Lindsay had a cat named ralphie. And ralphie moved we've Lindsay from San Francisco the south Georgia. Lindsay had a baby Ralph Reed and like the baby and disappear as. As for a month gates out of the cat door in the garage and it. Was devastated. I mean just so upset about it. Thousand that it was about a month later at that all the sudden. Alfie was found in drain pipe. Right yeah and links that are I'm sorry Allison called up and can you Wright's attacks on. For ralphie in and I would like to call Lindsay and surprise of it and and because that's what we do songs about cats. We said yes of of courts. Allison a welcome back to the Jeff contention. Obvious and very exciting news for you your cap song is done. All we need to view is it Lindsay. On the frowned but yeah. You are. A. Is this in any. And lately idiots the Jeff and James are calling my name is (%expletive) And he can't carry out. We are good your friend Allison is on the phone I think she gave you a heads that we might become. So need men out there and hey. On the scale of wind its hand how nervous are you about what's gonna happen over the next time. I'm sensitivity to nine. Guy well here you have nothing to be nervous about. In and Alison you can explain to Lindsay Weiler on the phone with. And that. Glenn. Yeah and they pretty dramatic happens and we all know what that was military. About around the humane yes and yeah and I actually kitty I'm here copd. And LA well. You're get your miracle kitty is that because he ran up behind him back. Well he didn't act like I'm back he he kind of appear weak on order a month. And size or early. And then I am someone in our neighbor that spotted in Orange hatch now living and storm drain can score behind their house hopes she. And my husband Terry about strategy now you are where our attacked that morning or not to let our cash. There he's back home now. Not real Smart. I don't know South America can attack site Aaron Ellis and guide. Well I'm definitely and you need anything call on. Where they make up the grill and on about we're okay. I thought it would eat you didn't get a cat made bowed out in that chair and then get back out in his mr. Not all of them. About Alfie about answers. About its he's very anti social achievement in the end. He even existed. Or. Where you were definitely devastated when he lost and so happy when he's been reunited T your family. Yeah and we've heard all about the miracle Katie. I don't like crazy so funny I think America. Well so we talk to you Alison a few days ago and we have this song and neither gen nor I have earning. Allison is an honor and obviously Lindsay you heard Ralph he certainly Internet. By you and you have a moment we'd like to play for you. The song that is being created for a year adventure cat. Route. I would love to hear what I'm OK yeah. I'm betting. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Marian Diamond ring magazine and being young man who broke to actually. Is it out to you do if you wanna tell all of your friends that your attack as his own. Song yeah it could yeah you over the heads to you crazy campers and economics and had nothing to do it. Yeah my you're gonna get married. I'm Marty can it be Catholic and I'm you know that could have. Haven't slept very matches hills around the house hopefully allison's gift for Yale. It's a make you laugh a little bit today. I would our own and yet I want. There are terrible and it and I Geneen we'll email this song off do you have it in the documents right in that god made it. Thank you so much that's awesome. Ladies. Eyes you would like to do caps on all you do is shoot any ballots US is does that created Geneen. Jeanne nine G nine G and and now Ian. For making this list. On star before launch.