A Cat Song for Puma And Jaguar

Tuesday, May 30th

These two black cats know how to get messy!


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He's he's running get it done in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Thanks for coming overlook knocks. Justin. On time at the Japanese and Cheryl are probably about a year old now right yeah. Have we trademark and yet every month since then we have created catch songs for the lucky few lines of north towards. And Anderson who. Coal mine and jaguar. Where are they kiddies. Will be receiving. A musical gift from us today welcome to the show Sarah. I'm thinking air time are these your cats. They are okay now tell us a little bit about notes each of them. They have very distinct personality their job acquire it the boy tag the heat and to me and why old. And very eat. All personality. And drink actually. Comment always attacking that. I. I'm the sister. Eat more fat and lazy outcast. And you see in there and back pain and and that's key Al. And a personality as either very or not I dial they have a route to power he wanted to onto the top did she get that I'm permit. And I would be like puma. Just like yeah gonna be like fluffy and lazy and just jail. Yeah it's. That's exactly iron and Matt and sail back or it's not. Nocturnal. Athletes actors and I attacked drama on digital the and they're really funny and and it has. Figured Powell. And how it's at the cabinet. And and you recently. I kid son and treat gold creek drive tanks in the upper cabinet. And got out of home. And not who didn't figure out how to get and yet our cabinet drive. Street the Ayers and where the packed into it and Oliver mad at her. No I use Smart. Wind yes it is you're going Su pin that on one of the team camps it would be jaguar Wright against. If you plume is not even climbing the top of her cats our. Friday yeah. I know I wouldn't eat your that it's only want but they definitely more talent yet probably can't I had probably about stared at and. I did it have any hobbies what do they do for fun toys anything like that. I had made they love the little change a labor and I hate hate the player to leave mom Beltre and keeping score and not bring it back scheme. And I love opinions and I was going to be exact letter after. During a bit deeper my boyfriend we can't make I'm signs that the boy like barely tie it comes heat. Like he tried to climb on my friends. Do you light peeking get seated next picnic at that I like it as it's not hard core goal stop until we can get it that it's. Changed actually this is how does your boyfriend deal about it. Like what. You're looking now. And I'm so if you and he is. Who you want to make you happy this is exactly. Are your boyfriend's. Mean not a question I have. I but what do the cats look like. They are solid black and Michael says dad are required to implement back. I'm 01 distinction and jaguar at why we. I answer anything else we need to know about either one of the cats. And an app and fired him. Lunch eaten toilet. And cardboard show where we are honored that she is an edited SaaS thanks Terry. And I stayed in the thing. And and then a lot of it being on me actually like well I don't hunt. Broccoli eat and we can see. How much the movie and her argument. My credit cats. Yeah yeah. Smart and tell him either way it works is that we've got a team of songwriters. Who will get to work I met your songs for your cats. I'd say send me information to share and as if you can give us the weekend and put it together. I won't call you back and play you your cats on for puma and jaguar. On and I'm excited some people in the south MoneyGram we make custom cap songs. I your son will be done actually Tuesday morning not Monday Tuesday morning after the weekend. Your cat sun makes its debut here on star 941. NHL all star. Last week we Matt Serra and she wanted us. To make something for her that we've done in the past and will probably continue to do in the future. We make custom. Songs and Sarah is the mom of puma and jag wire brother and sister cats. And both totally black only way you can tell them apart is that jaguar has the white whiskers and who has black lions. She told us all about their crazy personalities. And it's just loves cats so much Uma. Lazy nervous. Facts levs. Is incest with Sarah's boyfriend he had ties to smell that certain parts like right on his neck almost makes it challenge stately. And down both cats completely blacked Sarah bad guy and the jet engines show welcome back to the show San. Yeah I have some very exciting news freer yards that's on is actually finished. A yes we have. We are ready to present you Sarah out weeds are caps on for jaguar and puma. I. Do they know it's coming or is this going to be a surprise. It proprietor who painted as the best way to present cats they're gonna love yeah I. Yeah Sarah are you ready to hear the cats on for puma and jaguar I'm writing. Each. Are busy. True. Very little. Yeah. Believe it. It's good. And blah blah and eighty. I. Welcome to the fraternity. Cats on the owners it's a small but powerful group here and records to Virginia the newest member. Oh and here thank you very much and Jeanne we'll send you that's on the emails or you can share without your friends. Yes my boyfriend so it will be so excited at odds prying eyes awesome thank you so much Sarah. I have a big day. If you would like to view a catch some we can take care of you again it is I head over to our website. And you need is the master of the caps on CNN engineer will create custom song for your cat. Thanks for making this way it's yeah. OnStar not before one.