Cat Song For Mickle Part 2

Wednesday, November 16th


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Sorry not before one okay. Terna Nande. Justin Jan shelf long haul outlet it's too. Miracles. That sound. Just a few days ago we got a song requests for Michael he was stray cat hanging out in Marietta and he adapts people. So we heard from his people Chris and Caroline who want us to create eight cats on tests for Mikell. I can airline trade if your cat song is done. That's not to let things get. We were just talking this morning and innocent look at nickel neighbor friend and a pretty young so it'll be nice to provide us in law or about every time exe seek medical. I got to play this that the next neighborhood party. Who don't. Not a recap some of the notes that we are and you were eyewitness originally. Make it was a stray cat anywhere from nine to twelve years ago. And news is pretty dedicated you guys except for one. In several monthlong steam when you try to take him to the vet and he escaped in here from for a while. War he's the social chair of the neighborhood and he has a very couple the couple very special friends history. Yeah turner and piper ages three and five hands. They even ice time with nickel when making. I salute evolve at times accurate I think we're ready to present you with Michaels caps on. Here yeah I can airline threats. Here it is. Jets for medical. It's called miracles taking off. This. But yeah. Yeah. He. We'll be here. That's what Gary gout Mikell. And musical that history. Olbermann and got a great. I think Leo. Thank you for entries against the medical and giving the border open book giving the world active. Yes and I have a copy of the play for medical OK and for any ill her diaper across yeah they know about it in Keokuk and couldn't go much thanks Chris thanks for us and the jet engines went out over the Nittany. Star in 941.