Cat Song For Mickle Part 1

Wednesday, November 16th


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If your drive and knows drown out traffic and national all did your boss. Join us for themselves in a row every why you are today one story now before one. As you know the jet engines show is becoming famous for their songs about pet cats. It's an accidental famous that we started to dealers at no point we're creating the shortage and saying woo you know it'll really resonate with the people. Let's ray I think he's the philosophically do Jeff that the rough is just. It just happened now where the cat socks station. So I'll Wear a few days ago we heard of from a couple who wanted us to do a song for their cat. Aimed medical while the song is done and you're gonna spirit and the jet engine channel at 8 o'clock this morning but to get you all caught up. Here is our conversation. With the miracles. Owners. I'll tell us about your cannot. Well we have a nine year old cap nickel. He's been and are barely skirt. For quite some time and we kind of labeled him the social chair at our neighbor heard a delay in dust. I can't think of a better way of honoring his liked Jerry he's been creating a salt Edmund so close wanna talk you got today. So his name is Mikell with an amateur. Correct okay how did Mikell get to become a Mikell. A yeah and so that was outlined how I'm hooked up but he had. Not the great moments earned. She didn't stray cat own the hell kind of short I initially called him. Don't eat and then when he. I don't know I guess I really just for. Personality with a little bit. Weren't the appointment happened I'm I heard that silly little name. Nikola do you that was like a little musical acts that I heard at a festival such are calling in nickel or do you just easily ignore it just got. Shortened nickel hole just. It is perfectly and it's just plain weird name that disappointed him. And how how did you guys and Mickell cross past and he just wander in your lives or did you adopt them or. Pretty which he wandered into our lives and that's what he does with everybody he thought he own and that's what makes them opened. Who isn't a key. And say you have no idea how old he has. Not really we would we guess. You know 91011. Something like that act. Okay and these cities this social chair in the neighborhood. Yes so all you know Mickelson thought at this time just wandering the neighborhood. And most stories we see we here are some are neighbors and people who walked you're ripped up pretty active neighborhood and so a lot of people like to take their grandkids now. On the power wheels they like to do Stanley stroll open mic hole. You know unlike most tracks that are anti social kind of liked to sing at the speed of their own drum. Always is down there and meeting people you know billion and now they're speechless. Insert Chan. And you know what have neighbors. Across the street from us. Who do good work itself in the driveway saying you know how to forward. I know for a project and Mick we'll just jump right up and their. You know sit there and just you know just you know. You know to cica section and down you know it's just it's just amazing because we've always said that we cannot you'll like he's like. A dog stuck in the past body. Sounds like elect you always know the Nichols and his in his special place when. In have gone back and enjoying it and people laugh out you can tell he's happy. It'll just how like this glazed look inside. Staring up into the distant and he's drawing on the now so you can. Anytime somebody sitting in your lap when you pick them up and let them down you're gonna have a lot O'Toole is because he's so. Right right I would like if you RN and. YE. A little bit of a strike I guess you know hand colored. And you know probably. The best. Part about them. And you know crystal talk about the conclude I'm we have a let me return and constant stream and how you're going to earn and I are and there about five years old and read and they're pretty young. Nickel get used a lot. Huge help them eat their vegetables are cute together. Also eight talent that nickel lucky you can't teacher touched a ball and he had it homeland. Eighty yen eight times with Nichols is pretty comical at night when they go home so he's electric FS. Totally. Adopt. Whoever he wants and everybody loves them. I anything else we need to know any other. Relevant medical stories they can be incorporated into a song. Yes so. He has a lead then you know come under their damn thing he doesn't like to stay inside all the time he kind of wonders but I. I did need to take a look at that so I decided I would put in an attack carrier get in Austin that. Check up and because he doesn't like you know beating them and expert who argue that having a panic attack the cat carriers so. I kept them out of my card to let them at the backseat and they like out there that he. Dashed out into the open the door and police searched for days I'm trying to get them back. And put up signs and everything else and just couldn't find Intel is pretty sad but. Probably scored a five months later he got a call from that that sent someone came in and top cow wandering around and are not that attend the school. We can believe that he'd he had a good opinion well there and and we got them back and you're stuck without ever spent I don't think you can run away again. That went up on that again if you had no I don't know what we're battling not on the interior. I like that it's planning the talent. That that conversation was a couple of days ago on the jet engines show and we have put it together the song for our pickle. It is already year old we're gonna play it for them coming up this morning at 8 o'clock cannot wait to hear Mick cats on. She's running Dennis in Alpharetta and all over its yeah. Spring come a little early enough they just enjoy and Shia on starring Betty Ford Lola and.