A Cat Song In Memory of Sparkles

Friday, August 4th

We did our very best to honor the life of an adventurous and loving cat named Sparkles, who passed away recently at the age of 21.


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Okay Terna Nande. And Justin Jan shell hole now. Songs have become a thing on the jet engines at the end of Saturday's game CB common thing they are I think that's yeah. To songs CAT. Songs for your case. Sounds so weird and ridiculous we shake our heads every time but we do it and Heather has called us with a very special cats on that. Trust Jenny. Before we pick up have there. The cat is dead. It says this isn't it in my more I am segment yes for her very sweet and kinda song to ask but the cancer just as we have been fine. If you are fun because sparkle of Timmy isn't money but it's a dead. Celebrating sparkles you kind of talking to the ultimate cat lady aren't the most important cats on. I. Has there Janine said that this was the most important can't sound that we have ever done. I. Am because I and it's very yearly low former shows bombing aimed sparkles. Yes it kind anger Latin port grade now. I can't I had there. And so you start with you your whole lot eaves basically. Absolutely nationalize its lead happier when I have been portrayed and cute. You my dad and nurse and. Gone so sweet tell us about sparkles what does he look right. I issued a great tortoise shell Escude very muted color with little spot and orange and white remote trigger it out and do. I'd do it quite that. One play in her life extremely tumbled twelve pound and Aaron and could imagine. But in Q Andre. Where did you again sparkles had its articles commend your life. I actually had that that I had I had a time got hit by car alone the next day my dad to meet you as shout do you aren't actually any need to bite when they're not our goal and I told him we had at her home yeah. I uttered so. That can't count and it too so far for this. A lot. You are you're crazy cat lady would you are you self identified as a crazy cat lady doesn't. And until I've had to say that I'm glad. Yeah I love on a look at that much I am I in crede and I look at oh yeah I guess it's okay but they began trading. And Heather I used in sparkles I had a bit of a scare when she was young brain. Actually gotten hurt by a cat next door and a lot apart effort he. And that that that said that it would just it would go back together or whatnot and it hurt our wish he had street cred. Sunni Al different. It's kinda sounded like she had been smoking for forty years. And editor at. Very crackers can Cowell and the answer this fire department yeah. I mean another neighbor had it actually or dog this time I'm had chased her out and he Archie. In outlining how to treat. Entering and so far out injury that she couldn't get down. Just after three days and every single day at that out there underneath that tree talking killer Internet collar town near term housing units hollering from the house. It across the street. Go out there and waited and waited my mom actually called it art are actually betray their at eighteen in May want to treat putter until locate. And they told me. Taker inside there around and go to work condition we're out by stigma like it right right betray. So this cat this cat's articles definitely cashed in all nine of her lies. Solely on. A lot of life and I did did any other tasks. She had that there's no I don't bill and Melinda did they miss and polls. We're a little compute for awhile and I think. They are right now. Well all we ask you to do is just give us a couple of days and we'd take the information you just shared and has into the studio and will create the first ever cats on for a diet feline. It's an IndyCar I am song and in memorial at one percentage. Chance that you're gonna cry no matter what. I'm getting what are. So. I eat a trillion son introduce articles. Give us till tomorrow our name. And in the morning and catch some there's a first time for anything and yeah I mean they do it the grammys and the Oscars supply might not different campus. Because it's a cat. And and she I'll star. Again we write songs range yeah that is glad we're doing. Very special. Tribute song for sparkles today. Freckles do struggled today again. Our feet. It had to turn this did he play it loud. News articles behind the garage and a whole huh. And damn well. Legs and free quick pick ads all my dad's thing a look at cemetery Democrats marriage I took those that's what those earns or on your mantle. All seventeen LL mainly of cats and. And I I did catcher in terms that are like Russian nesting dolls. One inside the other in. India. A 1000 dollars to me is headed your way it's 7 o'clock this morning at we will give you word you text that word back to us. And you could be a thousand dollars richer before the weekend starts we do that 7 AM every morning and stunning 41. Catch sun is on the Japanese and show aren't saying and see Nina has produce our most important cast song ever. According to Janine picked up. Cat lady and us articles and I passed away. Now you long ago and sparkles owner had their reach out to Eugene and said I would like. A little feline. Remembered in song now to refresh your memory if you're listening a few days ago sparkles. Out ran up the tree. When she was a young and was stepped up their effort days until. Service had to come and get her down now one point she had a fight with a neighbor's cat and Los half convert tungsten and she had aid. Different type of voice after a sort of raspy smoker you voice kept standout had their certainly mrs. sparkles are roses. Never left had their size witchy. Told us and she goes into other cats Luna an axle keeping her company that this is about sparkles cell Heather welcome back to the show hurry air. Great thank we have you're can't song finished and ready for it. Oh my gosh. Yeah I can't wait for easier at a news articles this like a best friend CO. Last time we talked to you you predicted a 100% chance of years. Yeah I I can just like you have dealt aren't so are you ready. Yeah do you have some emotional support near my outlook on alert so early it. Without further due in memory of sparkles. Here is your chance on. Let me love you. Here's the thing is just in the name of the iPad. And. You never goes to search. Room of women trying. About sparkles the campaign never nomads of. And Jimmy cries I crisis instant she can cry every day. I ahead. Did you did you mean did good value that. Com amazing thing you don't just. Airliner or. These you know in new wonderful and so this article and my dad. Yeah. A thanks for making this wedge to the chest congestion. On star not before one and.